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How to boost your school’s social media and attract more students

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Feb 26, 2024

How to boost your school’s social media and attract more students

Facebook, Instagram and many other social platforms are already part of our daily lives (at least on a personal level). But, do you know how to use social networks to attract students? Attracting more students to school is a big challenge and these tools can certainly help you.

The role of social networks in education goes far beyond posting photos of the June festival on the school page. With planning, it is possible to create an efficient strategy, talk to the right audiences and generate good results for the institution.

Do you want to learn how to capture students on social media? So keep reading this article!

Count on a specialized team;

Know your audience;

Choose the channels of action and the language used carefully;

Develop micro and macro strategies;

Listen to your audiences and always respond;

Forget about image banks;

Develop a strategy storytelling;

Develop a complete digital marketing strategy.

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Count on a specialized team

It is precisely because it is part of so many people's daily lives (there are more than 2 billion users on Facebook alone) that many managers think that "doing Facebook" is a simple thing. As much as publishing is really easy, generating good results is another story — this one much more complex!

In addition to helping you create an efficient strategy to attract more students to school, a specialized team is able to rely on numbers and data that really make a difference. More than counting likes and shares, the specialist will demonstrate which metrics really contribute to attracting new students.

Know your audience

Now that you understand the importance of having a team, let’s get to practice! The first step for schools that want to use social networks to attract students is to get to know the audience they intend to talk to. Which social networks do you use most? Who is the decision maker?

To answer these and many other questions, the ideal is to create buyer personas. These are fictional personifications of your target audience. It is based on these characteristics that your marketing team will define the type of language used by the institution, the social network where the greatest energy (and budget) will be invested and the content that will be published, among many other details.

Choose the channels of action and the language used carefully

Now that you've defined your audience, it's time to choose the channels where the school will operate. As much as common sense says "Facebook" almost immediately, it is important to base this decision on data. This is because young people are increasingly abandoning this platform.

Therefore, determine the focus of each social network. For example, with students the focus will be on Instagram and SnapChat. With parents, the focus is on Facebook and Linkedin. However, each platform requires a content format and generalizing publications can be a big shot in the foot. Which brings us to the next topic:

Develop micro and macro strategies

Micro strategies are those aimed at a specific platform. For example, Facebook will be where the school will publish photos of events, calendar and talk about the institution's daily life. On Instagram, lighter content to engage students and so on.

The macro strategy refers to the general effort to use social networks to attract students. What is the goal of leads? How will they be nourished? What are the main objectives of actions on social media? Ask your team to document the entire strategy and goals so you can refer to them whenever necessary.


Listen to your audiences and always respond

More important than knowing how to use social networks to attract students is understanding that new forms of communication require reciprocity. Never abandon the comments box on publications and determine processes to offer complete and quick answers to questions.

In addition to being an excellent way to attract more students to school, social networks represent the possibility of hearing what they think about the institution, what they expect from improvements and what are the main positive points of the institution for both parents and students.

Forget about image banks

An important tip for schools that want to use social networks to attract students is to forget about paid image banks. Posts with pasteurized images are colder and less engaging with followers. Try recruiting "role models" among your students. You will be surprised by the interest.

Remember, however, to ask for authorization to use images signed by parents or guardians and have a professional photographer produce and edit the images. It is also worth highlighting that the planning of topics that will be covered on social media must be ready to direct the photographer and avoid rework.

Develop a strategy storytelling

Storytelling is a communication technique that aims to convey messages through stories that are relevant to a specific audience. It's like talking about professional success to third-year students or talking about a particular teacher's victory to inspire parents.

This content format generates engagement and, despite being more laborious to produce, has a greater capacity for interaction and propagation. Using social networks to attract students is more than just liking and sharing, it is demonstrating that your school is the best option!

attract more students

Develop a complete digital marketing strategy

Even though using social networks to attract students is efficient and brings good results, it is essential that the institution has a complete digital marketing strategy, with its own website optimized for mobile devices, quality content on the blog, strategy and automated email marketing. and many other important initiatives.

This is because social networks have their own rules that can change at any time and negatively influence the entire strategy. It is worth remembering that in the last change in Facebook rules, several pages ceased to exist and many others lost a large volume of users.

Therefore, make it one of your goals to take social media users directly to a conversion page on your website. Maintaining control over strategy is as important as planning and executing.

Now that you know how to attract more students, how about some Tips for gaining customer loyalty with the help of social media?

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