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The importance of CRM and marketing automation for all stages of the funnel

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 11, 2023

CRM is a strategy and software for efficient customer relationship management. In turn, the stages of the sales funnel serve to guide the consumer in their purchase journey. In this way, the application of these two concepts in your company's business strategy will provide a greater number of sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, understand the connection between the CRM tool and each of the stages of the sales funnel and learn how these two strategies together can determine the success of your business. 

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CRM and the top of the sales funnel

The top of the sales funnel is the moment in the consumer's journey when he is discovering and understanding his problem. For example: a person who is unable to ascend professionally must be wondering why. Soon, she will carry out research to discover and understand what is the problem that prevents her from reaching higher positions and salaries.

Therefore, when this person starts his journey, he may come across content from a higher education institution that explains that the lack of an undergraduate degree is a barrier to professional advancement.

In this way, the top of the funnel is the moment of attraction. That is, at this stage, the company must focus its energies on attracting potential customers. For this, it is necessary that the responsible team knows the profile of those who are interested in the product or service offered and, therefore, attract the right people.

As CRM is a platform that retains all information about prospects, leads and customers, it is possible to analyze the data generated by the software and understand the profile and behavior of customers of a given company. In other words, when analyzing the information obtained from the CRM tool, the institution understands who its persona is and what type of content it is looking for, being able, then, to get the right way to attract leads.

The CRM and the middle of the sales funnel

In the buying journey, the middle of the funnel represents the moment when the lead is looking for solutions. Therefore, still using the example of the person who seeks to grow professionally, it is in the middle of the funnel that he understands that the lack of a Higher Education diploma is a problem and he will try to solve it. Therefore, the lead is looking for guidance to decide which is the ideal Higher Education course, which is the best teaching modality, how to reconcile studies and work, how to prepare for the entrance exam, etc.

Therefore, in the middle of the sales funnel, the CRM is essential to identify the triggers that indicate the change of the potential customer to a new stage of the funnel. After all, with the information generated by the software, it is possible to follow the interests of the leads and identify when it changes from one stage to another.

This is critical, as it ensures smart and optimized lead nurturing. That is, the CRM prevents a lead that is still at the top of the funnel from being treated as a middle of the funnel, as well as preventing the lead from being treated as a middle of the funnel, even when it has already advanced to the next stage of the consumer journey.

If there is no recognition of the change in stages, communication with the potential client may fail. That way, if the sales and marketing teams make a mistake in the content delivered to the lead, he may question whether the company really understands his pain and has the right solution to offer him.

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The CRM and the bottom of the sales funnel

We've reached the bottom of the sales funnel! At this stage, the consumer has already identified the problem, found the solution and will then make the purchase decision. Therefore, it is time to show him that your company is the right choice.

At that point, the sales team must contact the lead armed with information provided by the CRM. Soon, thanks to the CRM tool, the seller's approach will be much more efficient than if he was shooting in the dark. After all, with the data obtained by the software, the salesperson knows what the potential customer's problem is, understands the solution he is looking for and, therefore, knows exactly how to talk to him and what products or services to offer.

The importance of CRM and marketing automation for all stages of the funnel

In addition to the importance of CRM for each stage of the sales funnel, the software also has relevant functionalities for all stages of the consumer's buying journey, in addition to optimizing marketing strategies through marketing automation.

Therefore, with the CRM tool, it is possible to correctly segment leads and propose actions to optimize conversion within the sales funnel. Therefore, to increase the conversion rate, 4revops works with contacts individually, at each stage, until the goal of driving the lead to the next stage of the funnel is achieved.

The CRM also makes it possible to bring together, on a single platform, functions such as: automation in the lead capture process (top of the funnel), creation of campaigns and sales actions with the existing base (middle and bottom of the funnel), automation of the funnel (all stages), among others.

Therefore, the CRM contributes to the conversion in the stages of the sales funnel, because: it

  • allows closing deals faster;
  • tracks lead actions;
  • qualifies the leads;
  • optimizes the time and work of the sales team.

That is, the sales funnel and the CRM dialogue with each other are essential for a greater number of sales and customer loyalty. Therefore, these two strategies can increase the company's profit and ensure the success of the business.

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