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Artificial Intelligence in education: future becomes reality

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in education

The concept of Artificial Intelligence emerged some decades ago and, for a long time it was associated with an extremely far away future, almost utopic. However, in 2021 AI is not a theory anymore. Today we can carry it in our hands and it has a great impact on our business.This study field brings the idea of machines solving problems that when operated by humans there’s a need for cognitive intelligence.

Thanks to specific programming and identified patterns on a database, robots can make self-governed decisions, which can bring greater efficiency to companies.

Because of better results, more and more companies from different areas are integrating Artificial Intelligence in their services. And there is an increasing trend coming. According to the Salesforce State of Service annual report, AI use is expected to increase at 143% by service companies in 18 months.

Machine Learning: how do machines learn?

As the concept of AI got stronger, practical applications emerged. One of them is machine learning, an analysis method based on algorithms. Systems are trained by a great database and then it builds analytics models.

These models served as patterns to analyze new data, learn with them and make decisions without any or very little human intervention. Information flows through systems by neural networks that were developed to copy the neuronome structure of a human brain.

Machine Learning helps to deal with the great amount of data generated nowadays. Suites find connection with all the collected elements and, from them they draw profiles, identify tates and even anticipate decisions. 

Recommendation systems as in Netflix, Spotify or Google works with the machine learning tool. Based on clicks and previous searches, these suites can offer incredible and precise results that bring us the sensation of “oh, that’s exactly what I was looking for”.

In digital marketing, machine learning allows investment with better rate of return because of a more precise identification of potential customers. This technique even allows a more personalized approach, efficient data collection and analysis and automation of certain processes.

Does it work if we decide to head these technologies to EI’s marketing to get better results? Let 's find out!

Artificial Intelligence in Educational Marketing

AI is seen in a lot of businesses and it’s applied with the intention of increasing productivity and providing companies growth. With EI’s it couldn’t be different. The use of this technology in educational marketing has brought consistent results.

Check below some of the possibilities AI brought to EIs regarding marketing and how this technology is applied.

Scenes anticipation

One of the main benefits of using AI is the possibility of doing predictive analysis. When we analyze past data to see incidents, the system can anticipate scenarios for the same circumstances. With this information, it’s possible to draw an efficient educational marketing strategy.

We can take as an example an EI that needs to increase its student capture with AI. Using a machine learning suite, it’s possible to generate a database with information of already-enrolled students. 

The machine then analyzes, by the settled behavior patterns, the action taken by the students before enrolling. With this kind of detailed customer buyer’s journey, content planning focused on this decision becomes even more precise.

The same happens when the goal is retention. In this case, the suite is capable of realizing which student group has an evasion risk. This predictive analysis is used for specific campaigns targeted to these students.

What that means is: thanks to this scenario anticipation, the EI can shape strategies to expand better result possibilities. As it’s said: better safe, then sorry. 

According to a Gartner research, by 2023, 33% of the greatest companies in the world would be making smart decisions based on this kind of analysis. This demonstrates a growing tendency and with great economic impact.

Winning and Getting to know the ideal audience

Let’s think about it: do you really know your audience well? Are you capable of pointing out what kind of subject they like or what campaign has a better impact on them? If your answer is “no”, you might learn that Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows you to reach this goal.

Predictive Analysis is a little bit of that. After all, it’s important to know the leads with better chances of conversion and also the students who are thinking about giving up their course. Technologies such as machine learning are quite efficient for that once they can identify what we call behavior patterns.

It’s these kinds of tools that are behind the Inbound Marketing structure. The EI can associate its brand with a full educational experience instead of “running after potential customers”, we delight them, offer them great information and become an authority with expertise.

When customers want to learn more about the company’s expertise, more information this company will deliver about itself. It can be downloading an ebook, or subscribing to a newsletter after reading an article. Every step is important to define who the audience is and what they want.

Marketing Automation as an ally

Using AI tools is an efficiency investment. Automation allows some tasks that were made manually in the past to be led by machines faster and more precisely, increasing productivity.

As an example we have the chatbots, which despite the benefits are still not used in more than half of the EI’s in the country. These robots are programmed to operate 24 hours per day, an efficient virtual assistant that can positively impact the customer’s experience with quick answers.

Through machine learning, chatbots guarantee a service fluidity, reducing waiting queues, getting payment and doing the enrollment process. If the robot can’t help the user in any moment, they will lead them to an employee that will finish the task where it has stopped.

More than just efficiency in doing what was asked, these virtual assistants have a human-like approach, letting this “robotic mood” that the customer’s don’t link in the past.

Here in Mkt4edu, Artificial Intelligence is not just reality, but it’s also our daily basis. We use technology to bring EI’s closer to their customers.

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