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Educational consulting: is it worth investing?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jun 16, 2023

Brazil is the fifth largest education market in the world, with ten educational groups concentrating the largest share of the market. In addition, in private education, we are the largest market in Latin America.

This fierce reality and competitiveness in the sector requires new strategies from educational institutions to attract, convert and retain students. But we don't always know how to stand up to the educational giants, right? That's where educational consulting comes in!

If you want to stand out from the crowd competitiveness of the market, this is the right post for you! Continue reading and find out the role of educational consulting, and how it can contribute to your educational institution.

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What is educational consulting?

Every educational institution is a business and must be treated as such to generate enough revenue to sustain itself over time and deliver quality services (education).

Therefore, it needs efficient management aligned with the educational market, precise financial management focused on optimizing resources, academic management in tune with industry trends, and so on.

The director, dean or owner of the institution does not always have the knowledge to place the organization in the competitive game. Therefore, it is best to rely on someone who understands the subject, that is, an educational consulting company.

This company may specialize in a particular segment, such as educational marketing, finance for educational institutions, or strategic management. Or you can offer an advisory combo in all these areas.

What is the role of educational consulting?

The consulting work consists of making a careful analysis of the current scenario of the educational institution, considering the internal and external environments. After the diagnosis, points for improvement are highlighted, that is, where you have to invest to improve results in the short, medium and long term.

Next, the educational consulting firm helps your team come up with an action plan and put it into practice, spending time with you to measure the results.

When everything is aligned and working well, the consultancy leaves the scene so that your team can work calmly, but without leaving aside the best practices learned.

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What are the benefits of hiring an education consultant?

If you've come this far and are still in doubt whether or not to hire an educational consultancy, we're here to show you that it's worth investing in one!

For this, we have gathered some advantages that an educational consultancy can add to your educational institution. Do you want to know which? Next, we list four benefits!

  • Promotes improvements in management;
  • Implement more assertive strategies;
  • Strengthens the relationship between institution and students;
  • Consolidates your institution's image and reputation.

Let’s look at the 4 benefits of educational consulting in more detail:

Promotes improvements in management!

With another perspective on your educational institution, education consultants can analyze and identify the main pains and challenges faced by your school or university.

This external and broader look at your educational institution allows the team of consultants to bring good insights, promote improvements in management and make your processes more efficient.

Implement more assertive strategies!

Education consultants have industry experience, are familiar with the latest strategies, and have up-to-date technologies to track performance indicators.

In Educational Marketing, for example, you can count on the expertise of professionals in the planning, implementation, execution and monitoring of marketing strategies and actions in education, aiming to increase the number of students and retain those who are already in the institution.

It also has valid guidelines for the sales team, since digital marketing and sales must go hand in hand for a better return on investment. With both teams united, they can help the lead in making a decision more efficiently and, consequently, increase their results.

Strengthen the relationship between institution and students!

When it comes to higher education, one of the challenges for universities is to create a good relationship with students. Whether for capture or student retention, a good relationship is the foundation of everything, isn't it?

At this point, education consultants have the mission of developing more effective relationship strategies according to the profile of their target audience.

By producing more assertive content, education consultants are able to strengthen communication between their institution and students, and generate greater connection and engagement on the part of students.

Consolidate your institution's image and reputation!

As the education market becomes increasingly competitive, who doesn't want to strengthen their image? If your goal is to stand out amid the fierce competition, education consultants can help!

Reinforcing its strengths, the education consultancy has the mission of highlighting its values, differentials and showing future students why your institution is the right choice.

But, your work doesn't stop there! In addition to strengthening your image, consultants help your educational institution to position itself. With the work of educational consulting, you can see more clearly the market in which you are inserted, the challenges and possibilities for growth.

In addition, you learn where, when and how to strategically position yourself in the market to remain competitive, even if there are large groups in your area of ​​operation.

Convinced that educational consulting is a good thing? So don't stop here! Get in touch with us and continue investing in your capture and retention of students with whom he specializes inInbound Marketing! 


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