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What is the connection between CRM and the purchase funnel stages?

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 18, 2021

purchase funnel stages

CRM is a strategy and a software for efficient customer relationship management. On the other hand, the purchase funnel stages are there to guide users in their buyer’s journey. That way, these concepts application will lead to a higher sales conversion number and to the customer fulfillment.Now you will understand the connection between the CRM tool and each of the purchase funnel stages and learn how these two strategies together can ensure your business’ success. Check it out now!

CRM and the Top of the Funnel (ToFu)

The top of the funnel is the buyer’s journey moment in what the user is awarening and understanding their problem. For example, a person who can’t grow as a professional may be asking why the promotion doesn’t come. So, this person will search to find out and realize what is the problem to reach better positions and higher wages.

Therefore, when a certain person starts the buyer’s journey, they can come across the contents of a University that brings the following idea: the lack of a bachelor's degree is an obstacle to professional growth. 

So, the ToFu is the attraction moment. That is, during this stage, the company should concentrate its efforts in attracting potential customers. To achieve that, the leading team must be aware of what is the interested profile of the product or service that is being offered and then, attract the right people.

The CRM is a tool that holds every information about prospects, leads and customers and that's why it’s possible to analyze the data generated by the software and understand the customers’ profile and behavior of a particular company. That is, once the company analyzes the information from the CRM, it understands what the persona is and what kind of content this persona is searching for, which helps the company to precisely reach the leads attraction. 

CRM and the Middle of the Funnel (MiFu)

In the buyer’s journey, the middle of the funnel is the moment in which the lead is searching for solutions. Thus, going back to the “person looking for professional growth” example, in the MiFu stage this person understands that the lack of a bachelor's degree is a problem and they will try to fix it as soon as possible. That means this lead is looking for guidance to decide which undergraduate degree and which method is the best one for them, how this person can balance studying and working, how they can be prepared for the admission exam, so go on.

So, in the middle of the purchase funnel, the CRM is essential to identify positive triggers which can lead the potential customer to a new funnel stage. After all, with the information gathered by the software it is possible to track the leads’ interests and identify when this lead will change stages.

This is absolutely important because it guarantees a smart and optimized lead nurturing. What that means is the following: the CRM blocks a MiFu communication to someone who’s in the ToFu even when this person has already forwarded to the next buyer’s journey stage.

When there is no acknowledgement of changing stages, communication goes wrong between the company and the potential customer. If the marketing and the sales team make mistakes about the content to be delivered, the lead can argue or question if this company really understands their problem and if it really has the right solution to offer. 

CRM and the Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu)

Finally the bottom of the funnel! In this stage, the user has already identified their problem, found the solution and then they are going to make the purchase decision. That’s why, it’s time to show them that your company is the best choice.

During this moment, the sales team should contact the lead with all the information provided by the CRM. Thanks to this tool, the seller approach will be more efficient. What that means is: with all the data collected by the software, the seller knows the potential customer’s problem, understands the solution they are looking for and, thus, interacts precisely with the user, knowing the products and services to offer.

The CRM and marketing automation value to every funnel stage

Besides the CRM value to every funnel stage, the software has relevant features to each buyer’s journey stage, in addition to optimizing marketing strategy and inbound marketing through marketing automation.

With a CRM it’s possible to target leads correctly and come up with ideias to optimize the conversion within the purchase funnel. That way, focusing on growing the conversion rate, Mkt4edu works with one-by-one interactions in each stage until the goal of leading the user to the next funnel stage is concluded.

The CRM also functions as: automation in the lead acquisition process (ToFu), marketing and sales campaigns to an in stock database (MiFu), purchase funnel automation (every stage), and more, in a single suite.

So, the CRM contribuites to conversion in the purchase funnel, because:

  • it allows to seal a deal faster
  • it tracks leads activities
  • it qualifies leads
  • It optimizes the sales team’s time and work.

After all, the purchase funnel and the CRM connect and are crucial to better sales and customer retention. In addition, these strategies combined can increase the company’s profit and ensure the business success.

Do you want to know more about getting better results? So, learn how to increase your purchase funnel conversion rate!

How to increase the conversion rate  in the sales funnel?

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