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The B side of transfers: turn a problem into an opportunity

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Nov 16, 2023

Opportunities to attract students can be found even in situations that, at first, seem to be just a problem. Have you ever thought about using student transfer cases in favor of your institution?

At first, it is common to think that only the arrival of students from other institutions can be seen as a positive movement. And in fact, no one wants the opposite to happen. However, it is possible to learn important lessons from cases in which students leave their institution.

In this post, we will introduce you a little about the "B side" of transfers so that you understand how to look at this situation differently and see it as a chance to improve your educational institution's ability to retain and retain its students. .

Why pay attention to student transfer cases;

The importance of understanding the reasons for transfers;

Transforming transfers into fundraising opportunities.

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Why pay attention to student transfer cases

It is easy to understand that an educational institution benefits when a student transfers from another educational institution. In these situations, it is important to discover what factors motivated this student to come and understand them as strengths that can be explored in your actions to attract students.

The "B side", however, is the one that shows that it is possible to obtain relevant and powerful information even when the student leaves their educational institution in search of another institution.

One of the prominent reasons for paying attention to these student transfer cases is to understand that retaining a student costs less to the institution than attracting a new student. And, therefore, it is worth directing part of your effort to improving retention and reducing cases of students leaving your educational institution.

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The importance of understanding the reasons for transfers

Understanding what reasons lead your students to transfer to another institution allows your educational institution to better understand its own weaknesses. This type of self-assessment is crucial to begin work on changes and improvements that favor both retention capacity and the discovery of new fundraising opportunities.

The more strengths, the more prepared to offer a positive and memorable teaching experience for students, the greater the institution's chances of strengthening its brand, gaining loyalty and attracting new students.

It is following this idea that the "B side" of student transfer presents the possibility of using data relating to student dropout as a source of valuable information so that your educational institution knows how to "turn the tables" and transform the problem into an opportunity.


Transforming transfers into fundraising opportunities

As already mentioned, your educational institution can collect powerful information on student transfer cases in which students arrive at the institution and in which students leave it.

Tools Business Intelligence, Marketing Attribution and marketing automation are examples of technologies that can be used to drive the discovery of new fundraising opportunities.

This is because these tools allow the collected data to be used strategically to develop solutions and actions that favor your campaigns, from attracting students to your educational institution to retaining them.

In short, the "B side" of transfers allows your educational institution to better understand each student transfer case and know how to use them to your advantage to improve your own results.

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