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Lead generation for universities: learn how to do that

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 1, 2023

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of capturing leads for your higher Educational institution? The quality of leads you generate directly reflects on your institution's conversion rate.


The strategic, operational and financial efforts to attract students and convert them into leads need to be offset by effective enrollments and loyal students, otherwise your HEI ends up losing money.

The question we seek to answer is: how to generate qualified leads to your university? The answer to this question you find in today's post! Keep reading and find out how to change your results!

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8 tips for lead generation

If you've made it this far, I imagine that, like every educational institution, you're facing the great challenge of attracting students. In fact, many institutions lose, every day, the opportunity to attract new customers, therefore, they cannot reach the expected number of enrollments.

With that in mind, today, in this post, we have gathered eight tips for you to put into practice at your educational institution and increase your fundraising, which are:

  • Talk to your academic community;
  • Develop an intuitive website;
  • Be a source of information;
  • Optimize your content to gain relevance;
  • Disseminate your content;
  • Offer benefits;
  • Scale your actions.

Next, we'll talk in detail about each one of them and show you how you can implement them with your sales and marketing team.

  • Talk to your academic community

Axis students are practically every day in the classroom and are always open to any type of communication coming from the teaching institution. Do you want a better opportunity to get to know your students and develop personas for your digital marketing strategy in education?

You can create quizzes, do face-to-face interviews, build empathy maps, and discover everything you need to attract, engage, delight, and convert more students.

No other company finds it so easy to get to know the public it wants to relate to than a university. Take advantage of this to generate even more leads!

  • Build an intuitive website

Almost 70% of shopping days are traversed without the user having contacted the company. This is only possible because we have the internet as the main search and learning mechanism.

In this sense, it is vital to build a good reputation on the internet and, in addition, a consistent communication strategy with your students and potential clients.

As the website is the center of all your educational institution's interactions with Internet users, it is necessary to invest in it. First, with a responsive design, that is, one that easily adapts to any device, even the smallest cell phone in the world.

Secondly, you need to worry about information architecture. Is your website intuitive and does it present information that is easily found? How long does it take to load? Is it possible to read all the information and interact with menus and buttons on mobile?

The browsing experience on the site must be comfortable, pleasurable, and motivate the visitor to go from one page to another without stopping, obtaining more and more information. Don't forget that to generate more leads for your educational institution, you need to have calls to action that indicate the next step.

Download an ebook, sign up for the Newsletter, watch a webinar, register. Highlight these actions so they grab the visitor's attention and trigger a sense of urgency.

Avoid overloading your website with information that does not add value to students. Be objective, personal and relevant. The more agile and efficient your way of communicating is, the faster you will build connections with your future students, generating more leads for your Educational institution.

  • Be a source of information

Your mission is to educate, agree? But the education process goes far beyond the classroom. You just need to start investing in blog content production.

The educational institution's blog aims to share useful and relevant materials, attracting more visitors to its website. It is the center of your Educational institution content marketing strategy.

In addition to attracting more students, it also helps in positioning your site on Google, showing the relevance of your Educational institution to topics involving education.

The good news is that you can involve all student profiles with a single blog: university students, undergraduates, postgraduates and extension workers. Each teaching modality deserves attention and there are thousands of daily searches.

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The term “online graduation”, for example, has around 10,000 monthly searches. Have you ever thought about being at the top of the search results for that keyword?

So, having learned all you can about your students in the previous step, create content that answers their main questions, both for the present and the future.

  • How to choose the undergraduate course?
  • What career to follow?
  • Focus on remuneration or the area you really like?
  • How to pay the university?
  • How to develop a career plan?

These are just a few examples of questions that haunt students' minds. By helping them to solve them, you become a reliable source of information and the first choice when enrolling.

  • Optimize your content to gain relevance

Google's algorithms are constantly changing, aiming to improve the experience of those who use the tool to search for solutions. This means that your educational institution needs a SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization) dynamic, updated, focused on the most current trends.

Rely on specialized and experienced professionals to optimize the website and its contents, applying the right strategies to SEO On Page e SEO Off Page, is vital to capture qualified leads. Otherwise, you can have good courses, qualified faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, but you won't be able to show this to students.

  • Disseminate your content

Generating leads for educational institutions depends on a well-built knowledge dissemination strategy. You could, for example, use the Hub and Spoke model, putting your blog (which is connected to your website) in the center and having another canal  communication channel direct all traffic to it.

The main traffic drivers for an education blog are social media and organic search. Therefore, you need to have an active presence on the main platforms, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tik Tok.

Of course, you don't need to be on all the social networks mentioned above, but it is essential that you are present where your target audience is, so you can not only share rich content but also generate greater engagement with your future customers. students.

In addition, you can use paid advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.) to increase brand visibility and attract even more leads to your educational institution.

It is worth remembering that all these strategies must be aligned, speak the same language, share KPIs (indicators keywords) that complement each other and serve your greater purpose: generating more leads.

  • Think about the value of the relationship

In lead generation, what you should focus on is education, information. What current students want is knowledge to make their own decisions. Especially because competition in the educational sector is increasing and the options are many. Trying to push a course no longer has any effect.

The truth is that the educational institution that conquers the student is the one that presents its real differentials. And this differential is not limited to structure, methodology or faculty.

It is necessary to focus on the relationship with the student and show concern in promoting a positive and unique academic experience, as well as in helping to solve problems. The sale, that is, the registration, is a consequence.

  • Offer benefits

Generating qualified leads has a lot to do with the value offering you have. Be it an ebook, be it webinar, it is free enrollment, it is important that the student realizes the benefit he will reap by providing the data to you.

A student with math difficulties would benefit from an exclusive webinar on the main math difficulties of college students. A student with doubts about Business or Law would be more interested in a whitepaper comparing careers, curriculum, specialization possibilities, etc.

When sharing this content, highlight the benefits to be received. Create an exclusive landing page, optimized for search engines and that delivers, firsthand, the advantage of starting a relationship with your Educational institution.

  • Scale your actions

Perhaps you are wondering how to increase the number of leads by meeting all these requirements. It's one thing to interact with 10 people, it's another thing to talk to 1000 at the same time.

As it should be, technology is there to help us scale marketing actions in education. You can automate your blog posts, create landing pages, capture and qualify leads, segment lists and build nutrition flows that will facilitate contact with your future students.

You can also analyze user behavior that arrives at your website, perform remarketing, automate transactional emails and build a real connection with each person who arrives at your Educational institution. All this in an automatic, intelligent and personalized way.

Did you write down all the tips? So, the time has come to put them into practice and attract new students. If you want to increase the generation of qualified leads at your educational institution and also automate all these processes, we are here to help you.

When the subject is Inbound Marketing, automation and technology, 4revops is a reference in the subject. There are more than 200 software tested, all to ensure maximum efficiency and optimization in your processes. Want to know more about it? Click on the link below and get in touch with our team of experts!



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