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Digital content: future trends in social communication

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 10, 2023


Have you ever stopped to think about how you consume content? More than 15 years ago, our main source was email and Orkut. Today, with new technologies, we are in a different scenario, with platforms specialized in videos and even a new digital universe with avatars.

When it comes to digital marketing, keeping up with these new content trends can be essential to your strategy. After all, it is possible to take advantage of these technological innovations in your favor!

By inserting your brand into current trends, you are updated on the new market and speak the language of your target audience within the platforms they use. In addition, by keeping up with these trends, your company can create more assertive strategies with these tools. Now can you understand the importance of social communication?

The big brands have certainly understood this, as shown by the research carried out by The CMO Survey, which points out that investment in digital marketing has grown by around 14.7% within companies this year alone.

And since we're talking about trends, I bet that, by now, you must be wondering what's new for this year. But calm down, because we will get there! Next, we'll bring you the top five news aimed at social communication in 2022.

1. Voice Experience


Have you noticed how voice technology has changed consumer behavior? Whether It's turning on the television, or giving a Google voice command to search for a new product, voice technology has been increasingly used by users and is a big trend for the coming years. 

Promoting greater practicality, speed and convenience, the voice experience is directly linked to the user's purchase journey, from the search in the search engine to the moment of their decision to complete the purchase. 

With the growth of the voice experience and investment in artificial intelligence, virtual assistants have emerged! If, in 2014, with the emergence of Alexia, the virtual assistant controlled by voice command, it still seemed like something distant, today, the tool is here to stay and shows that it is the focus of the public that seeks more practicality. 

Assistants streamline the process and respond to customer commands. In a more humanized and personalized way, in minutes, you can find out about your object of interest or perform an action. 

With machine learning tools (Machine Learning) and the emergence of assistants, this is a huge trend that is not limited to this year and promises to gain even more followers in the future. The reflection of this, we already see it now! According to a survey, Google Assistant is already on more than 1 billion devices. 

2. Rise of video marketing


It's no secret that the production of content in video format has been gaining prominence in recent years, you may have already noticed this within your social networks. Surely, before getting here, you must have watched at least one video. The real big news is the connection between audiovisual content and digital marketing!

Videos on marketing are great proof that, if used correctly, new communication tools can leverage your brand! With the audiovisual, your company gains space within the communication channels and manages to achieve the long-awaited engagement. 

In addition, the videos are directly linked to the user's purchase decision. And if that's not enough reason for your brand to bet on this tool, we have some data to show that marketing videos are the trend of the future!

According to a survey carried out by Reclame Aqui, about 88% of people discovered new companies from online videos. According to another survey carried out by Google, about 55% of people use videos to choose whether or not to hire such a service.

3. Metaverse is the future 


Before you read about the virtual universe only in futuristic books or saw about it in movies, we want to let you know that the future has arrived! The Metaverse, which integrates the virtual and real worlds, is already being implemented by companies and proves to be a major trend not only for 2022 but for the coming years.

In case you don't know the subject well, let's explain it to you in a simplified way, agreed? In summary, the metaverse is a virtual environment in which you build a normal life, as well as your routine, doing day-to-day activities. It is possible to talk to people, go to concerts, work, study and have a social life, only through virtual dolls.

Do you know The Sims? The metaverse is a much more modern and updated version, built closer to real life, and this new reality has everything to do with marketing! The metaverse promises to change the way the consumer behaves, and those who are anticipating this universe will certainly be able to reach a new audience.

Furthermore, within this new scenario, there may be products and services offered only in the metaverse. Do you know the buying process that the customer goes through until he finds a store or hires a service? He will make the same journey within the metaverse to build his life in this virtual universe.

4. WhatsApp Marketing


At this point, you may have noticed that digital content is essential in your marketing strategy, right? And when it comes to attracting customers, one of the most powerful tools is WhatsApp. 

Currently, the platform is one of the main means of communication and, of course, you must have the application installed on your cell phone. Only through the Playstore, there are already more than five billion downloads made from the platform. 

But what does WhatsApp have to do with your brand? Creating a connection with the customer is the biggest mission of companies, and if you're not "online" within the main communication tool, how are you going to build a strong bond with them?

As the Infobip study shows, around 80% of Brazilians use the tool to communicate with companies, answer your questions about the products, hire a service or even follow up on an order. 

That is, if before WhatsApp was just another means of sending a message to that friend who lived far away, today, the application has become a direct sales and communication channel between the company and the consumer. 

5. New era of Podcasts


And since we're talking about trends, podcasts couldn't be left out of this list! On the rise, the new way of transmitting digital content went viral in the last year and gained a large loyal audience.

To make you aware of the subject, let's make a brief summary, okay? A podcast is an interview, like a radio show, that is made available online. Generally, only the audio of this chat is recorded and the digital content is shared on specialized platforms. 

The length of the content, the theme chosen and the interviewee of the day vary according to the program. There is no rule for this, just have a good agenda and get into action. Now that you have a better understanding of how it works, let's talk about why you should introduce podcasts into your marketing strategies.

The advantages of producing this content are numerous, but among them, the greatest is its wide reach. According to Deezer, the number of podcast listeners grew by 24% in 2021 alone and promises to increase more and more!

As a Globo study shows, Brazil is already the fifth country that consumes this type of content the most in the world. Here, you can see why he needed to be on our list, right? If the whole of Brazil is listening to podcasts, this is definitely a trend worth keeping an eye on!

If your company still doesn't invest in podcast production, it's time to start thinking about it and associate it with your inbound marketing strategies. After all, this is a way of talking to your target audience, consolidating your brand in digital media, promoting your services and attracting customers within new platforms. 

If you're curious about the topic and want to know more about the digital marketing universe, you can't miss our latest post. Click now on the following link and find out how to use inbound marketing and what's new for those who want to produce podcasts. Access now: Trends in podcast production for inbound content.


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