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Your Educational institution really need to be present in social media?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 23, 2023

Do you have questions about the need to create a profile or page for your Educational institution in social media? Although it is quite common for people and companies to use networks to communicate, the question as to the importance of this presence is quite valid.

Reading this post will help you understand why investing in this presence. It will also indicate ways for you to know how to choose the right tools for your Educational institution. Follow!

What you will see in this post:

Want to check it all out? Then read on!

"Every artist has to go where the people are" (or why it's important to be present on social media)

Responding to the question that introduces the post, your educational institution needs to be present in the social media if you don't want to be left behind and, more than that, if you want the chance to connect with students and potential students.

Check below some advantages of being present at the social media:

  • Improves communication with consumers;
  • Allows the Educational institution to reach more people;
  • Optimizes content distribution;
  • Allows greater knowledge of your target audience;
  • It's a cheap way to promote your Educational institution.

Want to better understand these benefits? Then read on!

Improves communication with consumers

A necessary benefit of making your institution present in social media is the improvement in communication with your audience, both people and companies that are already consumers of your brand or those who are getting to know your institution for the first time.

Allows the Educational institution to reach more people

Another advantage is that with the dissemination of your Educational institution by more traditional means (offline), your organization's reach will be limited to its geographic space. In social media, people from all over the world can get to know your faculty.

In this way, if you are thinking of expanding your business to other regions in the future or even want to start offering online courses, you will have social media as a great ally to connect with these more distant users.

Optimizes content distribution

As organizations achieve much greater reach through social media, you can also target content to specific, smaller audiences.

This is great for small businesses that don't plan or can't sell their products or services over the internet, but want to use the platform as a means of increasing their reach within their region, the so-called geomarketing.

Allows you to better understand your target audience

Social media offer tools that allow you to collect data about users who follow your account and interact with your content. In this way, it is possible to better understand your audience, such as location, gender, age, among other information.

It's a cheap way to promote your Educational institution

If we compare it with other means of dissemination, such as newspapers, magazines or television, social media prove to be a cheaper and more efficient alternative to make your institution recognized and even close new business.

With a good marketing strategy, your college will be able to have a good organic reach, which means you'll spend nothing, or very little, and in return you'll have thousands of people viewing your content.

The central idea is to understand that this public is in social media and, most of the time, makes use of these tools frequently. Therefore, it is there that your institution has the best chance of making itself known, establishing contact and creating lasting relationships.

And how is communication outside of social networks?

Are there still other ways to communicate with these potential students and present your institution and your courses? Yes. Marketing offline should also be part of your strategy, just as the digital strategy should not be limited to social media marketing

Ignoring the potential of networks, however, is the problem.

Either way, that doesn't mean that offline marketing is isolated: these days, we have the phygital, a strategy that aims to unite marketing done outside and inside the internet. After all, if we stop to think about our daily lives, the distinction between “real” and “digital” no longer exists.

One of the great advantages of betting on phygital is that it allows the consumer to have his needs met regardless of the social media fingerprints or offline that you are in contact with. In addition, this is a great way to standardize the communication between the company and its public.

An example of phygital is the performance of Amazon GO, in which consumers can make their purchases and make payments in a physical environment without the need to interact with employees: everything is done through technology.

It is important to find out "where the people are" (or why your Educational institution does not need to be present in all social networks)

Facebook (the biggest social networks at the moment), Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. You can find people of interest to your Educational institution in all these networks, but it is interesting to identify where your audience is in a more expressive way. It is worth combining this information with the profile of each network and the institution's objectives.

Discover some of the main social media that your audience can use:

  • Instagram;
  • TikTok;
  • YouTube;
  • LinkedIn.

Next, get to know each one of them better.


O Instagram is currently one of the biggest social media photo sharing sites in the world. However, it diversifies the types of content that can be published on the platform, giving a recent preference to short videos.


This is one of social media that has grown the most in recent times, managing to attract mainly a younger audience. Its content is based on the creation and sharing of short videos.


On YouTube it is also a social network focused on videos, but of a longer duration. It is a platform that can be beneficial for Educational institution that have an audience that likes denser and more technical information.


This is a social network aimed at the corporate world, in which users post in different formats (photos, videos and text), but commonly addressing more technical or corporate issues.

Just creating an account on all social networks is not enough

It's no use simply being present at the social media, it is necessary to use these networks strategically, taking advantage of the best that each one has to offer. In other words, a well-crafted profile or page is better than several inactive profiles or without adequate and well-defined actions.

And that means that, to give back, social media marketing involves investment of time and resources. Believing in this makes it possible to know the potential of using social media On education and asserts the presence of your Educational institution.

That's why just creating an account on social media is not enough: it is necessary to have a communication strategy and content marketing well done to understand the best way to attract and convert your audience that uses certain social media.

 It is important to define, for example, which are the social media that your organization will focus on, how the tone of voice adopted by the company will be, what types of content will be published and how often they will be posted, etc.

Read too:

What does the "artist" gain by going "where the people are" (or what advantages your Educational institution can have by being present on the networks)

As seen, your Educational institution needs to be present ― developing strategies, communicating and sharing relevant content ― in social media because that way it's easier to connect with your audience.

But, speaking specifically of educational institutions, how can they benefit from the use of social media?

  • Relationship with students;
  • Data collect;
  • Student recruitment;
  • Brand Awareness.

Relationship with students

More than creating a connection, social media marketing allows your educational institution to relate to its students and potential students, increasing the chances of winning over and retaining them.

The use of social media On education contributes for the Educational institution to communicate more quickly and closely with its public. In addition, it allows the collection of data for analyzes that facilitate better understanding of the public, providing a basis for the development of more assertive strategies.

Data collect

The presence of your Educational institution in social media can be measured, since it is possible to access information that indicates the performance of each action taken, favoring readjustments to achieve increasingly interesting results.

Student recruitment

If you think that you should only invest in attracting students during the registration and entrance exam season, you will probably be left behind in the competition! Your institution needs to delight students throughout the year, so that their recruitment during this time is facilitated.

Brand Awareness

Doing marketing it's not just creating campaigns and posts focused 100% on attracting students, but also working on your brand's image in front of your audience. We currently have a consumer profile that researches and considers several factors before finalizing a purchase.

On our YouTube channel, we have a video in which we dynamically explain the importance of social media and, above all, to use them with a well-planned strategy.

In short: if you want to have closer communication with your audience, reach more students and increase your intake, your educational institution needs to have a strong presence in social media.

And then? Were you able to understand why your Educational institution really needs to be present in social media? Being in the right channels and applying the most efficient strategies, your brand will have more positioning and more students.

Do you want to know more about the presence of educational institutions in social media? Check out our post about LinkedIn and attracting new students!LinkedIn it's at attracting new students!

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