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Find out the best student retention strategies

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 11, 2024

Find out the best student retention strategies

After going through all the work to attract a person to your institution, make them interested in your courses and convince them to enroll, it's a big loss to have to see that student canceling their semester and going elsewhere, isn't it? same?

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to invest in student retention strategies, especially those that use Content Marketing and other digital resources, as this is one of the main ways to maintain contact with students today.

Do you want to prevent student dropouts from harming your Educational Institution? Keep reading and see what can be done!

What you will see in the post:

What causes student dropout?

Lack of money;

Lack of growth perspective;

Lack of identification with the course;

Fatigue and stress;

What is the role of Content Marketing in student retention?

Can the sales funnel be applied to enrolled students?

Is email marketing a valid strategy for retaining students?

How can predictive analytics help with student retention?

Good reading!

What causes student dropout?

Firstly, we need to understand what leads a student to leave their Educational Institution. Thus, we can think about how to avoid dropping out based on the main reasons for abandoning courses.

Lack of money

Lack of money is a constant problem among students. In some cases, this is what leads to abandonment of the course. Sometimes people cancel their enrollment to focus on work, or because they need to reduce their monthly expenses.

Lack of growth perspective

Some students enter an Educational Institution to gain experience and take advantage of various opportunities, not just the knowledge offered in the classroom. These people feel uncomfortable when theEducational institution does not provide these moments, such as scientific initiation, internships, tutoring, volunteer work, among others.

Lack of identification with the course

Students do not always choose the course that best suits their profile. Over time, he becomes exhausted and stops dedicating himself to training and little by little he looks for alternatives to get out of this wrong choice that was made.

Fatigue and stress

Whether it's a pre-university course or an undergraduate degree, fatigue and stress are part of a student's life. He has to learn daily and sees his performance being constantly demanded and evaluated. This can lead to many people dropping out of their courses.


What is the role of Content Marketing in student retention?

Content Marketing is one of the main Marketing strategies that can be used to retain students in yourEducational institution. It consists of creating relevant content (texts, e-books, podcasts, videos, webinars, among others) so that your students start to like your brand and want to continue at your institution.

For this strategy to work, your team must identify which content is relevant to your students. It is necessary to understand what the “pain” of students is and how they can be helped byEducational institutions.

What we talked about in the previous topic was precisely about this. The reasons that lead someone to cancel their registration are their pain. Knowing this, we can create relevant materials to help students.

That’s where expertise in Educational Marketing comes in. Imagine, for example, that the main reason for students leaving your school is the lack of money. A good content strategy would talk about:

  • how to make money during your degree;
  • main ways to make money on vacation;
  • how to take advantage of college to invest your money;
  • X ways to earn money while studying;
  • learn to balance work and study.

These contents would be relevant to these people, wouldn’t they? What your team needs to do is identify all of the students' main pain points (which will probably be those we have already mentioned) and respond to them.

Can the sales funnel be applied to enrolled students?

For these retention strategies to work even better, the ideal is to create a sales funnel of enrolled students. After all, they have already purchased your service, but they are still potential customers and need to be treated that way.

But instead of creating a sales funnel with the aim of selling a new course, your team can use the same idea to create a student journey within the Educational Institution.

Thus, the stages that this person goes through can range from the moment they enter the course (in which they want to consume content about what the training is and how to make the most of it) to overcoming obstacles (reconciling work and studies, looking for scientific initiation programs, etc.) and graduation (what the job market is like, tips for recent graduates, among other topics).

With this organization, it becomes simpler to produce relevant content that helps retention of all levels of students, from those who are now entering yourEducational institution to those who will graduate in a few months.

Is email marketing a valid strategy for retaining students?

All this content used in student retention strategies can be produced for various platforms. However, there is one channel that cannot be ignored: email.

By knowing your students' habits, your team can segment people and divide them by interests. With this, it is possible to create unique and personalized materials for each of them.

To improve personalization and ensure that the message reaches those it should reach, the use of email marketing is an excellent alternative. Furthermore, this is a way to automate the company’s Marketing tasks.Educational institution and avoid errors in student retention.


How can predictive analytics help with student retention?

As we said at the beginning of this text, there are several reasons for a student to abandon their course. However, all the content so far brings a consensus: to retain students, the Educational Institution needs to invest in quality relationships.

But… What do youEducational institutions should do? It's no use just getting closer to students. Everything must be based on a very well-structured strategy, otherwise your team will just waste resources and not achieve the results it should.

That's the predictive analytics diagnosis. This service is offered by 4RevOps to help yourEducational institution in student retention. It consists of identifying the main reasons that lead students to stop enrolling or request a transfer.

To do this, we use advanced predictive analysis technologies, raise all these variables and identify the impact of each one on the future decision-making of each of your students.

With this information in hand, we outline personalized retention strategies targeted at the main points identified in our analysis.

Student dropout is reduced through knowledge about the profile of each enrolled student and the use of marketing automation technologies.

With the predictive diagnosis of4RevOps yourEducational institution wins:

  • agility in decision making;
  • greater student engagement;
  • increase in registration renewal rates;
  • reduction in marketing costs;
  • greater profit from operations;
  • improving reputation and credibility.

As you can see, your Marketing team's work cannot stop after the student enrolls. You need to continue winning over this person daily and making them fall in love with the brand.Educational institution. Only in this way can we prevent student dropout.

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