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4 most common mistakes in Content Marketing strategies

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 2, 2024

4 most common mistakes in Content Marketing strategies

Content Marketing strategies are one of the pillars of your brand’s digital presence. This work allows you to improve your visibility in search engines, like Google, and makes your educational institution found by more people.

However, there are some good content production practices that are not always followed. When these errors happen, the acquisition of students and the identity of your brand in the virtual environment are harmed.

And what are these errors? That's what we'll see now. Follow along!

  1. Production of generic content;
  2. Content that doesn’t bring anything new;
  3. Content only in the format of blog posts;
  4. Content production without an Inbound Marketing strategy.

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1. Production of generic content

A good strategy Content Marketing It needs to be very well directed to speak in the right tone and touch on topics relevant to your audience. However, this rule is not always followed.

That's why we find so much generic content on the internet. Content that could be aimed at both a high school student and someone seeking a second degree.

In this content production error there is a pattern:

  • the language does not engage (correct Portuguese is used, but it has no relationship with the reader);
  • all content is very impersonal;
  • there is no “conversation” between the text and the reader;
  • there is a lack of references to the reader's universe (activities he does, leisure activities, desires, etc.).

If you know who your persona is (a fictional character who represents your ideal student), this production becomes more direct and generates identification with the reader.


2. Content that doesn’t bring anything new

Before we talk about this error, we propose an exercise: open a new tab, go to Google and type in any topic that interests you. Then, open the first five or six pages.

When you look around, you can quickly see that they talk about exactly the same things, with very similar topics, right? Typically, the first page has more content and is better written, and the others follow its “model”.

This is one of the most frequent mistakes in content production: materials that do not bring anything new and simply repeat information that can be found elsewhere.

However, repeating the information is not the big problem. The real mistake is not adding anything new to what already exists. It could be more targeted language, some additional information, a better organization of topics and so on.

Always think about what your educational institution can offer more than the content already published.

3. Content only in the format of blog posts

Content production consists of publishing texts on your educational institution's blog, correct? Wrong!

Content production involves everything you can offer to users who come into contact with your brand. Blog posts are just one of these products, but there are others such as:

  • infographics;
  • ebooks;
  • webinars;
  • videos;
  • audiobooks;
  • podcasts;
  • charges;
  • academic exercises;
  • quizzes;
  • etc.

If we continued listing the content options that can be produced, we would spend a few days writing this text. That's precisely the point: if there are so many alternatives, why stick to just blog posts?

Publications on your educational institution's blog help your page's ranking. This is a fact. However, they alone do not generate engagement. And is there any point in being ranked first in search engine results, but not converting your audience into registrations?

All these other features will help to captivate your readers, making them share content on their social networks and even take friends to take a quiz they found fun or an interesting exercise.

Content Marketing strategies

4. Content production without an Inbound Marketing strategy

The production of content for your educational institution needs to have some parameters. These parameters, which decide your approach, themes worked on and various other aspects, come from a larger strategy within the Inbound Marketing.

In other words, Content Marketing delimits the production of content according to the objectives of the Inbound Marketing plan that your educational institution is following.

And it is exactly at this point that we find a critical error: some websites use Content Marketing as if it were the entire strategy and were detached from the sales and after-sales efforts.

Following this logic, content production has few parameters and means that the investment takes all the team's effort from nothing to nowhere.

These four errors that we point out throughout this text are the most common in Content Marketing strategies in Educational Marketing. They are also the points that most harm users' perception of your educational institution. So be careful with them.

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