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CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization: what it is and how it works

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 9, 2023

Conversion Rate Optimization

Probably you’ve already heard about conversion rate, something primary when talking about Digital Marketing. But maybe you don’t know Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) yet, don’t worry, we are here to explain it!We wrote this article for you to understand the CRO concept and its benefits for your business. Spoiler alert: for those who are seeking for a Digital Marketing strategy directed to conversion rate, CRO is the best tool!

Let 's read!

What’s CRO?

It’s the abbreviation form of  “Conversion Rate Optimization”.

That’s all about a set of techniques that can be applied on your website or landing page with the intention of changing a user to lead or customer. When a visitor executes an expected action in the page - a download or a purchase, for example - you can say there was a conversion.

And there is nothing better than an optimized page to convert more and more. What that means is: the UX in their buyer’s journey will be led by Digital Marketing actions that aim the final goal - the purchase.

For that reason CRO exists. After all, this strategy allows the increase of the leads-to-customers conversion rate.

What’s the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization?

Imagine that your EI has a website that contains information which can help your potential student before their enrollment. The first step to think about is how attractive this page is visually, right?

Even so, the layout is not the only responsible for leads’ capture or buyer’s journey mapping. It’s essential to consider what interaction your website provides to the visitor, or how this experience is.

Does your website take visitors to the purchase? What are the results, for real?

The truth is you can’t draw conclusions about your page’s customers based on guesses. This is one of the reason Conversion Rate Optimization is so important. After all, Digital Marketing strategies are founded in real data

You know what’s best? If the optimization is capable of increasing your purchases, hence it will also improve your Return on Investment (ROI). That means you won’t lose the website traffic invested costs.

Moreover, CRO can increase your average ticket. Think like this: it’s easier selling to an already-customer than to someone new. Therefore, it’s possible to offer some repurchase option when one becomes a former student, as a post-graduation or a new bachelor.

How the CRO work?

We already talked about what Conversion Rate Optimization is and how important it is, now you’ll understand how this Digital Marketing action works. 

CRO strategy has a few steps aiming to identify data and information that can be useful to make necessary improvements. After the data reading, the next step is to apply for tests on the website.

Understand the practical application.

Search Information

As we mentioned before, a good strategy can’t be based on assumptions or shallow observations. 

Data gathering may be the longest stage of the process, once it’s the foundation for the other steps. There are some metrics’ analysis suites where you can watch the customer’s behavior information.

Google Analytics

You probably know Google Analytics, right? But can you understand its importance to Conversion Rate Optimization?

The suite provides metrics concerning behavior, profile, acquisition and conversion of your pages’ visitors. You can have access of all these data in real time or personalized time and it’s possible to apply filters to segment what is important to your analysis.

Lucky Orange

Why doesn't your website convert? The answer to that question can be simple and Lucky Orange has this answer for you.

Through resources - as real time digital dashboard, heat dynamic display, interactive chat, feedback surveys, conversion funnels, visitors live recorder, forms’ analysis and daily insights by e-mail - it’s possible to find out why 99% of your visitors don’t become customers.


Finally, Hotjar is for those who are not experts in metric analysis. It offers valuable information about your website’s performance concerning user experience, but visually. With Hotjar, you can find out, for example, what’s the rejection rate of your website, which contents are ignored and how users move on your pages. Interesting, right?

Besides, it has resources to complete the data you can gain on Google Analytics, which allows a better review.

Data Interpretation

With necessary information gathered, it’s better to interpret before the next step towards conversion optimization.

Remember to verify the visitor’s behavior pattern and possible causes. Note the numbers, but remember that they are your potential clients (or students).

Create tests and apply

This Conversion Rate Optimization stage in essencial. Do you want to increase your conversion rate and your purchase process?

We are talking about A/B tests that create different versions of your Landing Page to know which one of them the public responds better to.

Take care: both versions have to be tested simultaneously, so they won’t be influenced by external circumstances. 

These are the fundamental principles of CRO. But how is the practical application? Let’s explain in three steps. 

3 practical actions of Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s put our hands on. Next, you will see some methods that can be used to increase your conversion rate.

1. Qualify the leads

What does it mean? Well, lead qualification consists, basically, in selecting those who present better chances of sealing the deal.

The goal is to direct the lead service to those who has greater buying decision potential, avoiding an overload to the sales team.

2. Invest in Chatbots

Talking about services, working with Artificial Intelligence can be a great deal. Chatbots are programmed to help customers, solving their doubts and other demands.

That way, users won’t find it hard to be attended on your page, what’s a positive thing in their UX and it increases the conversion rate.

3. Use Remarketing

Be aware visitors can still remember you even after leaving your website with no executed action that was expected. That’s how remarketing works: even if the person is on another page or in a social media page, they will be reminded of your offer.

These are some of the practices that can be applied on a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy to improve your Inbound Marketing strategy.

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