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Why should you use HubSpot as a CRM? 5 reasons to do!

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 11, 2023

HubSpot as a CRM

HubSpot CRM is considered one of the best Customer Relationship Manager software in the market. The heading is not only because it’s a free suite, but also because it facilitates and optimizes the marketing experts’ work. Its resources allow getting significant results on different fronts.Generally, this kind of suite aims to bring more efficiency to the work dynamics. Saving time, it’s possible to generate and retain more contacts and, yet, offer a qualified service. HubSpot's CRM is more than that and has edges that benefit any company.

In the Educational Marketing field, EIs that use appropriate operational CRM software note significant improvement on the students’ capture and retention processes. Besides that, the return over investment is very compensating. But how and why does it happen? Keep reading this article to find out!

What 's HubSpot?

HubSpot is a suite created to integrate every marketing, sales and customer relationship strategies in the same place. Every product developed by the company has as a standard the inbound marketing, in other words, a system that values fascination, content and experience to clients and potential customers that are beyond a service purchase.

The software was developed to attend to the demands in a time that companies need to adapt to the changings of business relations. It’s not about publishing generic ads or concluding the commitment after the purchase. It’s necessary to direct precisely the resources to attract and guarantee an after-sale adequately, and so on.

That’s why more companies are choosing HubSpot CRM over time, once it has customers in more than 120 countries. The results increase significantly in ROI and website traffic, for example. But there are a lot of other reasons to bet on this suite.

5 reasons to use HubSpot CRM

At this moment, you already know what HubSpot CRM is for. But perhaps you need some reason to be convinced that it’s a software that can make all the difference in the marketing strategies of your company. See how this suite can take your EI to the next level!

A more efficient and personalized contact and business management

How can this kind of management benefit you? First, it represents a significant time saving. HubSpot has a database with 20 million of companies. Only with the email of potential customers is it possible to fill an entire file and make the process more fluid.

With the files automatically filled and with all the necessary information, it’s possible to make personalized contacts within the suite. Through the CRM itself, you can send emails, schedule meetings and calls. Interactions and insights get always recorded in the software, helping organize the approach for the sales team.

The same happens with the business management. The suite enables the creation of simplified sales processes, where it’s possible to edit and add information in a few clicks. On CRM, all the stages of the pipeline stay visible with dates, names and other relevant dates, names and other relevant data for all the different teams involved on the task.

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Efficient integration of marketing, sales and operational teams

Talking about the different company teams, HubSpot CRM allows them to work more integrated. All of the information is gathered on the suite and can be easily accessed using filters. The databases available to the teams are constantly updated and synchronized.

The suite interface is intuitive and simplified, which makes the communication between teams easier, without duplicated information or misunderstandings. It’s possible to share important reports to the teams or even generate personalized ones with different metrics.

This integration eliminates the challenges of losing contacts, once you can transfer leads easily, without creating them manually. The software was also developed aiming to minimize loss of opportunities, easing the monitoring of list creation and shareable tasks.

Through HubSpot CRM it’s possible to be aware of website’s visits, for example. Identifying the pages that awaken more interest and the level of engagement of each potential customer. From this monitoring, the suite allows sending personalized emails and also indicating the contact for the sales teams, if necessary.

Automation of the leads nurturing flow

Have you ever thought about using automation software that can simplify the work, helping the team to direct time and energy to other tasks? There is a significant increase of productivity and a decrease of mistakes during the process if the configuration is done correctly.

The lead nurturing flow is extremely important for the marketing strategy. When receiving the appropriate content in the purchase funnel’s stage the leads are, the relationship with the company grows stronger until the moment that they finally take the purchase decision.

For email marketing, automation is crucial. CRM allows segmenting the contacts in different profiles and also personalizing email models according to the final goal. The same suite also carries the possibility of A/B tests so the delivery can be adjusted in a way that increases open rates and conversions.

Automation also can be used on contact segmentation, landing pages and lead scoring processes leading the potential customer to the next stage and adjusting the approach. The result can’t be different: more purchase opportunities.

Chatbot configuration

The use of chatbots can bring several benefits for Education Institutions. These automated communication softwares, that also can use artificial intelligence, ensure a more efficient customer service, reducing the wait queues and also help on the lead qualification process.

Through these suites, it’s possible to start enrollment processes, solving students’ simple questions and speed up other tasks. All configuration can be done in a few steps with HubSpot CRM. The bot is coded according to the customer's interests and keeps learning after every interaction.

With machine learning and AI, the communication seems more natural and less robotized, eliminating the discomfort some clients and potential customers might have when talking to a machine. Even if the question can’t be solved, the bot is capable of forwarding to an agent that can monitor all the background of interactions through the CRM.

It’s proven that companies that use chatbots have a more adequate return of their customers. However, an expressive part of the EIs still don’t use this technology, which represents a strategic advantage for those who decide to adopt the efficient robots.

Creation of a landing page inside the suite

Do you need to create a landing page as fast as possible keeping it qualified? HubSpot CRM enables this possibility and that’s why it is one of the most complete kinds of CRM. Beside assuring all the operational parts, it also includes strategic tools that speed up the workflow.

The suite also sends insights with SEO suggestions and other improvements to increase the performance of your page. Different contents can be shown according to the relevant information that has been collected, such as location and type of gadget that was used.

Besides all these benefits, it’s important to say that HubSpot CRM works within clouds, which assure quickness and all the benefits of remote access for the team. Check out our post about how this suite works to be aware of its main features!

What is CRM and how can you use it to  boost your student’s capture?

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