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7 Tips on how to set up an e-commerce website

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023

Have you ever made an online purchase? With the practicality and ease of e-commerce, many Brazilians have opted for digital purchases. Today, you can buy anything from that dream trip to an electronic device.

The best part is that you can do all this without even leaving your computer. Just one click to receive your order in the comfort of your home. Very practical, isn't it?

And if, on the one hand, consumers find countless benefits with the flexibility and convenience of e-commerce, on the other hand, this has been the way for companies to increase their results. 

But to get your e-commerce online, it takes more than willpower, after all, nobody deserves a website full of bugs, right? If you are starting from scratch or have already invested in your website, but want to improve it, this post is for you! Get to know, now, 7 essential tips to set up a good e-commerce and attract more customers. 

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What is e-commerce?

If you are now introducing your brand into digital commerce and have some questions about what e-commerce is, we will explain how this sales process works in practice in the new virtual universe.

E-commerce is a kind of online business in which the user can sell and buy different types of products. It's like digital commerce, you know? In this case, your company is structured on a website. 

And the best thing about e-commerce is that the user can find your brand wherever they are and anytime. Unlike physical stores, the site does not restrict its reach to one region and is the ideal opportunity to expand your online business. The consumer only has access to the internet to find your store. 

In practice, how does e-commerce work?

Unlike traditional commerce, here, everything is 100% digital, from product choice to payment. The only thing done in person is the logistics of delivery, but there are also those who sell digital services and don't even depend on physical processes at that moment. 

In addition to practicality, with websites aimed at Brazilian e-commerce, consumers also have more autonomy in the internet sales. Just access the website and all product information will be available on the page. Oh, and of course, if you need it, there is also the option to get in touch with your main questions.

This convenience and speed are why e-commerce has so many followers around the world, and that's what we're going to talk about next. After all, what caused this boom in the virtual world and the migration of so many companies to the e-commerce platform?

7 tips for setting up your website

Ok, now that you know that e-commerce is a big trend for the next few years, you must be thinking about creating your website, right? 

But with so many tools and technological innovations, there are those who are still unsure where to start. If you are part of this group and are starting in the digital world, below, we will show you 7 valuable tips for you to set up your e-commerce.

Study your target audience 

If you want to get good results with your website, first of all, you need to know the consumer. Defining your target audience and understanding their needs in this new digital environment is essential to building your brand communication and digital marketing. 

It is at this point that you must create a persona, that is, the semi-fictional character that represents your ideal audience. If you want to delve deeper into the subject, just access our YouTube channel, as we have a complete video about personas.


Now that you have your target audience in mind, it's time to start planning. After all, just like in a physical store, maintaining a store on a digital platform also requires a whole lot of logistics. 

At this stage, you should divide your planning into three steps. First, the financial planning, in which all the costs to keep the site online will be stipulated; second, operational planning, considering every detail of the online sales process; Finally, marketing planning, after all, you need to have a good strategy to capture customers.

Thinking and structuring the logistics of each of these steps is extremely important for your company to perform well in the digital market. 

Choose a good e-commerce platform 

It's time to put it into practice and start setting up your e-commerce. There are two ways to do this: hire a website developer or an e-commerce platform. If you choose the second option, you will need to get your hands dirty to set up your virtual store. 

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What to consider when setting up your website?

Regardless of your choice, when setting up your e-commerce, remember to take into account some factors to have a good website. 

As for the infrastructure and security of the page, after all, a good platform must offer high stability. Can you imagine if your website is down when sales are booming?

Another important point is the customization of the layout. A well-organized, fast and easy-to-navigate website can contribute to the customer experience and make it easier to complete their purchase.

Remembering that, in the case of an e-commerce, the ideal is a responsive website, in which the layout adapts, regardless of the device, be it a cell phone, tablet or computer. 

Price your products and create good descriptions

By now, you already have in mind what you are going to sell and your niche, right? Regardless of what it is, such as clothes, accessories, digital services or even electronic devices, you need to face one of the most important steps: pricing and describing your product.

