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Marketing for education at the service of attracting students

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Sep 4, 2023

Marketing strategies for education have gone through many changes in recent years. Until some time ago, attracting students was done almost exclusively with massive publicity actions, such as billboards, TV and radio commercials.

Today, with the expansion of internet access, the first contact between educational institutions, students and parents of students, takes place through digital marketing actions. This means that the ways of communicating, as well as the content of the messages, have changed a lot.

Another issue that affects marketing for education in this new context is the intensive use of technologies, which help to understand the behavior of students and optimize student recruitment strategies.

Next, you will understand how these issues affect the marketing of educational institutions and how they contribute to attracting more students to your educational institutions.

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Marketing and education

The business of one institution of teaching is education, right? You transmit knowledge relevant to the training of students, who replicate the content learned at home, in the job market, in personal and professional meetings.

When defining your Educational Marketing strategy, do not deviate from this purpose. If your raison d'être is to educate, start by educating students and family members who haven't reached you yet.

In this way, you show all the know-how of your educational institutions, generating engagement long before the registration process.

Among the education strategies of leads, we can mention the creation of a blog, the promotion of online and offline events, face-to-face and distance meetings, videoconferences, webinars and other forms of interaction that promote the sharing of knowledge.

The advantages of betting on educational marketing

But after all, why is it interesting to make this combination between education and marketing? Below, you can see some advantages of having a more careful view of your Educational Marketing:

  • Enables greater awareness of the institution's programs and opportunities;
  • Motivates students to stay in the educational institution;
  • Improves communication with the target audience.

See in detail each of these advantages:

Enables greater awareness of your institution's programs and opportunities

If your educational institution has educational programs and other opportunities that facilitate your audience's access to quality education, it is worth betting on digital marketing to give more visibility to these differentials.

Motivates students to stay in the educational institutions

In addition to attracting new students, investing in Educational Marketing also helps keep students in the educational institution. This happens because one of the roles of this area is to keep students motivated and help the school or college to promote a good experience to your students.

Improves communication with the target audience

And, certainly, one of the benefits that can be observed most in companies that invest in Educational Marketing is the improvement of the Institution's communication with its target audience, aligning its tone of voice and creating content that attracts the right students.

Marketing and technology in attracting students

If you have been in the market for a certain amount of time, you know the main doubts of students who come to your educational institutions. If you have questions about this, talk to your sales team or do a survey with your students.

Use these questions as the starting point for your student engagement process. If you answer their questions in advance, you have a better chance of winning them over during the recruitment process.

Another way to know how, when and where to approach your future students is using available technologies, such as Big Data, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Data Mining and Web Analytics, for example.

We already have robust tools available, which make a very accurate reading of the behavioral profile of students and potential students, helping to select the best recruitment strategies.

If you know beforehand how these people behave, what they are looking for and offer them exactly what they are looking for when they are looking for it, it also increases the chances of conversion.

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How to use technology to attract students

We talked a little bit about using marketing and technology in attracting students and we even gave some tips on tools that can be used by the educational institution. Now, understand how to use them in practice:

  • Use social media;
  • Bet on analysis and data collection tools;
  • Make customer service easier.

Read on!

Use social networks

As social media is a great technological tool to maintain a close relationship with your audience, in addition to being a great way to expose your institution's brand values ​​and personality.

Invest in data analysis and collection tools

 The internet is a great place to gather data about your target audience and market. To facilitate this process, you can use programs and tools for this purpose.

Make customer service easier

Customer service is a service that can be done through the internet. With the use of chatbots, it is possible to improve and automate this experience, optimizing the time of your institution and the user himself.

Data driven marketing

The role of these tools technologies in marketing for education is to help understand subjective issues, which are difficult to capture by the human eye.

For example: would you be able to identify the difficulty of a future student in deciding on a degree inPublic relations or Journalism without him telling you so? Probably not.

But, based on that student's behavior when browsing the internet, accessing your website pages, reading the contents of your blog, asking questions on social networks and asking for more information by email, a Business Intelligence can quickly discover this need.

And what do you do with that information? Help the student make a decision. Share your educational institution expertise so he chooses the right course. The fact of having participated in this decision-making process already places your educational institution at the top of that student's list of possibilities.

The rest of the work, you already know: it is to show your differentials and give that little push to enroll.

In short: marketing is a very important tool to attract students and keep them in the educational institution. And, through the use of technologies, its performance can be facilitated and optimized.

Thus, understanding how marketing can help your company in attracting students and how technology behaves in this process, you will be able to create modern and efficient strategies in this area, increasing the recognition and profit of your educational institution!

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