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Information management in education: how to improve your performance?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jun 9, 2023

The computerization of the educational sector brought, at first, greater process efficiency, increased productivity and scalability in data storage. However, currently, the scenario is a little more complex and more interesting.

Information management in education has a strategic role, providing the educational institution with valuable data for decision-making. Want to know how this is possible? Continue reading this post and find out how data collection and management can be used within your institution.

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What is information management?

If you work with Educational Marketing, you must be used to receiving a large volume of data at high speed, right? In fact, new information arrives every day and the big mistake made by institutions is not to analyze it.

So you don't fall into the same fault, information management can be your great ally. In practice, information management is a set of actions that help your University gather, organize and use this information within your Educational Institution.

This information management is done through what we call Data Science and that's what we're going to talk about in the next topic.

What's the importance of Data Science?

When the subject isEducational Marketing, Data Science is essential for better results. Also known as Data Science, Data Science is a multidisciplinary process methodology that analyzes a large amount of data and predicts future results.

“Okay, but how can this benefit my EI?”

Common Database and their study, your institution can get to know your lead better, identify possible problems and even improve your Digital Marketing strategies.

The result of this reflects not only the student experience but also how you can help your institution overcome one of the biggest problems in higher education: the evasion of students.

As an article published by Tatiana Reckziegel shows, the analysis of Big Data (a large volume of data) reduces evasion and can contribute to making more assertive decisions. In addition, the analysis of this information can optimize processes and identify new opportunities.

How can information management contribute to your educational institution?

Ok, now that you understand the importance of data management, it's time to move forward on this subject and find out how you can actually apply data analysis. For this, we gathered four points where information management can contribute to your institution, such as:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Educational policies;
  • Educational and academic performance;
  • Decision-making.

Next, we will explain each one of them and show how data management applies to these points.

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Strategic planning

Every organization, including educational ones, needs strategic planning supported by data. Knowing the scenario in which your educational institution is inserted, the profile of the students, the demands of the market, the sector trends that are taking shape, it is easier to think about the future and act from now on.

Questions such as: which courses to offer, number of vacancies, tuition fees, among others, are treated with precision, which is reflected in a better marketing performance of your Institution.

Educational policies

Information management in education also serves as a support for you to develop educational policies that are more in line with the reality of students.

The traditional classroom format, as well as the speaker-listener method, adopted in most educational institutions, no longer satisfies the needs of students.

It is necessary to insert technology as a differential element in classes, prepare teachers to deal with very different student profiles and also make the educational environment more interesting and welcoming.

In this sense, information management in education comes as an ally in mapping the profile of current students and teachers.

A detailed analysis of these data can give your educational institution a competitive edge, as through these data it is possible to develop current educational policies, aligned with the information society.

Institutional and academic performance

Another great contribution of information management in education is the evaluation of institutional and academic performance. Here, we can consider the development of students, teachers and the institution itself.

With regard to the institution, management systems allow the evaluation of organizational performance indicators, such as: quality index, student satisfaction, number of enrolled x number of graduates, among others.

It is also up to your educational institution to monitor the performance of professors and technical-administrative staff, which can also be done through management systems developed for this purpose.

Finally, we can apply the same technologies in the evaluation of student performance, in order to improve teaching-learning methodologies.

Decision making

To conclude our conversation today, it is worth noting that information management technologies in education are essential for decision-making. Surely you have heard about Data Driven Marketing, or Data Oriented Marketing.

If you need to adjust your strategies, just make the decision, after all, the information is there, detailed for you.

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