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What are control dashboards and how do they help in decision making

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Sep 15, 2023

The enormous amount of data derived from campaigns and marketing actions creates a challenge for educational institutions: how to analyze this flow and extract the best information from it for decision making? The activity, when done manually or with inaccurate tools, is almost impossible and certainly not profitable.

Control dashboards are tools that help your company understand metrics and other Digital Marketing information. They can be the differentiator for your educational institution to quickly achieve results.

In this article, we will see what control dashboards are and how they support decision making!


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What are control dashboards?

Dashboards are panels that allow the visualization and interpretation of data about a company. What distinguishes control dashboards from other tools is their presentation of information in a simple, intuitive and well-planned way: the most important information is placed within easy reach of the user who manipulates the tool.

The operating principle of dashboards is data analysis. Of the information collected in contact forms, online service, digital communication actions and e-mail marketing, the most consistent with the objective of the educational institution are displayed on the panel. From there, the content is presented in a visual form such as charts, which leads to good insights for the strategy.

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What are control dashboards and how do they help in decision making

How do dashboards help with decision making?

It is possible to use the dashboards for real-time data analysis and, therefore, use the information collected in the decision-making support

In an educational institution, the visualization panels help to have control over the countless existing departments and developed campaigns, verifying, for example, the satisfaction of the students, the location of a lead in the shopping journey and the relationship between the number of enrollments and actions taken.

It is also possible to check which actions are generating the most results and, therefore, optimize your marketing budget.

How to assemble a control dashboard?

A good control dashboard should gather the most relevant data for the institution's objectives and present the information in an easy-to-understand way, making use of visual tools such as graphs.

Thus, the first step is to understand what these objectives are and which performance indicators relate to each one of them. After all, some data is irrelevant to what a company wants to analyze.

Once the objectives and indicators have been defined, the panel must be set up. For this, choose integrated software with marketing platforms, which bring together several functionalities to deliver what is most relevant to educational institutions. 

After all this, you will have a successful instrument to analyze the strategies, check results and have support in the sockets of decision!

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