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How to get ahead of competitors’ marketing campaigns?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Nov 13, 2023

Innovate and offer experiences that surprise, attract positive attention and increase enrollment at your institution. How to develop marketing campaigns that make your educational institution stand out among others?

If you have this question and want to discover the way to think about strategies and implement actions that make your institution a reference in the market, you have come to the right post.

Never stop knowing your audience;

Pay attention to trends;

Be part of your audience’s universe;

Pay attention to the message;

Run tests and track results.

Continue reading and find out how to get ahead of your competitors and achieve better results!

Never stop knowing your audience

You probably already know about the importance of knowing your institution’s audience and defining your personas. An essential step for your actions to attract the right people and, more than that, win them over.

To develop a successful marketing campaign, you need to understand that the process of getting to know your audience never ends. This does not mean that a new persona must be created every day, but that the educational institution needs to keep in mind that the profile of students changes (influences and is influenced by the environment) and, therefore, attention is needed to maintain adequacy ever.

Pay attention to trends

Data collected information about your institution's audience allows, among other factors, the identification of preferences and even patterns of behavior that allow needs and interests to be predicted.

Collecting and monitoring information about the market also contributes to a marketing campaign for sales Keep up with your demands and trends. And, to this end, it is also worth paying attention to what is successfully done by educational institutions abroad.

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Be part of your audience’s universe

Another good way to discover trends and find opportunities to present an innovative campaign is to get to know in depth the universe of universes in which your audience participates.

It is by being part of this environment that your institution will be able to take advantage of specific opportunities to develop creative campaigns, at the right time and with a strong appeal to go viral and generate good results.

Pay attention to the message

Search and analyze marketing campaigns that become a reference is a good way to realize that the path is not always to focus on the solution (in the educational institution's courses or in its promotions, for example). Sometimes, it is the message transmitted that adds value, projects the brand and strengthens the image of an institution in the market.

What your educational institution communicates, how it communicates, as well as the values ​​it shares have the potential to make the public identify, recognize or feel represented by the campaign developed, increasing its chances of success.

marketing campaigns

Run tests and track results

Based on the analysis of the data collected and the trends identified, your educational institution can invest in tests that help to assess the needs of the public and their perception of a topic that can guide the development of a marketing campaign for sales.

Furthermore, monitor reactions, track and analyze results. Every mistake and every success contributes to the development of increasingly powerful strategies. Remember that a successful marketing campaign doesn’t happen overnight!

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