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Conversation Design for the educational market

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 21, 2024

Conversation Design for the educational market

There is great concern within the educational marketing of becoming irrelevant or outdated.

Therefore, in order not to be just one of many, it is essential to keep up to date with the main technologies. It is marketing trends in Education.

Education works with knowledge, so companies in the sector need to keep up with the main advances that are happening, especially in the digital sector, in order to remain competitive in their area of ​​activity.

With so many colleges and higher education institutions on the market, to differentiate yourself, it is necessary to use innovative and modern strategies to increase student recruitment.

And to follow this new trend of focus on technology, companies need to invest in the new career of conversation designer.

Key takeaways from this post:

What does a conversation design do?

How to use chatbot strategically for your business?

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What does a conversation design do?

It is common for you to access a website page and dialog box or chat, known in English as a chatbot.

Dialog boxes make it easy to communicate between the company and users of the website or online platform.

No chatbot, your users will start a conversation to ask for more information or clarify doubts, for example.

It is easy to see that there is an intelligence behind the service, which is normally carried out by robots programmed through the phenomenon of artificial intelligence (AI).

The development of a dialog box intelligent and effective is of fundamental importance for achieving the institutions' goals.

Therefore, companies should invest in hiring a professional with experience in creating dialogues To the chats, a profession known as conversation designer.  

Some of the skills that professionals in this career need to have are: empathy, being helpful and encouraging.

Users look for good service, and the above skills will make the user's chat experience better or worse engagement with the brand.

The designer will need to pay attention to the way the dialogue will be written, taking into account different variables, such as incorrect spelling, lack of knowledge on the subject, doubts in formulating the question, among others.

Since conversation is natural for people, it is difficult to imagine that there is a methodology behind all this, which unites technology, psychology and language.

The designer will need to understand how the technology, which will be used in the dialog box, works. And you should be responsible for transforming this technology into a resource for the company, as this choice is fundamental for results to be achieved.

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand whether the technology can be integrated with other digital platforms.


Another essential aspect for the development of chatbot It will be the language, which is a key part of the success of the digital tool.

And if you are thinking that any employee will be able to write dialogue for a chatbot, you are wrong.

The professional will need to know text production techniques with a focus on marketing and sales. Furthermore, it is necessary to prepare the conversation based on oral communication, that is, on how people really speak and think.

Furthermore, psychology, which is another pillar of this technique, must be present, as people do not like talking to robots.

Therefore, the designer must think about how a dialogue between humans actually happens, in order to ensure that users have natural and similar conversations to those that they would have with other people.

In reality, people like to have someone who cares about their problems, who seeks to solve them and who is really listening, a role that will be played by the work of the conversation designer.


How to use chatbot strategically for your business?

When creating a dialog box for an educational institution's website or social network, the designer will need to understand what its purpose will be and which people and departments will be involved in the conversations.

As the designer's main objective is to make chat technology meet the real needs of users by building relevant dialogues for people, he must already know the people from the company.

With this information about the company's objectives with the creation of chatbot, It is Together with the fictional profiles of your customers (the personas), the conversation designer will be able to create dialogues that will allow a good connection between the artificial brain and the human brain.

When all these aspects are incorporated into the dialog box creation project, the chances of increasing your users' engagement with your brand are great. And if that happens, they can become spokespersons for it.

Thus, users will have their demands met, and even predicted via chat, as the developer will use psychology to predict how users may be feeling.feeling during the conversation.

Therefore, it became clear that the chat dialogue could happen with a potential customer, that is, the tool will promote attracting new students.

And as the conversation can also be had with a current client, the chatbot can help you with student retention.

Therefore, colleges need to invest in professionals who work as conversation designers, in order to improve their marketing strategy with efficient dialogues in chats.

To become relevant in the area of ​​Education, customer relationships become essential. Therefore, all communication channels with the same must be prioritized in the educational institution's marketing strategies.

If you are interested in knowing more about how the chatbot and the role of the conversation designer, 4RevOps has professionals qualified by the Conversation Academy in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, who are already working as trainers in the educational market.

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