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What is data science and how is it applied in marketing?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 10, 2023


Without a doubt, data science, also known as data science, is a fundamental tool to achieve good results in the marketing sector, improving business data levels, generating insights and enabling a perspective for the future. With this, it is noticeable that data science and marketing are correlated and can do a great job together.

In this post, the explanation of what data science is, how it works and how to apply it in digital marketing will be on the agenda. Want to learn more about how they work together to convert leads into customers? 

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What is data science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on collecting data and information related to a business. Through a detailed search for a given subject, it aims to have all the necessary information, perform data analysis and enable the company to work, gain insights and make informed decisions about everything that goes on in the enterprise.

Data science, which can also be called data science, works with some disciplines, such as: mathematics, business knowledge, statistics and computing to assist in business intelligence.

Furthermore, data science is broader than one might imagine, which makes it essential to understand some definitions related to this sector as well:

1. Big data 

This concerns obtaining and analyzing large sets of data, which can help in the analysis of insights and, consequently, in the development of a business.

2. Data analytics

This is related to the use of platforms or specialized software in the search for answers to specific questions based on the dataset of different systems. Data analytics helps discover patterns and gain insights with the help of IT, marketing and the dataset. 


The marketing strategy is essential for a company, and its definition must be well understood, after all, it is responsible for creating, exploring and serving all consumers effectively, also thinking about the company and its entire operation. of it, ensuring that everyone leaves in profit.

With the intense participation of technology in recent times, digital marketing is more than necessary; therefore, ways to improve marketing strategies are always welcome, and data science is an example of this positive partnership with marketing.

How is data science applied in marketing?

It is very common for those who work with marketing to hear about data science. With the digital age, the importance of work in the area has become increasingly important for companies and their marketing strategies. As a result, it is important to understand how digital marketing and data science can work together and thus improve business processes.

In fact, the decision-making process is increasingly dependent on data collection and analysis, analysis of results and information generated by the company through its work.

Given this, it is indisputable that data science is precisely what a company needs to have as an ally, since it is from it that it will be able to understand, deepen and effectively apply theories, analyses, algorithms, parameters observation, among other situations that allow a better perspective. It is through data science that an enterprise is able to obtain all the important data for the analysis of results, which, from this, will be able to project trends, events and behaviors.

What supports data science work?

Data science is based on algorithms, which is a contributor to data science. Faced with managed data, it is possible to understand more about the behavior of information, and it is with this understanding that it will be possible to decipher data behavior and be aware of what they mean and how they can affect the company, whether at the current moment or in the future. After that, it is up to the company, with the help of data science tools, to outline a strategic path.

About the analyzes

It is known that data science tools allow some analyzes from different points of view, which makes it possible to plan a journey in the company and short, medium and long-term ideas. In this context, it is possible to notice the presence of 3 main types of possible analysis:

Predictive causative

Analysis this analysis plans a model that is capable of preventing possible future events in the company.

Prescriptive analysis

In addition to having a future vision, this analysis provides the best solutions given what is observed.


Learning Machine learning, also known as machine learning, is an industry that aims to enable systems to learn from data input. That is, with the accumulation of information, these systems deal better with the activities they are determined to do automatically and without supervision.

The effects of data science on digital marketing

It is perceived that data science effectively contributes to the entire operation and logistics of a company. With this, it is clear that marketing is one of the sectors most affected by data science tools, since, with data capture, analysis and all other information made possible by data intelligence, marketing strategies can be optimized and more assertive.

With this union, marketing planning becomes much safer and enhances positive results.

Here are some advantages of applying data science in digital marketing:

1. Help with marketing planning

Planning marketing is one of the fundamental pieces for a company to function well, and with the help of data science, through its tools and information, it becomes easier to organize and chart a marketing trajectory for the business.

2. Analyzes the consumer

The buying journey Data and result analyzes allow us to understand the behavior of a consumer, their habits and trends, allowing that, with the consumer's journey understood, marketing works better.

3. Proposes strategies to meet the consumer

Since the company is able to understand the consumer's journey, it is also capable of devising strategies so that consumer demand is effectively met.

4. Optimizes marketing

Campaigns More accurate marketing campaigns are fundamental to leverage the company in the market, being able to gain prominence and transmit security to its public. With data science activities, this situation becomes much more possible.

5. Predict market movements

In the digital era, market dynamics are much more unstable, that is, many changes occur. In view of this, data science brings important contributions in this sector, since it is able to predict some trends, thus making the company stand out.

Who are the professionals in this area?

As already mentioned, data science is a multidisciplinary tool. Following this perspective, it is noted that a data scientist needs to have broad knowledge and multiple skills, since data intelligence requires such knowledge as: mathematics, programming language, statistics and fields of technology and IT.

Despite being a very important ally for companies, data science is still a little-discussed subject. However, it is not recommended to give up this tool if you are looking for good results and strategic solutions.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the need to care for customer data when using data science, since the sharing of private information should not be considered.

Finally, by understanding what data science is, how it can be applied and how it can help with marketing, the importance of having its tools for the most accurate marketing strategies is undeniable.

For more information on how data science works in marketing, among other possible questions, check out the blog post on Data Science: 6 insights to understand the concept in practice. Through it, you will understand more about the subject and clear all your doubts.


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