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Strategic Marketing Trends for Educational Institutions

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Feb 20, 2024

Strategic Marketing Trends for Educational Institutions

A digital revolution is a reality in the educational sector in the face of great competition. The sector surrendered to transformation digital and has been betting on marketing trends increasingly modern to attract new students.

Therefore, the educational institutions need to adapt their routines, changing a structure considered traditional to one that follows the educational market trends.

But what are the strategic marketing trends for educational institutions from the moment? The 4RevOps prepared special material to inspire your institution along a path of digital transformation.

Check out:

Use of videos;

Digital influencers;

Recommendation Marketing;

Experience Marketing;

Business Intelligence.

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Use of videos

The speed and power of persuasion through visuals makes people marketing strategies and educational institutions, video-based, is one of the main trends in the market. Through videos, whether on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and website, the chances of conversion increase.

Furthermore, the video works as a great resource for sales. According to HubSpot, an email sent with a video is 5 times more likely to be opened, and the clickthrough rate is 8 times higher.

And this happens for several reasons, such as, for example, the possibility of customizing videos based on the target audience. This resource is offered to the sales team by Hubspot, so that the content is more targeted and, therefore, the chances of prospecting are greater.

Not to mention that videos use the human element, generating more trust, and have a much greater impact on the mind of the potential prospect, due to the content being completely personalized.

A survey of the Single Grain revealed that a video posted on the landing page of the institution can increase the chances of student conversion. Find out the impact of landing pages in the sales process in our blog

Digital influencers

One Qualibest study 2018, in Brazil, showed that influencers are in second place when it comes to impacting a person's decision-making, second only to family and friends.

For this reason, many educational institutions have been investing in actions with digital influencers that are related to the profile of their people, since they have a great chance of impacting and influencing the potential student’s decision.

Recommendation Marketing

Is there a better recommendation than that of someone who has already used a service? Therefore, the recommendation marketing it's a big trend for educational institutions that bring positive results. And how can the institution take advantage of it? The institution can use videos with students or former students, written testimonials on the institution's website or even use prints of comments on social media.

You can even encourage current students to share photos of their daily life at the institution through a pre-determined hashtag in the action, so that everyone can access and check out more details about your campus.


Experience Marketing

The first impression is that it works well within the experience of marketing, which is one of the biggest trends for educational institutions. If before the student only had their first contact with college on the first few days of class, the current scenario is different.

Today countless educational institutions offer guided tours, virtual tours and even experimental classes so that future students can experience college and get to know it a little more in depth.

Strategic Marketing Trends

Business Intelligence

Transform data into insights. The managerial breadth that business intelligence offers to educational institutions has made it a trend in the industry.

And through concrete data and monitoring that BI tools offer, the institution can make more assertive decisions in campaigns, content creation, disclosures, etc. 

And you, which of these marketing trends do you use in your educational institution’s daily routine? Leave a comment on the post and tell us.

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