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How to start a project? Everything about the Kick-Off meetings!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

May 20, 2024

How to start a project? Everything about the Kick-Off meetings!

Starting a project, whether internal (within the company itself) or external (for a client), requires great dedication and collaboration from the team so that everything is previously organized and systematized to ensure that all steps are followed and the objectives achieved, but the team does not always carry out a Kick-Off to adjust what is necessary.

But what would this meeting be and how to start a successful project with Kick-Off?

If you asked yourself this question, you've come to the place with the right answers! In today's post, we will explain everything about this action plan, how to execute it and make this meeting a routine in your company or institution. Continue reading!

What is a Kick-Off meeting?

Also known as the Kickoff meeting, this is one of the main meetings between the team and clients, because it is where the teams, the areas involved, the planning and objectives for developing the work will be presented.

The objective of this type of meeting is to promote alignment between the team, aiming to carry out a successful project that optimizes everyone's time. This is a simple concept, but for a performance that really brings benefits, everyone needs to be engaged and well led.

This is because the person who will be responsible for conducting will also have the role of answering questions, maintaining the focus of the meeting and engaging all participants, drawing them closer, in order to make everyone feel involved and part of the project. .

5 Good practices for a successful Kick-off

Despite having a simple concept, this strategic planning action for digital marketing or not and inbound sales is important to be done with all parties that will be involved, and some execution rules must be followed so that the entire process is standardized and carried out in the same way. most appropriate way possible.

To do this, check out 5 golden tips below that will make your Kick-Off effective and engaging for everyone on the team. Grab a pen and paper and don't miss any tips on how to start a project through Kick-Off!

How to start a project? Everything about the Kick-Off meetings! save


For any stage of the project, organization is essential. For the Kick-off reunion, the premise is the same. With its importance, all details must be well determined. Some items to pay attention to are:

Meeting briefing: Before bringing everyone together, it is essential to distribute a briefing on the topic and objective of the meeting. It is also important to pass on some information so that everyone can carry out a preliminary study and come together already equipped with knowledge about the project. Providing an overview of the client and their social networks is also valuable, in addition to signaling that this is a set of actions to be discussed.

Visual presentation: Preparing a visual presentation is interesting so that everyone can clearly visualize what is being said. But avoid using long and tiring texts. Give preference to using bullet points, images and other items that make the reading concise and simultaneously informative.

Time delimitation: Every meeting must have a beginning, middle and end. Define a time or period so that the only activity is to pay attention to the Kick-Off, but don't waste time that demarcated. This point is important so that it is objective, without room for dilation or loss of focus.

Presentation of the current scenario and objectives

One of the main reasons for holding this type of meeting is to make the entire team and clients aware of the path to be followed, that is, where they are coming from and where they want to go. This is an important moment, so all information must be clarified.

At this moment, the main objective is to make everyone aware of the importance and seriousness of the work carried out to achieve the results sought. Only with everyone familiar with the situation is it possible to talk and debate proposals that can be implemented in project planning.

This is a document that must be aligned with the client, exploring possibilities, needs, obstacles and past experiences. Only with solid information like this is it possible to provide the team with a real scenario to then arrive at what is intended.

It's worth remembering: always seek to create goals that can be achieved. The more unrealistic it is, the more frustration and exhaustion it will bring to your team and client.

Planning presentation

Whether for a content marketing campaign, planning for capturing leads, converting leads, inbound marketing strategy, outbound marketing or even changing the company's positioning, it is necessary to create a solid plan that encompasses fundamental points, such as:

  • Resources;
  • Timeline;
  • Scratchs;
  • Stakeholders;
  • Budget;
  • Platforms/social media used
Clarification and division of tasks

After all the explanation, comes an important moment: the division of tasks and appointment of those responsible for each of them. This step is essential for everyone to be aware of their demands and deadlines, thus seeking greater organization and avoiding noise during the execution of the project. With the entire team together at this time, it is also possible to clarify where one person's work ends, thus starting the work of others.

This way, the need for efficiency and deadlines for one team will be properly organized so that another can then start their part without delays or other problems that create headaches for the whole.

In the final stage of the kickoff meeting, it is also important to seek feedback from the team involved to find doubts and clarify what was not completely understood. At this moment, everyone must be listened to so that there are no doubts about the role and function of each person.

With the action plan presented, the demands distributed and the doubts resolved, the time has come to put everything planned into practice and reap good results!

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Every Kick-Off requires documentation of action plans

It is always better to sin by excess than by lack. This is a basic premise for any professional who works with clients or service providers. By having clear, organized documentation on hand that covers everything that was discussed in the meeting, you ensure that everyone is aware of their duties and the entire process is clarified if there are any doubts during execution.

AAt the end of the meeting, make all possible materials available so that the team can use these elements whenever necessary. Some excellent examples are: minutes, email with the presentation displayed and the recording of the meeting itself.

It is not uncommon for people on teams to have difficulty understanding what needs to be done at a certain moment. This way, it is possible to save time and ensure that everyone can carry out the work according to what was decided.

This way, it is also possible to avoid conflicts about what should or should not be done, avoiding stress and headaches when debating the responsibilities of each team. This way, all work will be delivered satisfactorily, without problems and in optimized time.

Kick-Off should be routine in your company or institution

It is true to say that the kick-off meeting is one of the marketing strategies that require dedication and commitment, however, it is this achievement that will facilitate the process and potentially reduce any bottlenecks that may exist.

Knowing this,This procedure can be part of your routine and a good habit to always put into practice. when starting a new cycle or project with a new client. With the tips mentioned above, it is possible to guarantee safety and peace of mind, two valuable items that cannot be left aside.

At the end of the project, it is necessary to measure and understand performance, as well as analyze whether the objectives set at the beginning were met and, if so, which points were most efficient. To do this, an excellent way is to request a diagnostic evaluation. In order to understand more about what this procedure is, check out the blog post: "When to request a diagnostic evaluation in a catchment?” and stay up to date!

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