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How to deal with image crises on social media

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jan 30, 2024

With the age of social networks, it is essential to take care of the company's brand, in order to avoid image crises, which constantly occur through complaints and negative feedback that are recorded on the internet.

Despite being a good business and marketing opportunity, company branding with a digital presence has its risks. This is because on social media, a negative review from a consumer is visible to anyone.

Therefore, you need to be prepared to face unpleasant situations like this, as an inappropriate reaction can, in fact, cause serious damage to the brand's image, since word of mouth on the web is so fast and relentless.

And for an educational institution? How to deal with image crises on your Educational Institution’s social media? See the tips below!

  1. Manage crisis well
  2. Constantly monitor social media
  3. Be as quick as possible in your responses
  4. Avoid automatic responses
  5. Own up to mistakes made

1. Manage crisis well

The absence of a well-defined organization and good management is one of the first mistakes that contributes to an image crisis on social media. The lack of implementation of an effective campaign on social media can be quite damaging to the image of an Educational Institution. .

It is important that your Educational Institution has clearly defined the objectives to be achieved, what strategies will be used on social media, what content will be posted, how it will be managed, and what can be done to improve visibility and the reputation of your educational institution.

Therefore, the indicated before having a digital presence on social media, is to make a digital marketing consultancy for the institution.

2. Constantly monitor social media

This is essential to not lose the direction of conversations and responses from internet users, it is necessary to ensure that the reader and follower is well attended to in case of doubt, suggestion and even negative feedback or a complaint, you must show them that you understand the problem, and then guarantee that we will help you and solve it.

And in the case of educational institutions, if, for example, there is a problem with a student and he registered it in the social media comments, pay close attention and respond with great caution and firmness, stating that it was an unexpected problem and that it will be resolved.

This can be done through monitoring tools. They are essential to maintain adequate management on social networks, and in addition to maintaining organization, they can highlight your Educational Institution for its good service.

If a problem occurs with a student and he/she registered it in the comments on social networks, pay close attention and respond with great caution and firmness, stating that it was an unexpected problem and that it will be resolved, as dissatisfied students, giving negative opinions and complaining publicly, can cause the Educational Institution to lose potential leads, or students.


3. Be as quick as possible in your responses

Speed ​​in these cases is everything, it is in fact unacceptable in a social media marketing strategy for the student to be left alone, making them feel abandoned in the comments.

4. Avoid automatic responses

Make dialogue a communication between humans. What does that mean? It is essential that the student has the impression of being in front of another human being. Therefore, avoid mechanical and automatic responses, it is necessary that the responses are unique and specific in each comment. 

Acting in this way on social media has the power to disarm much of the aggressive charge of those who post a negative comment, promoting a relaxed and reasonable dialogue.

To do this, you need an automation system appropriate marketing strategy for your Educational Institution.


5. Own up to mistakes made

Acknowledge any errors on the institution's part. Nobody is perfect and even big companies make mistakes, refusing to take responsibility is never a smart idea. If you made mistakes, you should admit it and apologize and make amends (with a change requested by the person giving the negative feedback). People appreciate companies that acknowledge their mistakes and take full responsibility for them.

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