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3 ways to personalize your students’ experience

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 25, 2023

What strategies does your educational institution adopt to personalize the experience of its potential students? There are different ways to invest in personalization and, therefore, it is common to have doubts about this.

In this post, we will show you 3 ways to follow so that your Educational Institution offers a more interesting and powerful experience from the first contact, increasing your chances of attracting new students.

Why personalize your students’ experience;

#1. Think from your audience's perspective;

#2. Be part of the universe of your potential students;

#3. Bet on individualized contact.

Follow along!

Why personalize your students’ experience

Before presenting these paths, it is important to clarify why personalizing the experience is a frequent bet in a market that becomes more competitive every day.

The wide range of courses available means that the quality and reputation of the Educational Institution no longer guarantee its success. The difference that acts as a competitive advantage and enhances other characteristics of the institution is the experience offered to the student from the first contact. Something that certainly cannot be done in a generic way and, therefore, such a focus on the idea of ​​personalization!


Once we understand the importance and reason for investing in personalization, we move on to ways of developing and applying this strategy:

#1. Think from your audience's perspective

When considering potential students, a common thought is to offer them a course that interests them, preferably at the exact moment they realize the need to continue their education and begin their search for the ideal institution.

This process encompasses steps of consumer journey which is also valid for the educational market which indicates that, before receiving offers, the student searches for information that supports their decision.

By thinking from the public's perspective, an institution can understand how it can be useful to them, whether in discovering courses of interest or knowledge of the market in which it intends to operate, for example.

From this, it becomes easier to produce and present content that adds value and, also, using an appropriate approach for the audience made up of potential students. And, also, respond to your needs and offer increasingly personalized experiences as the contact evolves.

#2. Be part of the universe of your potential students

Knowing the universe of potential students is an interesting way to personalize the experience offered. This way, it is possible to identify behaviors, trends and themes that can be included in contact strategies, making these moments more positive.

A data collection, analysis and monitoring of factors that range from the market to relevant subjects and that engage its audience allows the Educational Institution to understand how to connect in a more appropriate and personalized way, whether when addressing a group of people or when serving each individual student.

To better understand this idea, keep in mind that it is from this that viral stories emerge that become success stories in customer service. Surely, you've heard of a company that knew how to use the series or another current event to make the conversation with its consumer more fun and attentive (as well as, of course, productive).

students’ experience

#3. Bet on individualized contact

So far, we have presented tips that show that personalizing an experience is not only possible when you already have direct contact and knowledge about each of the institution's potential students. However, there is no doubt that individualized contact makes all the difference.

In addition to investing in name treatment, your institution must rely on strategic data collection and monitoring of each student's journey and behavior.

This way, more than using the appropriate language in any contact, the institution will be able to direct its messages according to the interests and needs of each student to personalize their experience.

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