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How to create a landing page? 7 best practices!

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 11, 2023

Landing page

Before receiving an ebook, applying to a free week of marketing classes or even trying a free version of a service, the customer is directed to a landing page created with the intention of capturing data in exchange for something. To generate the expected results and to increase lead capture, it’s necessary to pay attention to the way and items that are essential to create an aesthetically pleasant and credible page to help users in the decision’s time. To know how to create an efficient landing page, what can’t be missed and what you must avoid to capture qualified leads, keep reading and be prepared to increase the numbers of your capture. Check it out!

What is a Landing Page?

Destination Page or Landing Page is a page created in order to capture leads, in other words, collect information about users -  that are potential qualified leads for a product or service. For a University, for example, the Landing Page can offer an ebook about a certain course in exchange for information about this student that can be part of the institution in the future.

The Landing Page must have these three elements: information about what’s been offered; form fields with user data and a CTA to stimulate the final action.

After filling the form with what's been required, the lead’s information will be directed to the database, where they’ll feed the purchase flow. Once compiled according to its funnel stage, from what has been collected, the user, then, will receive different content and advertising to boost a greater contact with the brand and the purchase of a service or product.

In that way, it’s also possible to enhance your Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

For this reason, having an effective landing page is essential to increase the lead capture and to understand the purchase process. Learn more about the different goals of a Landing Page.

Different kinds of a Landing Page

It’s possible to create different landing pages to achieve the same goal. No matter what’s used as an exchange, the focus must always be on getting contact information of those who are interested in something you offer. Check out the regular content offered to capture leads below!


One of the most common contents offered in a landing page, the ebook is a digital version of a book. It’s useful and is bigger than a blog text, for example. It talks about a certain subject in a deeper way. A music course can offer an ebook about how to improve on playing the guitar, for example.

In the ebook, you can explore the most common mistakes, the different practice methods, a studying routine guide and, at the end, the importance of studying with qualified professionals. Therefore, the user, then, in a subtle way, is led to consider purchasing the classes that are offered in the course concerned.

It’s simple, right? And with the data provided on the landing page where the lead subscribed to receive the ebook, it’s possible to engage even more the idea of purchase consideration, nurturing this lead and directing their attention to their final decision.


As the ebook, offering a webinar it’s a way to provide access to useful and qualified content in exchange for this lead’s information. In this case, the format is an online conference in order to give a class or an educational lecture about something.

The webinar can happen in one day or as a binge-watching about the subject. Besides attracting the interested user, this format allows a first contact with your methodology, in other words, a free and massive version about the expertise that is part of your team or institution.

As an example, we have webinars dedicated to teaching and practicing a foreign language. Once it’s a limited schedule, the online class is only introductory. Even if it explores different concepts and even teaches some practice, it’s purchasing the entire course that the student will learn deeper, reaching their goal: be fluent.


It’s common to find this word in websites and blogs, but, after all, what is a Newsletter? Similar to a magazine, the newsletter is an informative bulletin sent periodically to its subscribers.  Delivered exclusively by email, this format is very used to address content and relevant news about the content subject.

This kind of product allows the creation of an interesting digital marketing strategy, where you can build a useful relationship with the lead, providing information and keep it always inserted in your daily life, being part of your imaginary when the subject is brought up.

So, being close and nurturing the needs of this lead, it’s possible to create a credibility and trustability relationship with the users that are part of your newsletter’s contact list.

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Access to useful archives

Validating the switch between usefulness and contact information, making useful archives available to the lead is one of the best ways to highlight something that can ease up their routine and to make a process more simple.

As a practical example we have the provision of a monthly expenses control spreadsheets, presentation templates, or even a list with useful links for this lead. That way, it’s possible to take their attention and keep offering different content in the nurturing flow to keep the lead interested in the products and services you can provide.

Landing Page: how to create with 7 best practices!

Now you know the different kinds of content you can offer in a Landing Page, so it’s time for you to build yours following some good practices of layout and scalability. Check out 7 important tips!

1. Invest in copywriting

Your page must be attractive and informative at the same time. Without overdo in the text, it’s necessary, in a few quotes, gaining and taking the user to purchase what’s been offered. Then, it’s important to have a care for the text, after all, who’s accessing your Landing Page must be earned.

