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How an international technical visit can help your Educational institution

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 14, 2023

Many of those who attend an international university are looking for courses that have not yet arrived in Brazil and a major diploma. But this is not the only possibility. Have you ever thought about everything that is possible to know through a simple technical visit to reputable universities in other countries?

A contact like this can give you the opportunity to see up close what they are, how they are applied and what the results of the strategies of the educational marketing International. In other words, it means learning from the greats, straight from the source.

If you found this idea interesting, continue reading the post and learn how visits of this type can contribute to your educational institution being able to stand out in an increasingly competitive market and attract more students!

In this post you can see:

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What is a technical visit?

Before talking about the possibilities of knowledge that a technical visit to an international university can bring, it is important to differentiate this type of contact from a common visit.

As you might imagine, a technical visit is much more than a tour of an educational institution or technical knowledge about the structure offered by the university.

In fact, this visit is a well-planned activity between the parties involved, with the aim of making the visitor aware of important aspects of the operation of a given institution.

Its main objective is to allow this visitor to be able to understand, through a more practical contact, how the processes involved in the development and application of marketing strategies and educational management at an international university.

Through this visit, it is possible to clarify some relevant issues and have a greater interaction with the work developed by the institution.

Knowing this, I imagine that you are now wondering what benefits such an activity can add to your EI. But wait, we'll get there! In the next topic, we explain four benefits of an international technical visit.

4 benefits of an international technical visit

Perhaps when reading the title of this blog, you were a little reluctant about the subject. After all, why do you need to pack your bags, go out of the country and meet chains from so far away?

In this post, we will show you that an international technical visit is more than necessary for your institution and can directly contribute to your marketing strategy. Let's go?

  1. Discover trends in higher education;
  2. Broader view of the educational market;
  3. Discover new fundraising strategies;
  4. Assimilate good loyalty practices.

We have listed each of these benefits above. But, the time has come to understand in depth how each one of them can contribute to their university.

Discover higher education trends

As we mentioned in the previous topic, the greatest benefit that your institution can have when visiting other international institutions is knowledge.

With a technical visit, your university has the chance to get a new perspective and discover trends in the educational market not external.

You can follow everything from new methods to new technologies implemented to improve the student experience, both in the classroom and in fundraising campaigns, such as: strategies on social networks, technologies applied in the classroom, marketing automation and much more!

Broader view of the education marketing

If your view of higher education is restricted to just your knowledge of some states in Brazil, the time has come to change that and broaden your horizons!

From the moment you leave the country and have greater contact with international institutions, your perspective broadens!

The truth is that it's another view of both business and education, and that can add a lot to your Educational institution. It is the perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge and vision of the educational market.

Discover new fundraising strategies

If you are still wondering if leaving the country is really important for your institution, the answer is yes and we will show you how this can contribute a lot to attract potential clients.

During a scheduled technical visit, you may have the opportunity to talk with members of the marketing team at international universities and gather important information about their marketing strategies attracting students, for example.

More than just getting to know better how international educational marketing is done and understanding its impact on the management and achievement of results, this contact gives you the chance to exchange ideas, present and solve your doubts.

This exchange allows you to gain, in a simpler and more concrete way, knowledge that can make the difference for you to be inspired, make the necessary adjustments to your lead generation strategy and develop innovative campaigns in the domestic market.

Assimilate good loyalty practices

We know that one of the biggest problems of education in Brazil is student dropout. Every year, students throughout graduation choose to change colleges or drop their course midway.

But this does not only happen in higher education. In 2021, nearly 244 thousand young people ages 6 to 14 were out of school. But where do we want to go with this?


In addition to technology and recruitment strategies, the international technical visit can contribute to improvements in all your interaction with the student, even during their training.

By analyzing the good practices carried out by other universities and the set of strategic actions to build student loyalty and overcome school dropouts, you have the chance to innovate, apply it to your institution, strengthen your relationship with the student and build loyalty.

Attention: it is important to remember that when identifying good practices carried out by international institutions, before applying them in your Educational institution, you need to adapt them to the reality of Brazilian students.

How can a technical visit help you stand out in the competitive market?

It is easy to understand that seeking knowledge from those who are a reference increases your chances of following the same path of success. However, we are talking about making a technical visit to international universities and it is worth explaining why this investment is worthwhile.

The higher education market is increasingly competitive in Brazil. One of the factors that leads to this is the decree of the Ministry of Education that allows the expansion of distance learning in the country. A change that increases the offer of courses, which may make the sector even more aggressive with regard to student recruitment strategies, for example.

One of the ways to overcome this challenge is to seek the expertise of those who already operate in a highly competitive market and stand out with good results at local and global level.

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