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Curiosities about the CRM cycle and Artificial Intelligence - Mkt4edu

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023


It is no longer a secret that the CRM cycle, when well managed, can bring countless benefits to any business strategy. Each step of this cycle is a fundamental part of every company's objective: to improve the customer service

Bringing to light the usefulness of CRM as a marketing and customer relationship management tool, what is the relationship between it and the use of artificial intelligence in this process? How do these two linked technologies help us to obtain better results and offer more assertive solutions to our customers?

That's exactly what we're going to discuss in this post! 

What will you see in this post?

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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is nothing more than a software developed with the objective of facilitating the management of customer relationships. 

The idea is that your entire customer contact structure is within a CRM tool: contact list, interactions via email, WhatsApp messages, calls… .

The purpose of this tool is for all teams in your company to be on the same page when we talk about the consumer journey, since all these interactions can be accessed by any area of ​​your team. In this regard, it is possible to follow up on previous contacts before making a new call, for example. 

When we talk about the CRM cycle, as the expression suggests, it refers to a cyclical movement, that is, a constant looping between all the stages of managing your relationship (company) with your customer (or potential customer). The image below exemplifies this well:

CRM cycle


What can a CRM do in your company? 

  • Personalization and automation of emails and messages;
  • Integrate in a practical and simplified way different areas of your company (sales and marketing team, for example);
  • Storage of high amounts of data;
  • Creation of automatic activities for each area according to the stage of the consumer journey; 
  • Predictive data analysis; 
  • Development of automatic reports;
  • Management of team activities, etc.

We could write a few pages about the various advantages of having a CRM in your company, a living example of this is the fact that we invest so much time studying and exploring Hubspot (CRM we use here), that we not only base our entire structure on it, but also we managed to bring excellent results to our clients through it, which for the second consecutive year gave us the title of Latin America Partner of the Year

But that's not what we're going to talk about now. Today, we're going to understand a little more about the relationship between CRM and Artificial Intelligence. 

The fact is that these two tools together help you better understand the consumer journey and, consequently, deliver better solutions to your customer. 


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Cutting to the chase, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that simulates human behavior without needing a human. 

Through the use of algorithms, machine learning, Big Data and deep learning, systems identify patterns of behavior and present responses and solutions similar to human behavior. 

The great advantage of using AI in everyday life is the very high analytical capacity that this science offers. This analytical capacity, when coupled with CRM, offers optimized and agile results. 

Speaking of AI and CRM, here are some curiosities and advantages of this successful relationship. 

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1.Time optimization


We know that with all the processes that exist within an organization, it has become increasingly difficult to perform some activities quickly and objectively. In this regard, CRM can help you (and a lot). 

Using the automation services that CRM can offer, workflow for demands such as recording contact and sales activities, managing pipelines (such as the sales funnel), creating reports, and sending emails and messages can be done in an automated way, freeing up your team's time with repetitive activities. 

This time saving for your team can be directed towards more complex tasks where you really need a human. 


2.Error reduction


The use of intelligent data resulting from the use of Artificial Intelligence drastically reduces the errors and deviations made by the absence of material or even by human error, because the data are automatically recorded, and from this record, the extraction of reports becomes faster and more complete. 

Imagine all the times you've made/tried to make a report that needed to unite information from different areas (such as commercial, marketing and call center). How much time was needed? How many times a single number or comma out of place, changed all formulas and consequently exposed results?

Well, with the union between CRM and AI, manual data recording is in the past and, consequently, errors too!


3.Increase in productivity


As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of artificial intelligence is to use machine learning to learn from the workflow already carried out by service professionals and then optimize itself automatically. The more your team uses the chosen tool, the more optimized it will be for your company's and your customers' solutions. 

Another point is that this optimization is customized for each user (it would be quite difficult to do it manually), so the solutions are different for each person. 

Still in the area of ​​productivity, one of the most used tools within AI is the chatbot, often used in customer service. These tools are designed to work 24/7, 365 days a year - without getting tired. It can help both to unburden your service team and to offer faster and more personalized service to your customer. 

This behavior increases the productivity of both your team, which will leave the massive and repetitive jobs with robots, and for your result, since the agility of robots is infinitely greater than that of human beings. 


4.More efficient support = higher loyalty rate


The consumer is increasingly demanding and has no time to wait for an answer, the world is working from "now to now", when contacting the call center, he has no more time and no patience to wait for an appointment for 30 minutes. 

As we said before, the use of AI integrated with CRM can help you with this! The use of chatbots makes service faster, more efficient and more accurate. 

Another advantage of using this service is the elimination of queues for service, after all, the chatbot can simultaneously handle numerous requests while an attendant serves one customer at a time. 

Service without waiting time, with quick response and problem solved? It is the revenue from the increase in the customer satisfaction index. 


How to have this optimization of results in your company?

We can help you with that! Our expertise here at Mkt4Edu is to promote strategies to optimize your acquisition and retention process at a lower investment cost. There are already more than 3,000 campaigns during our activity period!

We use technologies that allow us to collect, analyze and monitor data, such as Hubspot, to promote the success of your marketing actions and monitor your company's performance in online and offline channels. In this way, we can work in a predictive way in data analysis and, consequently, offer customized solutions for each situation. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence provides the flexibility we need to work according to the needs of each business. If you want to know more about our solutions, visit our website! There you will find more information about our solutions and you can contact our team and discover the best solution to help you leverage your business.


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