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Marketing Automation and CRM: Why Use Them Together?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 11, 2023

Marketing automation seeks to reduce bureaucratic work and optimize sector productivity, allowing employees to dedicate themselves to more strategic tasks instead of manual activities that take up a lot of time.

In turn, CRM is a consumer relationship management strategy that aims to transform the customer into the focus of the business.

In this way, it is possible to use CRM software to gather important information that collaborates with a better effectiveness of the marketing automation process. In the same way, the marketing automation strategy provides a competent contact between the company and the customer, collaborating for the management of the relationship with the consumer.

Therefore, learn about the advantages of using CRM and marketing automation together and learn how to unite the two for your company to achieve great results, such as increasing the conversion rate in the sales funnel and, consequently, increasing profit, plus a better digital marketing and content marketing strategy.

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The main advantages of using marketing automation and CRM together

The combination of the benefits that these two tools offer to the business is capable of optimizing the development of the digital marketing and the relationship with the customer. However, why does this happen? We list the main advantages.

Integration of Marketing and Sales Teams

When CRM and marketing automation come together, marketing and sales teams must collaborate with each other and work together. This is extremely advantageous for the business, as, in addition to creating a collaborative environment, the work of both teams is improved through this union.

Reduced Duplicate Actions

With marketing and sales information gathered, there is no risk of both teams taking the same actions with the same customer. In this way, the customer is prevented from being bothered by an exaggerated amount of content or contacts from the company, or even stop receiving content from both teams.

More sales opportunity

Once the customer is satisfied and there is effective communication between him and the company, the tendency is for the number of sales to increase. After all, the union of these strategies allows the marketing and sales teams to know exactly when and how to approach the consumer, identifying a good sales opportunity and increasing the conversion rate.

So those are three of the many advantages that exist when marketing automation and CRM are used together. Now, learn how the union of these two strategies works in practice.

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How the union of marketing automation and CRM works in practice

To make it even clearer how important it is for these two strategies to act together, understand the step-by-step of the entire customer journey (from attraction to purchase) and how the marketing automation and CRM apply.

Lead tracking

The first step of the buying journey is done by marketing automation. The tool tracks all leads and visitors to the company's website. That is, the automation program identifies which pages the potential customer visits, how long he stays, etc.

With the integration between marketing automation and CRM, this is the moment when the first tool connects the lead with the second.

Attracting leads

Through content marketing, leads are attracted to landing pages, chatbots and pop-ups to provide the company with their information (name, phone, email, etc.). The information obtained by the marketing automation strategy is instantly shared with the CRM and the entire sales team, ensuring that no potential customer is forgotten.

Nurturing Streams

Once the lead has been tracked and engaged, the CRM software, integrated with marketing automation, has relevant information about the lead's behavior. Therefore, a work of nutrition flows is started, such as email marketing. 

Of course, the marketing team will not need to nurture the lead manually, as automation is able to analyze lead information and deliver personalized and automatic content. Therefore, the team does not need to spend time on manual tasks, only on strategic tasks.

Conversion into a sale

As the relationship with the customer progresses, the lead becomes qualified. So it's time for a salesperson to get in touch with the potential customer and make an offer.

However, due to the integration of automation and CRM, the seller will have the entire history of the consumer. In this way, the sales team knows exactly what the customer's pain is, what solution they are looking for, what their objections are and a series of information that allows for an intelligent and accurate approach with high chances of conversion.

But what if the customer doesn't convert? In this case, this information is recorded in the CRM software. Thus, marketing automation assimilates this information and continues the relationship with the consumer according to this data. Additionally, the CRM can remind the salesperson to contact the customer again and take one more approach to possibly close the sale.

Now you know why it's important to use marketing automation and CRM together, as well as using them in each step of the consumer's buying journey, improving the digital marketing and content marketing strategy, increasing the conversion rate .

Do you want to know more advantages in using these tools in your business strategy? So, understand right now what the relationship between the CRM and the stages of the sales funnel is.

CRM and funnel stages

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