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Inbound and outbound marketing strategies: How to integrate?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jan 12, 2024

Attracting students to educational institutions is one of the main objectives for which the marketing budget is allocated. Do you already know what to do to make better use of resources and achieve more significant results in increasing the number of enrollments?

Here in the blog da 4RevOps, we always highlight that the best way is to integrate inbound and outbound marketing strategies to maximize your institution’s results. And so you know how to do this, we present some ideas and tips in this post.

What can you expect from this post:

Integrated educational marketing strategies

Content + Ads

Email marketing + telemarketing

Inbound and outbound marketing and the sales team at educational institution

Tools for attracting students to educational institutions

Automatic sending of emails

Automatic sms trigger

Sales automation

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Integrated educational marketing strategies

The easiest way to understand how to integrate inbound and outbound marketing into the planning and actions developed by your company educational institution is to follow some examples:

Content + Ads

When we talk about what inbound marketing is, it is common to indicate content production as the main strategy to promote the acquisition of students in educational institutions.

It is through relevant content, which adds value to students who make up its audience, that educational institution manages to attract their attention and guide them throughout the consumer's purchasing journey, aiming to close new registrations.

Good SEO optimization allows the institution's blog content to reach the top of the Google results page - which is proven to attract more clicks.

Content that generates good results organically can contribute to increasing student enrollment in educational institutions. And it can also mean a good opportunity for educational institutions to opt for strategies to make the most of it. And this can be done by creating ADS (or advertisements) on social media, for example.

If a post is attracting attention organically, it has a chance of being well viewed if it is turned into a sponsored post. Something that, as expected,will contribute to further increase the number of new enrollments.

Email marketing + telemarketing

To guide students along this journey, your educational institution needs to nurture leads by sending content via email.

We emphasize, however, that this path is not linear and not always educational. You need to invest your time and resources to take all potential students through each stage of the journey. Unlike this, it is important to know that some students may go back and forth from one stage to another before finally signing up to join the institution, while others may already arrive ready to complete that stage.

Thus, in some cases, the educational institution It's best to combine inbound and outbound marketing to analyze the data collected about each student's contact with the institution and identify those who are ready to receive a call from the sales team. Advancing the process not only accelerates the achievement of results ― new enrollments ― but also tends to reduce costs.


Inbound and outbound marketing and the sales team at educational institution

Taking the last example as a basis, it is easy to see that it is important that the institution's sales team is properly informed about the status of students on the institution's contact list.educational institution.

One of the objectives is both to avoid calls to those who are not even thinking about enrolling yet, and to optimize the process to contact those who are already at the right time. The other is to have the sales team, in direct contact with potential students, provide feedback that better guides the lead nurturing process carried out by the marketing team.

To achieve this, it is necessary to promote alignment between the marketing and sales teams. The success of attracting students to educational institutions is linked to the ability to ensure that not even the sales process, that is, not even telemarketing contact, is too invasive. Something you can understand better by reading the post: How to capture leads with inbound sales in the education sector.

Tools for attracting students to educational institutions

To do all this, your educational institution You can count on the help of technology. After all, the idea behind this integration between inbound and outbound marketing is to use the extensive data collection presented by inbound marketing to make outbound actions more assertive and appropriate. Below, we present some types of solutions that may be useful to your institution:

Automatic sending of emails

To send marketing emails as part of the lead nurturing strategy, your educational institution needs to rely on an automation tool because sending each message manually becomes infeasible as the contact list grows.

MailChimp is a great tool for this function, especially because it has a great delivery rate and is well known to those who know what inbound marketing is and believe in the methodology.

Automatic sms trigger

When your educational institution If you need a more direct approach, email marketing can give way to text messages sent directly to the cell phones of students on the school's contact list.educational institution.

According to results from 4RevOps customers, the open rate is three times higher than traditional email. A good explanation for this behavior is that we have our cell phones nearby all the time, but our email is not always accessible.

To make sending messages easier, your institution can count on an automatic SMS triggering tool.

It is worth remembering that these messages must be aimed at those who are at the right time in their journey to sign up or close their enrollment.

Inbound and outbound marketing strategies

Sales automation

Many educational institutions use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or customer relationship system. This type of tool allows the sales team to have access to relevant information about each contact in the company.educational institution, which can facilitate the aforementioned alignment with marketing and guarantee better results.

One way to enhance all of this is by opting for a sales automation tool like HubSpot Sales. This is because it has a scoring system that evaluates each student's position in the purchasing journey.

Therefore, it is an interesting integration tool between inbound and outbound marketing because it makes the team's work easier when determining who to approach and how to approach this in order to close new registrations.

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