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Short Guide to Paid Advertising for Colleges and Schools

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Feb 27, 2024

Short Guide to Paid Advertising for Colleges and Schools

In times of justified popularity for content marketing, there are those who forget the power of paid advertising or that you simply don't know your place. Is this your case?

In this post, we will cover the advertising for educational institutions. Our objective is to present a short guide so that you understand the importance of advertisements as part of your institution's marketing.

As you read, you will understand that educational advertising can be efficient, especially if developed in a strategic and properly based manner. Continue reading to find out more!

Check out tips to make advertising a successful strategy for your educational institution:

What is paid advertising;

Advertising is not a villain;

The power of online advertising;

Offline educational advertising;

How to invest in advertising without losing money.

Good reading!

What is paid advertising

While advertising itself is a very broad area of ​​knowledge, paid advertising is a marketing strategy that assumes payment in exchange for space for advertising. Thus, there is both offline advertising — broadcast on radio outdoors, for example — regarding online advertising, which stands out a lot nowadays.

The advertisement in advertising for colleges and schools It is, therefore, the purchase of space in one or more media of interest to publicize the institution's brand, its courses, conditions, differences, etc. In other words, everything that promotes the sale of your services and leads to an increase in enrollments.

Advertising is not a villain

There are some factors that contribute to the idea that educational advertising can be frowned upon and generate bad results.

One of them points out that the internet has changed the way the public and brands interact, which has impacted the way people receive and feel about advertisements. That is true.

You may have already been bothered by apop-up of an advertisement that simply appeared on the computer screen, interfering with reading. Or counted the seconds to skip an ad on YouTube videos.

These intrusions can indeed be negative, but when you think about it, there are certainly advertisements that you enjoyed seeing. Whether because they were informative and timely or simply because they aroused positive emotions.

And what does it mean? If developed based on well-defined strategies, the paid advertising She doesn't need to be seen as a villain. Otherwise, it could become an interesting strategy for your educational institution.


The power of online advertising

No post Does your institution really need to have a presence on social media?, we address the importance of being, in an active and aggregating way, in the same environment as your audience.

Just think that many of your potential students often have a smartphone in their hands. And that means that the online advertising, which does not need to focus only on networks, allows the advertisement to have a good chance of being received by the target audience.

The internet advertising It has a great reach and can be done effectively and at low costs, leading to equally great results. The secret is to have good marketing planning and know how to use the platforms chosen for advertising.

It's very likely that you've already come across ads on Google or on social media. In what situation do you ignored Or were you upset by this type of advertising?

Tha advertising for educational institutions is well received on the internet when it appears to the right audience. Therefore, it is important to use segmentation resources so that you have a better chance of reaching potential students (or even their guardians).

This is done both from a study of the platform and from knowledge about this audience and the objectives that your institution desires with each advertisement served.

Offline educational advertising

Offline marketing is the process that includes educational advertising that is done outside the internet or digital media.

Even though the power of online advertising is easily perceived nowadays, it does not nullify the effectiveness of developing offline campaigns. Not without reasons, we have even presented it on the blog 4 strategies offline marketing to attract more students

This time, just remember the times you saw an advertisement for an educational institution in a printed newspaper or busdoor (located at the back of public transport buses).

These are examples of paid advertising traditional tools that can help your institution reach an audience that is not on the internet. In addition to increasing your chances of attracting the attention of those responsible for students, they give your brand more visibility.

Your targeted online ad will reach an important part of your audience. Complementing this action with an offline advertisement can make your institution known to the community at large, which in itself contributes to making it stronger.

Paid Advertising

How to invest in advertising without losing money

Be doin internet advertising or offline advertising or, even better, combining the two strategies, it is important to ensure that the investment made generates results.

Therefore, it is worth checking out some tips for the success of advertising for educational institutions:

  • Set your budget — evaluate how much your institution can and wants to spend on each advertisement or campaign. This way, you make sure to define actions that correspond to your possibilities;
  • Know and segment your target audience — know who your ad message is for. This way, you will choose the right strategies (correct language, what attracts your attention, in which medium to advertise, when to run the ad);
  • Use advertising tools — there are tools like Google Adwords that will help your institution follow important techniques to give due prominence to your online advertising. Add this tip to knowing the chosen platforms well to achieve the best results on each one and make the investment worth it;
  • Integrate your strategies — the alignment of marketing strategies, uniting online and offline, is something that favors not only the success of advertisements, but also the actions of your institution as a whole. In the case of advertising, this integration can better direct your choices to ensure that the investment is made more intelligently and effectively.
  • Measure results — define metrics to monitor the success of your advertising actions. Information about the result of the internet advertising can even be collected through data from the platforms themselves. In the case of educational advertising offline, other strategies must be present. For example, if your institution advertises a discount on tuition, it is worth asking the interested party by which means they received this message.

It was a small Paid advertising guide for colleges and schools. Want more tips for attracting students to your institution? Sign up for our newsletter!

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