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Artificial intelligence in student retention service?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

May 19, 2022

Artificial Intelligence

For every manager of educational institutions or even marketing professionals, one of the biggest challenges (and headache) is to be able to reduce or eliminate school dropout numbers. However, student retention can be facilitated with some specific actions.

To achieve significant numbers and keep students satisfied with the institution, the first step is not to focus on strategies that no longer work! If you are here, you understand the importance of innovating and always staying active with effective actions to reach a satisfactory result!

In this post, you will understand more about how Artificial Intelligence can significantly favor student retention, in addition to knowing the benefits of combining these strategies. Read on and discover another innovation to implement in your management!

What you will see in this post:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • AI features;
  • Why invest in retention?
  • Main reasons for evasion;
  • Adding AI to Student Retention?
  • Benefits of investing in retention;
  • Don't give up this innovation for your management!

Why is it so important to look at retention?

First: if you're asking yourself this question, don't worry, we'll explain everything to you!

For many institutions, increasing the retention rate is one of the most difficult tasks. According to experts on the subject, it is necessary to focus the energies mainly on customer satisfaction and retention, however, the reality is still the greater presence of employees to attract and increase the number of enrolled students.

The most common is to find Educational Institutions that put their efforts in coquering new students, but it is common that at the end of the course, less than half remain for the achievement of the diploma.

In the long term, this becomes a problem for HEIs. Therefore, when we talk about retention, it is impossible to leave aside the relationship with the customer and its maintenance. So, learn a little more about the reasons that lead to dropout and then understand the role of Artificial Intelligence to improve results!

Main reasons for evasion

The list of justifications for this evasion can be long, but we have separated the 3 reasons that most attract attention and the strategies that would best solve this problem. These responses are frequent in several institutions across the country and in a macro scenario, reaching developed countries. With different contexts and situations, the retention problem is capable of taking the rest of managers around the world.

1º - Financial issues

With moments of uncertainty in the economic scenario, it is common for the educational sector to be directly affected. As a reflection of this, it is not only in private institutions that we manage to have this negative impact, but it is also possible to notice the impact in public universities.

However, it is a myth to believe that this problem alone is the reason for the increase in evasion, because there are solutions that can be applied. Therefore, the immediate answer may even be the financial question, but it is necessary to better understand what is rooted in and impacts this important decision. Here comes the fundamental role of understanding pain and knowing how to solve what is brought by the student.

2º - Internal organization of the HEI

An educational institution is like a home. If the visitor is well received and finds a quiet and pleasant place there, the chances of wanting to return to this place are high.

In the same way it is in an HEI. It is necessary to be aware not only of the student's motives, but also of internal issues that may be alienating the student and hindering the relationship between both parties.

Thus, it is important to always seek to optimize internal processes, improve methodologies and prepare the teaching team so that leaving is always seen as a decision to be avoided.

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3º - Inflexible classes

According to the iDados consultancy, based on the figures obtained from the National Household Sample Survey, of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, the number of students who work double shifts between study and work reaches an expressive value of 2.6 million. In the private network, more than 58% of students experience this reality in Brazil.

Therefore, conventional and inflexible teaching no longer meets the demand of students who cannot dedicate themselves exclusively to university life. With the rise of distance learning, part of this problem can be solved.

But, in addition, it is necessary to demonstrate a more empathic relationship, listening to students and seeking to cure this pain with strategies based on data collected with smart chatbot services or similar.

How to add AI to student retention?

For the above problems and many others that can arise and harm the retention of your students, Artificial Intelligence tools such as machine learning can be valuable to always be one step ahead of adversity.

Now, check out 4 excellent reasons to not waste any more time and start investing in this type of technology!

Audience segmentation

As important as knowing what to talk about is understanding who to talk to. A basic premise of relationship management, audience segmentation is a way to adjust your communication rules, understanding where dialogue should be reinforced.

This segmentation can be performed according to data collection in chatbots, analysis of reports and surveys or even internal data checking. In this way, the team can send the right message to the ideal audience, such as when offering student loan services to those who are in default.


The best way to maintain a good retention rate is to anticipate dropout demands. With AI, it is possible to increasingly qualify the service so that the student doesn't even get to submit his request for withdrawal.

The technology used enables a broader and more assertive view of the student's behavior until reaching this decision, so that the HEI can always be anticipating decisions and maintaining its enrollments.

Strengthening the relationship between student and institution

One of the pillars for a solid relationship is communication. If the student feels helpless or believes he is not being heard, he becomes an increasingly dissatisfied customer. But how can AI solve this? Simple, with the appropriate technology it is possible to create more effective communication paths, capable of paying attention to the pain and questions raised.

Instead of demanding the manual work of the call center, chatbots on the website or even messaging apps like whatsapp can be a simple way to become a faster relationship center, attributing reliability and efficiency to service.

Cost reduction

The work that used to be manual, with Artificial Intelligence becomes something automated. Therefore, all services are concentrated in a system that is able to learn and improve with the information it captures. What was once the responsibility of different teams, can now be done with technology, enabling the relocation of these people to other services where they can be put to good use.

In addition, other optimizations can be made so that the services provided become increasingly complex and complete.

Don't give up this innovation for your management!

The reasons that make Artificial Intelligence so positive for retention are undeniably excellent. Its implementation can be a game changer for the institution that seeks to reduce its dropout rate and improve its evaluation by clients.

Technology is already a reality and its adhesion to different systems is a gradual and inevitable process. Its benefits make this process increasingly indispensable for schools and higher education institutions that want to improve results as a whole, optimize processes and ensure even more quality for their students and employees.

Did you see how being connected to innovations is essential for every business? With that in mind, take the opportunity to read the post “5 reasons to invest in AI chatbot in your capture and retention”. Login now!

5 reasons to invest in AI chatbot in your capture and retention

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