To do that, it’s necessary to pay attention in producing something simple and effective. Some artificies that can be used are:

  • text ordered in topics;
  • quotes that explain the benefits of purchasing what’s been offered;
  • developments that remind of the closeness of earning something.

Don’t stick to these three options. The more creative and authentic you are, the easier it will be for you to earn the user’s trust. With a defined persona, you can adjust your tone of voice and copywriting to best match with your potential leads.

2. Put an attractive CTA

An inbound marketing technique, in a content that searches increasing the conversion rate, a Call to Action (CTA) is essential to direct and call the user to the intended action with the creation of the specific content. The landing page must have this button over the whole page in strategic places. It’s important to create a sense of urgency and attract the user’s view to do what is highlighted.

This element can have different shapes, colors, animation and other features that are attractive for the leads to feel invited to follow that given order.

3. Collect information to better categorize this lead

In a landing page, every collected information is essential to qualify the leads and take contact ways to nurture them in all the purchase funnel stages. From what has been collected, it’s possible to direct them to the service team, organize the purchase flow or, even, improve the persona that was established in the marketing strategy.

The main data to be collected are:

  • Name: to customize the contact messages;
  • Email: to sell content and nurture this lead;
  • Phone number: to send advertising or important information;
  • If it’s necessary or important, you can add a field to better qualify the lead, such as: profession, interests, main goal or knowledge level. This topic is interesting only if you offer more than a service and the information will help to put the lead in the right category on the nurturing flow. Choose just one extra item!

And this leads us to the next step. Keep reading!

4. Do not over-collected data

If the user is willing to give information, it seems like they are interested in the content or service you are offering, however, don’t trespass this willingness. Internet users tend to lose interest when they face bureaucratic forms or ones that ask for too much information. So, avoid exaggerating. 

It’s true that the more information, the easier it is to organize the flow and understand the necessity of this lead, however, in the first contact it’s good to moderate. After all, it’s better to have some essential information than no data captured. When this lead moves forward in the funnel, it’s possible to get other information that will guide their journey.

Remember that the focus of the lading page is to be something short, practical and informative. These three topics must be respected to create a page capable of collecting the greatest amount of lead possible.

5. Offer other content in the end of the page

In a landing page, there are two evident goals: give information and collect data. However, you don’t have to stop right there. To keep retaining the attention of this potential lead, it’s crucial to put other content, such as social media posts, some material to download, blog content and so on.

No matter which content is inserted, the main thing is to keep the user transiting to your website, consuming different information and understanding your expertise. That way, you will increasingly get close to the possibility of making this lead qualified to your goals.

However, to a good application of this strategy, it’s necessary to put this only after the capture information, the moment the user scrolls the page, so, the focus of the first part won’t be removed and won’t interfere with the performance.

6. Avoid polluting your page with unnecessary elements

It’s important to avoid visual pollution that will distract the user of what really matters. Flashy elements and strong colors can confuse the reader and maybe make them give-up to keep scrolling your landing page.

Invest in a background with a single color and simple elements. Besides that, pay attention to keeping the information structure hierarchically to efficiently direct the reading and the step by step to be done on the screen.

It’s crucial that your page must be readable to give the information in the clearest way possible, keeping what’s relevant in the first user’s view.

7. Put some statements to increase your credibility

When we are searching for a professional, such as a doctor or lawyer, one of the first things we do is to find references about their work. When we talk about a landing page, it’s the same. Before purchasing something, most users search for references about what’s been offered before buying into the service.

Knowing this, inserting statements of real people that had an experience and recommend your job is a way to increase the credibility of your work. That’s why it’s important to look for feedback about what’s been developed, encouraging your leads to recommend the product organically.

It’s time for you to create a qualified landing page!

Have you taken notes of all the 7 tips? So now it’s time to put into practice everything that was said to increase your capture of qualified leads and increase your Management Relationship with your client. More than simple, a landing page can be a quick solution to make more people reach the content built by your company.

Do you want to know more about increasing your results? So, don’t waste your time, check out our post and learn how to decrease the rejection rate and increase the conversion on your website!

How to increase the conversion rate in the sales funnel?

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