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We are proud to be able to take exclusive care of customers connected to the educational market and to have our share of responsibility for taking more and more people to the knowledge path.

We also have much esteem for numbers and their particularities. 3 years existence might make us look like a young company. However, operating in 3 countries places us as an experienced company and full of potential.

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We provide services to customers of different sizes and types in the educational market, whether they are universities, schools or courses, in their most sorted specifications.

Our expertise is to promote strategies for attracting and retaining students with lower investment costs, and the numbers don’t lie: we’ve done more than 3.000 campaigns during our activity period.

Clientes mkt4edu
Clientes mkt4edu
Clientes mkt4edu
Clientes mkt4edu
Clientes mkt4edu
Clientes mkt4edu


The current strategies dynamics for recruitment and retention demands a great amount of communication in different channels. Trying to control and store that amount of data with spreadsheets and a basic CRM system is an almost impossible task.

Communication workflows, task queues, e-mails, chatbots, SMSs, WhatsApp messages… All of that is very important to the lead nurturing processes inside the buyer’s journey. But when should each of those strategies be used? How to define who must receive those communications? The answer lies in automation!

With automation, we can create and program thousands of actions at the same time in order for them to be executed without the need of human interference, enhancing the production process.

Besides, since all of that is well structured, it becomes possible to deliver a “pre-made” communication to different students whilst keeping a personalized look.

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Artificial Intelligence is no longer part of the future… Now, it is reality!

AI is part of some of our processes, including the creation of autonomous chatbots. Thus, it is possible to make automated conversations that lead to online applications and enrollments, without the need of a call center.

Chatbots can, among several activities, answer current student’s questions, deliver documents or make requests that help retaining processes.

We also use other types of AI to execute specific processes, such as analyzing and predicting applicants who have good chances of getting enrolled, or knowing if a student have chances to evade, through evasion predictive reports.

In addition, we have a multidisciplinary team that has PhDs and statisticians that excels in both business and IT knowledge, which allows us to operate several Artificial Intelligences, such as IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Aito, Chatlayer and Jumper.

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Chatbot AI

Student Recruitment

In order to grow, increase its profits, expand the number of applicants vacancies and conquer the national market, an Educational Institution must attract the attention of interested people and transform this curiosity into effective enrollments. That’s how the student recruitment process works.

However, the current educational market is demanding. Nowadays, it’s necessary to fight for your space and conquer students through complex and refined strategies.

Technological updating is essential, especially in the forthcoming years. As the new generations communicate mainly in the virtual media, the suitability of the Marketing of the Educational Institutions lack of modern automation processes, content production and social media dissemination. Mkt4edu is a specialist in student recruitment for Educational Institutions. Besides tradition and professionalism, we have something more to show our value: results.


Chatbots for Student Recruitment

Inbound Sales

Strategic Educational Marketing Marketing


Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing


Web Design

Data Science for Students Recruitment

AI for Recruitment

Recruitment Strategies Diagnosis

Chatbots for Student Recruitment

Keep your student recruitment at full blast with Chatbots! These little robots can be programmed through an Artificial Intelligence software and are perfect to meet the demand for answers from non-student’s questions and to execute 100% online enrollment processes.

Through an analysis of your student’s profile, we define and program the ramification of the contents and lines of conversations that your chatbot should take, from the topics that fit as the biggest doubts of your lead! That way, your robot can perform, with the lead, a more efficient and pragmatic process of enrollment.

Besides, with the help of this automated service, your call center can better focus on serving, in a personalized way, those who show progress along the sales funnel.

Chatbot para captação
Bruno do Val


"The people who lead the agency are experts in the business process of the educational market and the tools and technologies available to increase their results with the least investment."

Bruno do Val Jorge,

Daniel pedrino


"Extremely satisfied with the way the project has been developing and the way the multidisciplinary team of Mkt4edu has integrated with ours. I am convinced that the positive results we have already obtained with this partnership will be repeated over time" 

Daniel Pedrino,
President of the College Descomplica


Student retention

Competitiveness in the educational market is huge, especially with the expansion of e-learning courses. In this sense, more than developing engaging advertising campaigns, it is necessary to invest in quality relationships, generating value for students every day.

For this reason, Mkt4edu uses the most current technologies of predictive analysis to determine what are the reasons that can lead its students to drop out of the course and also the most effective strategies when keeping them in your classrooms.

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We diagnose the weight of each of the factors in the decision making of each student and act proactively in the control of these variables in order to avoid evasion long before

to be considered by the student.

Retention chatbots

Retention Stategies Diagnosis

Inbound Retention

Data Science
for Retention

Automation for Students Retention

Students Retention Follow-up Dashboard

NPS Survey

Retention chatbots

Let the little robots do the hard work! As in the recruitment strategies, Chatbot today is also fundamental when considering student retention.

Within an AI software, preferably IBM Watson, bots are programmed to answer questions that students may have. This is done through a series of analysis related to, for example, the audience of the robot, the buyer personas with whom it will be able to talk, as well as the context and involvement with the student in question.

After numerous conversational tests and rehearsals, your robot gradually acquires a natural and spontaneous conversation state and may be absolutely capable of doing an automated answering job.

Chatbots para retenção
Marcel Cristo


"Mk4Edu was an excellent partner for the implementation of a new CRM in our institution, going beyond the results and the immediate response in the development of the project. Together with the team, we managed to obtain relevant numbers in a short period of time."

Marcel Cristo,
Commercial and Marketing Manager at Unigranrio

Daniel Brito


"I met Mkt4Edu at an event and the presentation of what the company does led me to contact them and to look for similar technologies and business solutions. And I can say that nobody in Brazil does something similar today. I hope, soon, to be able to have them as partners. "

Daniel Brito,


Technologies that we use

Technology is one of our greatest passions, and we have probably tested more than 200 different softwares. This means that we are always looking to use the newest and most current tools for the educational market, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and functionality in our work processes.
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Sruvey Monkey
Data Studio
Google Cloud

From capturing to retaining customers: Mkt4edu can make a difference in your marketing operation.

  • Increase your lead capture;
  • Improve your customer retention;
  • Reduce your fundraising costs.

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