When stipulating an amount charged for your items, remember to take into account the costs of keeping your business online and also your profit margin.

After the prices are set, it's time to register the product on your e-commerce platform and describe each item. At this point, if you want to have satisfied customers, it is important to have quality photos and all the information about your product on your website.

At the time of description, it is your opportunity to convince the customer, so bet on detailed information, such as size, color and material. 

Invest in customer service

As mentioned above, the purpose of the product description is to get the customer to enter your website and find the main information about the item. However, during the consumer's journey, some doubts or obstacles may arise that make them leave the product abandoned in the cart. 

At this point, having a service channel can make all the difference. Imagine the following situation: a customer entered your website, but did not complete the purchase, because he was unable to verify the delivery time. He tried to answer his question by email, but he didn't get a response, and there was also no way to contact him through WhatsApp. 

Can you see how this issue could easily be resolved with good customer service? By investing in the relationship between you and the consumer, it is possible to bring them closer to your company and improve customer satisfaction, making them not only buy but also be a propagator of your brand.

And since we're talking about customer service, AI-powered chatbots are one of the top trends when it comes to communication. In practice, chatbots are software developed to simulate and process human conversations. 

By including a chatbot in your e-commerce, you offer your customer personalized service and reduce waiting time. Not to mention that AI chatbots interact with your customers and answer their main questions, improving the user experience. 

And despite all this being done by machines, with Artificial Intelligence, communication gets closer and closer to natural language, making the bot able to serve its customer and easily develop a conversation.

Invest in promoting your e-commerce 

Remember when we talked, in the planning stage, about the marketing plan? This is where you will put it into action. Just like in a physical store, your e-commerce needs good publicity. 

In this sense, digital marketing can be the key to consolidate your company in the virtual universe. With the strategies, you can gain recognition in the online market and attract customers. If you don't know where to start, here are three tips to help you spread your content. Come on? 

Invest in your social networks! 

During this post, you may have noticed how the digital environment has consolidated not only in Brazil but in the world, people are increasingly online and connected. Therefore, to achieve this increasingly digital demand, your company needs to be where the consumer is, that is, on social media.

Therefore, it is important to analyze which channels your target audience is most present on and invest in these platforms, always feeding them with relevant content. Remember that the social network can be a great tool to attract new customers, after all, you are connected to the whole world. 

Produce email marketing!

Most consumers who have embraced this virtual world have an email. According to a survey, the number of active Gmail users reaches 1.5 billion worldwide. And if there is such a large audience on this channel, why not use it in your strategy? 

Email marketing can help lead nurturing as well as keep your target audience engaged. In fact, this is an important channel to keep consumers updated on promotions, information and new products. In addition, as email marketing is a direct form of communication with the consumer, this tool can contribute to after-sales. 

When incorporating email marketing into your strategy, prioritize automation tools. By investing in automation, you optimize the flow process, making it more assertive and facilitating communication with your lead.

In addition, automated flows allow you to contact your lead at strategic times. For example, you know the famous abandoned carts? Email marketing automation is a great strategy to get them back.

With the data from the customer who was almost ready to make the purchase, it is possible to nurture the lead with personalized follow-up messages and recover your customer. You can even offer discounts for him to complete his first purchase, and best of all, all this in an automated way.

Bet on SEO techniques

If your focus is to appear on the first pages of Google, it's time to invest in SEO for your website. Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques to optimize and rank your website in search engines. 

With good techniques, it is possible to improve your positioning and bring greater credibility to your site. In addition, with SEO, your e-commerce can attract more visitors, more qualified leads and promote a better user experience. 

And since we're talking about digital marketing, we have an extra tip for you! When it comes to your strategies, it is obvious that it is important to focus on attracting new customers. However, the retention process cannot be left out, this is one of the essential steps that often takes a back seat and consequently leads to customer evasion.

In fact, when it comes to retention, the hubspot can be a great ally for your company. Want to know how? Access our last post and discover: How Hubspot will help your company in customer retention.


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