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How to build a flawless LinkedIn profile for your company

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 25, 2023

With more than 774 million users worldwide, Linkedln is the largest social network for business and careers. Officially released on May 5, 2003, today the platform has several functions for individuals and companies.

Small, medium and large companies are on Linkedln, and this not only to publicize their recruitment processes or achievements, but also to mark the greatness and authority of the business in the digital territory.

Therefore, your company must also be on the network! And to help you in this endeavor, today we've organized a step-by-step guide so that you can build an impeccable profile of your company, from knowing how to register your company on Linkedln to starting to structure your strategy in the digital market.

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Come on?

Your company needs to be on Linkedln!

Still don't know why it's important for your company to be on Linkedln? We answer you: to have authority and assertive communication! But what does it mean? For the digital medium, it means everything!

With authority, you are recognized for demonstrating knowledge and speaking categorically about your product or industry. Therefore, it is your company page that people turn to when they are in doubt about the subject.

Communication is the key to everything. With efficient communication on Linkedln, you can reach more leads and expand your audience, an important aspect for the company's growth.

If you still haven't opened the Linkedln page to create an account, see 4 reasons for you to start your page!

  • Brand Awareness (brand knowledge);
  • More qualified leads;
  • Make vacancies available;
  • Build your business reputation in the digital environment.

Want to know how to make a good profile on Linkedln? Check out the step-by-step below!

Step by step on how to create a successful profile on the network

To help you join this endeavor, we separate 5 essential steps to start creating, structuring and posting in your Linkedln network to be successful.

Check it out below, and at the end, leave in the comments of this post what you thought of the tips!

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Get started by creating your business account

How to create a company profile on Linkedln? Remember that to create the business profile, it will be linked to your personal account. In the future, you can add other administrators.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Visit this link and choose the category of your company (company, showcase page or educational institution);
  • Add name, industry, company size, Linkedln URL, logo, tagline and your company website;
  • Check the entered data and preview your profile;
  • Define administrators (limit of 10 users who must already be on Linkedln);
  • Choose the keywords that will be linked to the company and/or service provided.

Thus, your business Linkedln is created! And now another step begins: the internal organization to start developing content and creating connections.

Define the target to be achieved

Do you already know which profile to reach? Great, then look for people in the industry and invite them to connect with your company page. Linkedln is a form of digital networking, so the more people in your network, the better!

For example, if you own an advertising agency, your audience will not necessarily be advertisers, but managers, CEOs and people related to business administration. Start by focusing on the general, then narrow it down to get more and more qualified leads.

Golden tip: the Linkedln chat is an excellent tool to keep in touch and create interesting conversations with your target. Use this to your advantage, especially if your business is digital.

Count on the participation of your employees

On Linkedln, people who work at your company can make this visible on their profiles, so encourage your employees! They can organically bring more leads and visitors to the page (which are always very welcome).

When posting content, interactions are also very important for the platform's algorithm to understand that this post is interesting and may be cool for other users, following the best practices of the platform.

Produce rich content to attract your audience

Just like any other social network in the world, on Linkedln, your audience needs relevant and interesting content, which can be about your company or content related to the market in general.

So, focus your efforts on producing quality posts, exploring the platform's tools and diversifying the type of content available to engage and better understand what best reaches your audience.

Take advantage of the best Linkedln has for your company!

After understanding the importance and knowing how to start building your company's Linkedln, it's time to start including the network in your content planning. With the right connections, you can start reaching your ideal audience and reach them organically.

It may take some time to reach the size and authority you want, but like any other social network, you have to keep in mind that Linkedln needs constancy, so take this implementation seriously.

Speaking of which, have you been organizing your strategy to be as assertive as possible? We have content that can be an excellent read for you. Check out our post: Tips for putting together a perfect social media plan and optimize your networks efficiently!

See you later.

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