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Dynamism in the workplace: how to be a proactive professional?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 17, 2023

Dynamism in the workplace: how to be a proactive professional? 4revops

By taking an interest in reading this post, we believe you want to become a proactive professional, don't you think? Regardless of the segment you want to work in, havingright soft skills make all the difference in professional success, and proactivity is one of them.

In this content, we will explain what proactivity really is, why you should develop it and what are the main tips to be able to show yourself as a professional with this competence and achieve better positions in your market.

Want to know more about it? Then read on!

What is being proactive?

Let's start at the beginning: what is to be proactive? A proactive person is one who makes decisions or moves in search of changes, without necessarily receiving an order/request to do so.

Proactivity is a feature that is increasingly being sought by companies, since having professionals with this competence allows a reduction in the problems that the organization will have to face.

In order for you to better understand the concept of proactivity, check out some examples of attitudes that could be taken by people with this competence: imagine that you are an employee of a college and realize that the platform where students download support materials is experiencing problems.

Instead of waiting for your superior or even a student to complain about this situation, you volunteer to contact the responsible sector to understand what may have happened and what solution will be taken.

Why invest in being a proactive professional?

But after all, is there any benefit to being a proactive professional? The truth is that we can guarantee you that having this competence can be a watershed in your professional career.

  • Offers a flexible posture;
  • Elevates assertiveness and control in decisions;
  • Increases the chances of getting a promotion;
  • Allows prominence during selection processes;
  • It helps to have a resilient behavior.

Learn more about the subject below:

Offers a flexible posture

Being proactive will allow you to have a broader view and knowledge of situations. This will help you to have a more flexible posture, which will help you adapt to different scenarios.

Increases assertiveness and control in decisions

Another advantage of having a proactive posture is to make your decisions are made in a more controlled manner and with high chances of being successful and achieving the expected results.

Increases chances of getting a promotion

One of the goals most coveted by employees is to increase the chances of getting a promotion in their area of ​​expertise. After all, this shows that the professional has a spirit of leadership and independence.

Allows you to stand out during selection processes

During a selection process, the institution does not only keep an eye on the professional experiences that the candidate has included in the curriculum: during interviews and dynamics, recruiters seek to perceive some skills inherent to the position, one of which may be proactivity.

Helps to have resilient behavior during crises

Another situation in which proactivity proves to be beneficial is during a time of crisis. As you are already constantly making decisions and having quick thoughts/actions, you will already be used to a decision-making position, putting actions into practice in a more resilient way.

How to be a proactive professional?

Now that you understand what is being proactive and what are the advantages of acquiring this competence, it's time to understand what is possible to do to show yourself to be a collaborator with this characteristic.

  • Network;
  • Anticipate problems and solutions;
  • Find your personal motivation;
  • Be sure to qualify;
  • Invest in self-knowledge;
  • Know your own work;
  • Be participatory.

Want to understand how to follow each of these tips? Then read on!

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Networking does not help only in customer acquisition: building bonds in the work environment is also a way to be proactive, in addition to making it easier when it comes to offering help or proposing new ideas.

Anticipate problems and solutions

Another way to show proactivity is to anticipate problems that may happen within your area and already propose (or even implement) solutions so that this bad situation does not occur or cause so much damage.

Find your professional motivation

If you have your professional goals very clear, it will be easier to have a more proactive attitude in your business, as you will know what needs to be done and where you want to go.

Be sure to qualify

It is very important that studies and proactivity go hand in hand in your professional life, as updated knowledge will allow you to be more confident in proposing changes or putting them into practice.

Invest in self-knowledge

Proactivity can cause a “rebound effect” if you are not fully aware of your limits and the activities you can perform: not taking on certain responsibilities and not being able to deliver a good result can affect your reputation in the company.

Know your own work

As important as understanding what you want for your professional life is understanding what the institution expects from your work. Analyze its scope and learn about its attributions and where it can have autonomy to propose and implement actions.

be participative

Proactivity cannot only appear at opportune moments, as a way of just gaining visibility with superiors: always seek to be participatory, creating relationships with your colleagues and helping them in missions that are not so glamorous.

How are entrepreneurs on the internet and proactivity related?

If you are a person who already understands what you plan to undertake in the future, know that being proactive will also benefit you. In fact, this is considered one of the pillars for anyone who wants to start your own business.

After all, an entrepreneur owns his own business and therefore will have no one to tell him what to do. This offers greater freedom to make decisions, but at the same time greater responsibility for its results.

Digital ventures, in particular, need managers who are quick-thinking and who are able to anticipate and solve problems efficiently. After all, it could cost them time, money, or even harm their customer retention.

Another important point to remember is that the market and the consumer's own preferences target Audience constantly. Therefore, it is important for digital businesses to have a quick game and know how to correctly use the trends that are successful with the people or companies they want to reach.

Here also comes a good view of technologies and market innovations that can bring benefits to your organization and highlight your differentials. For example: using Artificial intelligence in your business will allow you to offer a unique and very positive experience to your audience.

In short: to be a proactive professional, you need to network, anticipate problems and solutions, find your professional motivation, constantly qualify and invest in self-knowledge.

Thus, understanding what it is and how to become a proactive professional, it will be easier for you to achieve your professional goals, in addition to showing yourself to be an independent professional ready to lead.

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