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Marketing strategy: what is diagnostic assessment for?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

May 24, 2024

Marketing strategy: what is diagnostic assessment for?

According to doctors, it is recommended that adults undergo check-up exams at least once a year. The main objective is to monitor the changes that have occurred in the body during this period of time, carry out a health assessment and diagnose, early on, diseases and comorbidities that may manifest themselves in the patient, even if they do not present symptoms.

Following this same concept, the reason for carrying out a diagnostic assessment is to find opportunities and threats and then organize some practical solutions during strategic planning.

To fully understand the concept and application of this strategic analysis that is so valuable for every company, continue reading this post and ask all your questions about the subject!

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After all, what is a diagnostic assessment for?

Identify reality from the user's point of view

Understand actions that are being ineffective

Improvement suggestions

How can an evaluation help with your marketing strategy?

Why rely on an external service to carry out the assessment?

And now, how to improve the user experience?


After all, what is a diagnostic assessment for?

If you're looking for something to help you understand bottlenecks and then optimize processes, you've come to the right content! This is because the main objective of diagnostic assessment is to be a tool for collecting information that may be relevant for organizing internal processes and external actions, all with the aim of understanding in depth, based on collected data, what has or has not worked. effect on the interventions carried out.

Whatever the size of your institution or company: to achieve increasingly satisfactory results, you need to invest in this type of assessment, as it is with this that the strategy used can be improved towards enhancing and intensifying fundraising actions.

Below, check out the 3 main functions of this diagnostic assessment and understand more about how this process may be necessary for your management!

1. Identify reality from the user's point of view

What are the main paths and actions taken by the user? How can the website and networks meet this user's need for information and food? How far do users go and why?

These are fundamental and guiding questions to be analyzed right from the start, when those carrying out the strategic assessment begin to trace paths and understand their actions as users who land on the landing page. This behavioral analysis says a lot about effectiveness.

2. Understand actions that are being ineffective

After the first moment, the evaluator moves on to the internal point of view stage, collecting data from software such as SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Hotjar, Lucky Orange, among others.

Depending on the need and complexity of the project, it is possible to combine two or more of these tools mentioned.

3. Improvement suggestions

According to the points analyzed, it is possible to have in hand the strengths and points of attention for the website. With this, the company can invest in optimization and changes that can be beneficial, increasing conversions and user experience.

How can an evaluation help with your marketing strategy?

To understand this point, let's analyze a simple example: think that you just made two cakes, one chocolate and one strawberry, and decided to sell them. Instead of keeping the first one to try and make the necessary changes until you reach the desired flavor, you promptly put them up for sale.

Because it was something new, at first, many customers were attracted, and, at the end of the day, you noticed that the chocolate cake sold 50% more, however, you didn't understand why.

As in the example, diagnostic evaluation is a marketing strategy focused on understanding all the points that made the chocolate cake a success, but it also seeks to understand factors from the recipe to the sale of the strawberry cake, to then improve all processes and make this cake a success, just like the other one.

This diagnosis serves to provide clear information that will be used in both the inbound marketing and outbound marketing strategies.

Why rely on an external service to carry out the assessment?

Despite serving to understand internal processes, diagnoses must be made by external groups or companies. But why? The logic is simple: an external analyzer is less prone to weighting and partial analysis of the scenario.

Through tools and websites specialized in this type of assessment, those responsible can understand the effectiveness first, according to its impact on theUser Experience or, in free translation: user experience.

For every action in the digital environment, this is an extremely relevant factor, because it mainly concerns the way in which the campaign, the website, social networks, etc. are implemented. they may or may not be meeting the needs of this reader who arrived at the created pages. Much of the evaluation is done based on this contact between brand and lead.

Then, internal performance and performance data will be taken for analysis. When added together, these two items build the scenario from which suggestions and directions for next actions will be extracted. With a qualified and expert team on the subject, the data will be meticulously studied and the experience will be evaluated in a 360 way, from the study of the platforms to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Customer Relationship Management.

And now, how to improve the user experience?

Based on the data contained in the report, the next step is to understand what modifications and improvements can be applied so that results can be improved. In the end, the main function of diagnostic assessment is to serve as a source of truthful and reliable information for the implementation of improvements for the next intakes e fundraising campaigns.

For this type of investment, results can be seen in the short, medium and long term with improved conversion rates and optimization of teaching processes. In summary: with this diagnostic assessment, it is possible to think about effective changes that directly impact strategic planning and, consequently, results.

Did you see how important being aware of all these points is? The moral of the story is: you can't stop investing in knowledge and understanding of inbound and outbound marketing. If your goal is to make your results even better, count on our content! Subscribe to the Newsletter now and receive, first-hand, relevant and enriching content that will help you improve your management!

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