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Does educational consultancy generate increased enrollment?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Nov 24, 2023

Do you know what marketing consultancy for educational institutions is for? Have you ever thought about hiring this service to improve the efficiency of your campaigns?

When someone decides to start a business, they benefit from having the help of a business consultant. The same goes for anyone facing any difficulty or growth proposal in their market.

And speaking of which, Brazil is the largest higher education market in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world. In this scenario, it is not difficult to assume that having specialized consultancy increases the chances of strengthening yourself against the competition and attracting students.

But, how does this educational consultancy help your institution increase enrollment? And more, why should you hire this service? Continue reading the post to find out!

What you will see in the post

After all, what is educational consultancy?

There are those who still resist treating education as a business. This objection is common on the part of those who consider that "business" conveys a wrong idea of ​​the way in which the institution views its role and presents education as a commodity. But not quite.

Thinking about it, there is no denying that, like any organization, educational institutions need to generate revenue to maintain themselves and provide their services. Being clear about this need is what helps to understand and adopt strategies capable of making the business prosper.

In addition to all the knowledge related to methodology, teaching and management, an institution needs to count on the expertise of someone who knows how to increase its power of attraction and competitiveness.

The truth is that, in many cases, directors or deans do not have the necessary knowledge for this challenge. And this opens up space for educational consultancy: a specialized company that can provide consultancy in specific areas or offer a complete service.

The marketing consultancy

Let's start with a relevant definition. A American Marketing Association ranking or marketing as "an activity, set of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offers that have value for consumers, clients, partners and society in general".

With this in mind, we can say that more than selling, the idea of ​​educational marketing consultancy is to add value to your educational institution's brand.

The objective is to strengthen it to help make it more attractive to the public and, consequently, contribute to increasing the number of enrollments.

It does not stop there. This service also extends to the adoption of strategies that favor the retention and loyalty of these students, another important challenge for any institution.


How educational marketing consultancy works

In your personal life, have you ever looked for a friend who could bring an outside perspective and their own experience to help you solve a problem?

Hiring a marketing consultancy service for educational institutions means having a qualified external view.

4RevOps is a specialist in student acquisition. And this means that we have the resources and experience necessary to resolve your institution's problems and difficulties and promote improvements aimed at increasing enrollment.

Our work is based on carrying out a complete analysis of the current scenario of your institution and a diagnosis that points out what needs to be done. From there, our educational consultancy team works alongside yours to draw up an action plan and put it into practice.

With the use of different technologies like Tableau and LuckyOrange, we collect important data to guide the strategies to be adopted in your institution. The same goes for measuring results, always aiming to optimize the efficiency of our actions.

If you are still unaware of the importance and potential of using data to increase enrollment, we suggest reading the post Decision making in education: it’s time to trust the data!

Why hire an educational consultancy

We have just presented an overview of how our work is done. And more than that, if you take the time to access the previously suggested post and several others already published on the 4RevOps blog, you will find tips on how to use marketing and its tools to attract more students to your institution.

That said, you may be wondering why seek external help and hire an educational marketing consultancy, right?

The answer is: our experience in using tools, detecting problems, developing and applying strategies has proven success.

Specialization and experience

4RevOps has a team qualified and passionate about education and technology. These are people who make us a specialized company prepared to provide marketing consultancy services for educational institutions.

We have extensive experience in this sector, which allows our professionals to easily develop assertive campaigns aimed at increasing enrollment.

Furthermore, we spend less time on this than your internal team would spend on the entire process, from diagnosis to measuring results and optimizing actions.

And, to improve, the aforementioned innovative technologies that we use contribute not only to the success of the consultancy, but also to reduce expenses and make better use of your institution's resources.

educational consultancy

High level of customer satisfaction

Recently, we also shared here on the blog the news that the 4RevOps has an NPS of 58%. NPS is the index that measures the satisfaction of a company's customers and their consequent propensity to recommend it to third parties.

On average, the NPS for the market business to business varies between 25% and 33%. Reaching the 50% mark is an achievement only for companies that offer excellent service.

We managed to surpass this mark! And this means that the institutions that hired us attest to having achieved the objective of improving their student intake by choosing to work with us.

Measuring the NPS helps us act with more transparency and be aware that we are on the right path to help those who seek our educational consultancy.

Are you interested and want to count on us to increase enrollment at your institution? Enter in contact and schedule a meeting!


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Technologies we use

The world changes all the time and technology is no different! Here at Mkt4Edu, technology is in our DNA, we work with many different softwares to make the whole process of automation and artificial intelligence work more efficiently and achieve more results.

Here, new softwares are tested all the time. Modern tools and new functionalities are tested all the time, there were already more than 200 tests so you can have the best result in your institution.

From customer acquisition to retention: Mkt4edu can make the difference in your marketing operation.


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Improve your customers’ retention


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