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See how to fit your content into google voice command - Mkt4edu

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 8, 2023

See how to fit your content into google voice command

The use of Google voice command has been increasingly popular. A report by Report Linker states that by 2022, voice assistant application growth will reach $3.42 billion - $2.58 billion in 2021, and that is equivalent to a growth of 32.4%. 

The ease of searching by voice on Google and other assistants contributed a lot to this expected growth. 

In addition, voice commands have made the internet more inclusive. Voice assistants have great adaptability potential for people with little education and people with cognitive, visual, auditory, speech and even motor disabilities. 

"Alexa, turn on the light"

"Siri, call Maria"

Using voice is easy, isn't it? Inevitably, the use of these voice assistants went beyond the assistance of just being used to make calls or control home appliances and even reached content on websites and texts. 

A curiosity about this topic is that page speed apparently plays an important role in SEO voice searchThe average page load used by voice command is about 4.6 seconds (52% faster than a text search). 

In this new scenario, it is important to think about optimizing your content for Google voice search and other voice devices. That's why we've decided to bring you some important tips to help you better optimize your content in Google's voice command and other assistants, such as Siri, on the iPhone

What will you see in this post?

Ah, before going to the tips, it is important to answer a question: 


What is the difference between text search and voice search?

It may not seem like it, but these differences exist and they are very impactful when it comes to search results. 

The main difference is in the tool we use to do the surveys. When you manually search a search engine, you can choose whether to use Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever you prefer, right?

When we talk about voice search, this doesn't happen, because each tool uses a different search engine. In some cases, they may use different engines for different searches.

For example, we know that Alexa and Cortana (Microsoft) not only use Google, but also Bing as a search engine.

Another important difference concerns the content and the way they are searched. When we use voice search, intonation, speech agility and the type of content contribute to the search for the answer. 

That's because, generally, these mechanisms turn your search into questions or conversations. This means that the use of artificial intelligence linked to machine learning can be monitoring, at all times, the way people talk and interact with each other (your cell phone hears you, you know?). 


1.HTTPS sites tend to get higher results

70.4% of Google Home results pages are secured with HTTPS. This data is very important and should be taken into account when creating your website.

In case you didn't know, the "S" of HTTPS is related to website security. This letter means that the site goes through an encryption process until it reaches the user, while HTTP sites do not go through this process and can easily be hacked, without offering any type of security to the user. 

In other words, the more care your site takes to protect user data, the better your placement tends to be (this also applies to written surveys). 


2.Use keywords 

As much as when searching for texts or even videos, when we talk about audio search, keywords are also important to make content more accessible

When we do a voice search, we don't always use the best words, do we? Therefore, it is essential to invest in kw that have to do with the theme of your content and that talk to each other.

In this regard, KW long tails can be easier to use, because our speaking involves more words and sentences than writing. 

In addition to helping with searches, these KWs allow you to write more concise texts that actually answer questions. Those big, wordy texts don't do well on voice search engines. 

Tip: remember that these virtual assistants were created to make life faster and more practical, so avoid using complex words; the more practical and direct your content, the better. 

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3.Bet on engagement 

A very important tip (and not new) is that content with a high level of engagement tends to be more delivered by voice search engines. 

This is no secret, because the more your content receives comments, page likes or is forwarded, it makes the artificial intelligence behind the algorithms understand that it is relevant, delivering it to a greater number of people. 

Ah, one thing we cannot fail to mention is that more "natural" content, which is part of people's daily lives, in fact, in addition to having greater engagement, tends to "be more easily" transformed into conversations by the mechanisms of search. And as you saw above, it helps in delivering your content! 


4.Make use of local tools 

A golden tip to help you be better placed: use tools like Google My Business, which offer a more direct range of information to search engines, making your business more easily found. In other words, practicality. And as you've seen here, audio search engines love this convenience (especially Google). 


5.Invest in your site's responsiveness 

If fast loading sites are naturally more delivered by search engines, voice command is no different. 

Responsive and well-adapted websites, especially for mobile, have faster loading. 

Now it's your turn! How about putting all this into practice and putting your content on the voice command map? By the way, take the opportunity to learn more curiosities about voice command, the more familiar you are with this tool, the easier it will be to adapt to it!

And you can take advantage starting with this post from our blog: the growth of google voice search: trivia.

The growth of google voice search: trivia

To the next! 

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