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Find out how the AI ​​chatbot can help your educational institution!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 29, 2024

Find out how the AI ​​chatbot can help your educational institution!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of ​​computing research that studies and develops software capable of having human-like intelligence, but through programming. This technology is developed to learn itself according to the interactions it has.

Thanks to these characteristics, we can combine this technology with other tools and form, for example, chatbots with AI. They are chat applications that rely on a bot that uses Artificial Intelligence and becomes more assertive with each interaction with your students.

Do you want to understand how this tool can help you attract and retain students?

What you will see in the post:

Dynamic, natural and updated language;

Reduction in waiting time for service;

Using chatbot for registration;

Integration between CRM and chatbot;

24/7 support.

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Dynamic, natural and updated language

To start “working”, the AI ​​chatbot needs to receive some information. To do this, rehearsals are made of real conversations he would have with his students. This communication serves as a basis for him to adapt his language and respond to whatever is asked.

However, this test is just the “first step” and Artificial Intelligence technology has much more to offer.

After being made available on your website, the AI ​​chatbot will interact directly with your students, right? At this point, he will learn the response patterns and the type of language that people use most.

Gradually, Artificial Intelligence gains more resources and becomes more assertive. This makes communication more natural and gives the feeling that a human is responding to messages.


Reduction in waiting time for service

As the chatbot is a machine, it can serve dozens of people simultaneously — and in most cases it is competent enough to resolve the demands.

This way, the service queue is freed up. This allows your team to focus on student problems with care and attention, but without creating a waiting list.

Using chatbot for registration

Another very interesting point of chatbots with AI is that they can boost your Educational Marketing. 4RevOps has been doing this for a few months and the results are excellent.

There is one point, in particular, that we would like to mention: the forms. If you notice, the capture forms (those forms for registering for entrance exams or for enrollment) are old and not very interactive tools.

They do not adapt to the student's needs and this leads to a high dropout rate.

But forms are necessary to attract students, right? However, this does not mean that it is necessary to maintain the form “format”.

In fact, chatbots can replace these tools. They are able to chat with students and store the information sent.

Instead of having a form that asks for the name, age and other information for your leads, wouldn't it be more interesting if this happened in a conversation? For example:

- (robot) Hello! My name is [robot name] and I'm here to help you. Before we start, what's your name?

- (lead) Pedro

- Very good, Pedro, how can I help you?

And so on, the chatbot collects information relevant to the registration, following what it was programmed to do.

Integration between CRM and chatbot

Chatbots can be integrated with your educational institution's CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This way, the recorded information is archived and can easily be consulted by your team.

Imagine the impact of this on student recruitment. Instead of using cold calls (calls to a list of people who have no prior interest in the brand), your sales team can focus on converting students who have demonstrated that they want to join your educational institution.

This means that capture chatbots help this process in three ways:

  • They collect information more efficiently than forms;
  • They segment leads based on your CRM parameters;
  • They make it easy to create a list of leads that you can pass along to your sales team.


24/7 support

In terms of using the chatbot for retention of students, 24-hour support is a great feature. Even with its team out of service, the robot continues to receive students and resolve demands.

Some simple requests, which previously needed to be made by agents, can be resolved by the machine.

If a student gets in touch because they need their history, the chatbot can easily generate this document or guide the student so that they can access their educational institution's portal and can issue it themselves.

This work performed by the robot avoids delay problems that can lead the student to become angry and even become a detractor of the brand.

As you can see, Chatbot applications are vast and it helps bring savings to your educational institution, boost student acquisition and improve retention. This technology is, without a doubt, the future of Educational Marketing.

Want to understand a little more about how it works? Read our post Conversation Design and understand the role of this area in AI.

Conversation Design for the educational market

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Here, new softwares are tested all the time. Modern tools and new functionalities are tested all the time, there were already more than 200 tests so you can have the best result in your institution.

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