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Growth hacking and web analytics in education

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Dec 22, 2023

Growth hacking has gained ground as experiment-oriented marketing, capable of leading to above-average growth, in a short time and at lower costs. What do you already know about this strategy that can be used to increase enrollment quickly?

Attract and attract new students It is a common need for educational institutions. The education market is competitive and the educational institution that discovers what to do to enhance its recruitment results and boost new enrollments comes out ahead.

If you already follow our blog, you know that we often highlight the importance of data analysis and we will do it again, presenting in this post the relationship between growth hacking and web analytics. Follow along and discover the path to success for your institution!

What can you expect from this post?

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What is growth hacking for educational institutions

Growth hacking for educational institutions is a way to promote rapid growth of the institution through the adoption of strategies chosen based on hypotheses and experiments.

Bearing in mind a vital objective for any educational institution, attracting students, growth hacking marketing in education can be used precisely to supplement the process of attracting and converting new students to increase the number of enrollments quickly.

After a strategic analysis and clear definition of the company’s goal,educational institution, how to increase enrollments by X times, a process called the growth hacking life cycle begins:

  • Brainstorming ― what growth hacking seeks is to find ways to achieve the objective quickly and at low costs. To do so, it needs to be based on ideas and suggestions of what can be done to achieve the defined goal;
  • Setting priorities ― any idea aimed at increasing the number of school enrollment educational institutions is valid, but it is necessary to choose the one that should have execution priority. This choice is made looking for the idea that involves the least effort and has the potential to achieve a good result;
  • Experiment documentation ― growth hacking is understood as experiment-oriented marketing because it depends on this experimentation to better direct the institution’s actions. Therefore, it is important that the entire process is properly documented so that it can serve as a reference later;
  • Carrying out tests — there is a concept called MVT, an acronym for minimum viable test or minimum viable test that derives from the definition of MVP or minimum viable product. The idea is to define the simplest way to test a growth hacking hypothesis for educational institutions and find out the results;
  • Results analysis - finally, it is necessary to analyze these results to apply the strategy or identify errors that need to be corrected in order to actually be able to achieve the objective defined by the educational institution. 

The relationship with web analytics and the importance of it all

As you can see, growth hacking is not a traditional marketing strategy. From defining your goal educational institution, through raising hypotheses and analyzing results, growth hacking for educational institutions needs to be based on solid data

Without this data, the entire process is based on "guesswork" or hypotheses that are poorly supported or even proven, which makes it difficult to achieve above-average results in a short space of time. In other words, it goes against growth hacking.

Web analytics represents the entire organization and data analysis with the aim of guiding more assertive decision-making, optimizing a strategy from its planning, through implementation, to achieving results. Do you understand the relationship with growth hacking?

Without analytics, it is not possible to prove that the actions taken increase the number of enrollments quickly.

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Why is all this important?

The maxim "time is money" has become even more significant since technological advances facilitated access to the internet and changed the relationship between consumers and the market. Something that also applies to the relationship between students and educational institutions, which now compete for attention in a more competitive market that demands the most powerful strategies

In other words, without this focus on experiment-oriented marketing, an educational institution has less chance of increasing enrollment. More than that, achieving the results you want in a short time and spending little.

Growth hacking

How to apply growth hacking in your educational institution

When we explain the growth hacking for educational institutions, we present the cycle to be followed and it is in it that your educational institution needs to be based. Therefore, it is necessary:

  • Define what problem your institution needs to solve or goal to achieve;
  • Open space for the creation of many ideas aimed at increasing enrollment numbers. Something that can be done based on identifying flaws in the processes currently adopted by the educational institution and with the participation of the institution's team to point out suggestions for actions that can be tested;
  • Identify which ideas can be more easily tested and capable of leading to better results to prioritize them;
  • Choose the tools and ways to test the chosen hypotheses (and remember that it is necessary to document all these issues so that they can be consulted before defining other tests);
  • Analyze the results and apply them if they are positive and significant to promote the achievement of the objective of increasing enrollment. If they are not good enough, the educational institution can resume the process and make necessary corrections or test other hypotheses.

For all this to happen, two important issues need to be highlighted. The first is that your educational institution must establish a routine and its own rules for frequency of meetings, documentation and execution of the process. And the second is that it is necessary to count on a team of experts dedicated to sales growth.

It is worth mentioning that growth hacking is not a traditional marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to have professionals prepared to interpret data and develop a concise analysis to support the entire process.

It is common for an educational institution to feel that it does not have the necessary resources to implement a growth hacking strategy on its own.

Therefore, it is interesting to know that it is possible to count on external help, hiring a company like 4RevOps as a consultant or responsible for leading actions to increase enrollment quickly.

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