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Millennials: Do you talk directly to this audience?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 16, 2023

Does your institution think of millennials when developing communication strategies to attract new students? Knowing your audience well is one of the keys to turning any contact into a conversation that is promising enough to generate new enrollments.

You Millennials are precisely part of the preferred public of educational institutions, a generation that introduced new dynamics to society and the market and that paved the way for other changes that are still ongoing.

As you read this post, you will get to know better who these groups are and learn how to establish efficient communication with them to ensure the success of your actions and marketing campaigns.

What you will see in the post:


Who are the called millennials 

Millennials is the term chosen for individuals born between 1979 and 1995, also known as Y generation. Sometimes they are presented as "digital natives" because they were born in a world full of technological innovations.

They are also treated as the generation that is changing the world, precisely because they are active in society and in the job market, taking these innovations (and their impacts) to the most diverse areas.

Among some of his characteristics, we can highlight his affinity with technology, his languages ​​and forms of communication, and also his enthusiasm for more balance between professional and personal life (you will better understand the reasons for these highlights later on).


Why is it important to know how to communicate with millennials

To conquer a new customer, a company needs to know how to connect with this customer, speak their language and present them with products or services that are of interest to them. And this certainly applies to educational institutions and their communication for the capture of students.

The generation of millennials The appeal for this type of attention has increased because it is a generation that grew up in the midst of the transformations that the evolution of technology brought to society. And this, naturally, indicated the need for changes also in communication and interaction between individuals and institutions.

It is also worth bearing in mind that other generations (the so-called generation z or centennials) follow a path that was presented precisely by the millennials. Therefore, not knowing how to communicate with the first group can make your institution have problems reaching the next ones too!


How to chat with millennials and get your attention

If you or your educational institution has been in the market for several decades, you probably lived in a time when talking about career success and the importance of a higher education was enough to attract the attention of a young student.

You Millennials, however, are part of the generation that saw their parents "sacrifice" themselves for their careers and many, thanks to this family effort, had a life less divided between studies and work. As a result, they grew up with a clearer sense of balance and strive for it.

This is one of the changes that indicate that in your educational institution you need to know how to adapt your values ​​and proposals to the new vision of what a successful life is. And, more than that, understanding how to communicate this message.

Communication with millennials cannot be done (mostly) on radios, TVs, billboards and pamphlets. There is still room for traditional marketing. But we are talking about a generation that grew up with digital and follows its evolution. Therefore, it is essential that an educational institution also has an active and relevant presence in this environment.

That is, if your educational institution does not know the right means, does not rely on relevant content and does not adopt a language suitable for the digital world, it will not be able to develop assertive communication strategies with millennials and, therefore, conquer new students.

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