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CRO in Marketing: 4 benefits to apply in your business

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 10, 2023

CRO in Marketing

Behind every marketing action, there is a common goal: getting better results. And, regardless of the KPIs to measure the success of these practices, the seek of innovation and improvement must be constant to lose not the growth opportunities.

Strategies such as SEO and Data Science are examples of how it’s possible to have constant improvement through proper tools and the analysis of relevant information that can lead the marketing professional to make right decisions when they are in a dead end in a certain scene.

However, when talking about channeling the lead or visitor’s attention and guide them to a certain action within the website, your should focus on strategies such as CRO Marketing or Conversion Rate Optimization.

This practice, summarizing, aims to increase the percentage of visitors which execute a desired action inside your purchase, schedule, downloads or even form pages.

To do so, analysis softwares are used to help the professional understanding better the actions of the visitor within the website, in a way that through this understanding, it’s possible to deliver to them a better user experience, through improvement on the page design, load time or any other factor that can be an obstacle to make the visitor convert.

Do you want to learn more about this strategy and how it can help you to improve your ROI and give you other benefits? Keep reading to find out!

What is the conversion rate?

Before we talk about the concepts of CRO, it’s important for you to understand, in the first place, what conversion rate means. After all, how you will understand the optimization process if you don’t know what it is about, right?

The conversion rate in marketing is, basically, the number of visitors that complete desirable actions within your pages, and the CRO is the set of strategies that aims to optimize and increase this number. 

How to calculate the conversion rate?

To calculate your conversion rate you need to identify the total number of conversions made within a page, divided by the total number of visitors of that page times 100. The number will be your conversion rate. 

For example: you have 3 thousand sessions (visits) on your homepage. Within that page, there’s a button on the top of your website menu that invites the visitor to keep in touch. And this button has 150 clicks. Calculating this way, you have a 5% conversion rate (150 divided by 3000 times 100).

Knowing that, we can go to the next step that is the implementation of strategies that can optimize this rate.

To go further on the concepts of CRO, we recommend the reading of this post we made to answer your questions. Now let’s talk about the benefits of putting the CRO in practice, ok?

The benefits of using CRO in marketing

From now on, you might be thinking that a “CRO in marketing” proper strategy for your company can help you to get better results. But for a better understanding, we’re going to tell you the main benefits of this practice. Check it out!

1. Improve the user experience

The CRO practices allow you to better understand the map of the customer’s journey and, while guaranteeing that the visitor has an easier path that leads to conversion within your pages, you are sure that they are comfortable accessing and navigating in it. And this, as a consequence, can bring a greater number of customers capture and - even - retention.

Reat too:

2. Improve the ROI

Having a better view of the visitors’ action in your website, it’s possible to direct the efforts and investments to the right places, that really demands your attention, instead of spending with solutions that won’t bring effective results, also increasing your average ticket and as a consequence your ROI. 

3. Increase your website traffic

The CRO, when it’s well set up, helps another optimization strategy: SEO. So, when using the optimization practices of your conversion rate you also make clear that you search engine of your pages promotes accessibility and convenience to the visitor.

4. Make your business more scalable

Knowing that your search engines result pages are full of organic content, it’s possible to understand the competition of getting the visitor’s attention is great. So, to guarantee that visitors have a good experience and keep themselves inside your page is a key factor to ensure that every valuable visitor converts and, then, you can improve the scalability of your business.

CRO and experience

Now that you understand what the conversion rate is, how to calculate it and the benefits of optimizing it for your marketing strategies. So, to ensure that this job is well-done, it’s important to count on senior professionals that can execute the CRO strategic practices and promote analysis to get insights that can help your team to benefit from this.

If you have someone on your team that can work with CRO - or if you are this person - that’s great! We hope this content has been worth-reading for you. But you feel the necessity of counting on this strategy and deal with the lack of support, a good solution is to count on the Mkt4Edu services.

Mkt4edu as a solution

Mkt4edu is a company whose purpose is to be in educational marketing. However, today, we also have customers outside this area, which felt the need of having our services.

Our expertise is to promote students' (customers, in general) capture and retention strategies with the lowest cost of investment, through marketing tools and Artificial Intelligence. And numbers don’t lie: we have more than 3 thousand campaigns during our activity period.

Within our services, we have a CRO specialized team that can help your team to identify obstacles and growth opportunities in your website’s pages.

Do you want to understand how we can help you even more? What do you think about scheduling a meeting with us? To do so, click on the button below!


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The world changes all the time and technology is no different! Here at Mkt4Edu, technology is in our DNA, we work with many different softwares to make the whole process of automation and artificial intelligence work more efficiently and achieve more results.

Here, new softwares are tested all the time. Modern tools and new functionalities are tested all the time, there were already more than 200 tests so you can have the best result in your institution.

From customer acquisition to retention: Mkt4edu can make the difference in your marketing operation.


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