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How effective communication can help retain students

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 2, 2023

How much is the success of recruiting strategies worth if your educational institution does not know how to retain students? New enrollments are not sustained if students do not find reasons to maintain the link with your brand.

There are those who ignore this fact because they believe that changing institutions is exhausting and even costly. But, rest assured, a dissatisfied student may choose to face this process. Therefore, it is important to know the power of efficient communication and to know how to use it in favor of your institution.

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Difficulty retaining students x efficient communication

There are different reasons why a student feels dissatisfied with an educational institution and decides to leave it. Certainly, not all of them are related to the absence of efficient communication.

However, knowing how to communicate with the public makes the difference for that student to be open to reporting his dissatisfaction and feel willing to, together with the institution, seek a solution to the problem before deciding to cancel his enrollment.

Efficient communication is clear, objective and favors dialogue ― with exchanges between the educational institution and the student and between the student and the educational institution ― always through the appropriate channel.

And that is what favors the establishment of a relationship between the parties, contributing to the student retention even when there is no apparent problem. If, due to lack of this contact, the student is simply unable to connect and identify with the educational institution, you may also feel compelled to abandon it.

retain students

Better understanding the power of effective communication for student retention

To make the importance of efficient communication for your institution to understand how to retain students, it is important to reinforce the idea that this communication is the key to building a lasting relationship.

An institution's objective is to attract new students, retain them and build their loyalty, and then count on them as promoters of the brand and even gain their preference if they opt for new courses.

To do so, it is necessary to establish a real connection because, currently, students value the experience they have with an institution ― something that goes beyond subjects such as tuition fees and teaching quality and reaches points such as the treatment received in each contact with your team.

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To establish this connection and offer an always positive experience, you need to know how to communicate well and clearly. In other words, you need to be effective in communication not just to convey the right information, but to know how to convey it.

Your educational institution you need to know your audience well in order, among other issues, to identify the appropriate language and approach, as well as the different channels through which this communication should take place. Thus, it becomes possible to create the necessary identification for the connection, the relationship between the parties to happen in a more natural and pleasant way.

The result of effective communication is the creation of an environment in which the disclosure of information relevant to the educational institution and for students becomes easier. And, yet, so that this exchange is more enriching and positive, favoring the constant improvement of the established relationship and contributing to the retention of students.

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