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Lead segmentation: get more out of your database!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 6, 2023

We have the impression that the more leads we win, the more enrollments we will make in that period. It is true that there is a correlation between the two variables, but not just any type of lead is able to close a deal. Lead segmentation in education is, therefore, an important step for you to optimize your strategy and focus your efforts on actions that will generate more results.

Qualifying leads helps you optimize your database and, as a result, help you make strategic decisions.

What you will see in today's post:

Find out now how lead segmentation works in education!

The need for lead qualification

Lead segmentation is an important strategy for you to make better use of your database. After all, it's no use having a well-organized sales flow if, in practice, leads are just a bunch of information and contacts.

To take advantage of the sales funnel and deliver the right content to the prospective student at every stage of the shopping spree, you need to qualify your leads. This is the only way to deliver a message that is as personalized as possible, generating greater engagement.

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The criteria for segmenting leads in education

Targeting groups can be created based on numerous criteria. See some of them:


Knowing the location is important to your marketing strategy and can provide you with relevant insights. Imagine that most of the leads interested in your educational institution are from out of town. You can take advantage of this information to offer advantageous conditions to these students or produce content of interest.


Schooling is very important information for educational institutions. After all, people who are attending high school, have completed or are looking for a second degree have different expectations about college. This information helps nurture leads with content designed to meet each of their demands.

Lead segmentation

Internship in the sales funnel

The further along the sales funnel the lead is, the more specialized and targeted content they need. Segmenting leads by position in the sales funnel helps you know the best approach and when to present content that will lead to conversion, based on the inbound marketing methodology.

Segmentation can be done when you already have a list of contacts, all that remains is to optimize the database according to the tools you have available (automation tools, for example).

But the job is even easier when you think about segmentation from lead capture. Therefore, include questions in your forms that help direct the lead qualification work, this will make your life easier in the future!

Convinced of the importance of lead segmentation in education? Advance in the quest for knowledge and see how to optimize your sales opportunities!

Learn how to optimize your sales flow to generate opportunities!

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