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Student retention: 6 strategies that can help improve

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 1, 2024

Student retention: 6 strategies that can help improve

After attracting students to your educational institution, the real work begins. Your team needs to retain these students, this is the only way to guarantee retention.

And in this case, just offering complete training is not enough. Qualified teachers and updated content are the least students expect. So, how do you retain it?

Well, we’ve put together a checklist so you can guide yourself. Check out!

Checklist to increase student retention at your educational institution;

Understanding the checklist;

  1. Chatbots for student retention using Artificial Intelligence;
  2. Content Marketing;
  3. Fostering new opportunities;
  4. Promoting your educational brand;
  5. Educational Marketing aimed at social networks;
  6. Satisfaction surveys and new actions.

Good reading!

Checklist to increase student retention at your educational institution

Below you will find a checklist with the main items that can drastically change the process of student retention at your educational institution. Before continuing reading this text, take a look at the items and think a little about how your team has dealt with each of them.

See the checklist:

  • Chatbots to resolve student demands
  • Production of content aimed at your students
  • Academic activities of interest to students
  • Educational Brand Promotion
  • Presence on different virtual channels
  • Satisfaction surveys

Understanding the checklist

Now that you've seen the checklist, let's understand each topic in it. Follow along!

1. Chatbots for student retention using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology combined with chat tools have brought a huge change to the area of ​​Marketing and education — we've talked about these concepts before. 

AI chatbots can be used to offer humanized service to your students, but without leaving them in a waiting line to be served.

The robot can easily issue reports, provide a duplicate of a bill or receive documents that were due — this saves time and the student is satisfied with the service.

2. Content Marketing

Content production is normally associated with positioning of your educational institution in search engines. But it can also be a strong retention tool.

How about creating a blog just for students at your educational institution? Here you can speak directly to your students, talk about events, start projects, give tips about academic life, etc.

3. Fostering new opportunities

One of the biggest difficulties faced by students is the lack of opportunities. They want to develop projects, join internships, showcase their talents or even set up groups and do some activity with people who share the same tastes.

Your educational institution does not need to offer all of this, but it can be a facilitator. Through partnerships and assistance in coordinating activities, your team can offer students what they have been looking for in their own education.


4. Promoting your educational brand

Your students want to feel proud of the educational institution they are part of. They want her name to carry weight and for them to be recognized for studying there.

To offer this to them, your educational brand needs to be strong. It is necessary to invest in research, dissemination, activities open to the public, multidisciplinary projects and much more.

Think about measures that can be implemented at your educational institution and that will take your brand to the community.

5. Educational Marketing aimed at social networks

Having a presence on social media is essential. Currently the world revolves around these virtual social environments. We can even say that they are largely responsible for the visibility of a brand or the hits on a blog.

And just like your website, your presence on social media also requires a strategy completely focused on it.

Since your students are in these virtual spaces, your team needs to be present there too. Then, start preparing a strategy and keep your profiles active.

Student retention

6. Satisfaction surveys and new actions

There is a universe of actions that can be done by your team to increase student retention. But the most important of them is also the simplest of all: asking students what they want.

No one is more competent to say what they expect from their training or what opportunities they would like to have than the people who will directly benefit from what their educational institution does.

Therefore, it is interesting to carry out satisfaction surveys frequently. In them, ask about the students' general perception, what they thought of specific events and leave areas for them to give suggestions.

Based on this questionnaire, think about new measures and repeat the actions that worked.

The most important thing is to remember that student satisfaction is linked to the lack of complications (excessive bureaucracy, difficulty talking to managers, errors in entries, payment problems, etc.) together with the benefits that your educational institution can offer.

And since we are talking about actions that can be implemented, we have a suggestion. Read our post about new trends in Educational Marketing strategy and see if any of the ideas we present in it can help retain your students.

Check out 4 new trends in Educational Marketing strategies

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