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Monitoring opportunities in the education segment

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 30, 2023

In the digital environment, relationships and dialogue are the keys for a company to be well seen and remembered. But nowadays, to capture the attention of the potential customer, it takes much more than being online or being part of the conversation.

And this is where the team of Marketing Digital! Given this scenario, the mission of professionals goes far beyond generating good communication. The truth is that it is necessary to add value to the target audience, and not just shoot what you want to say!

With that in mind, brands are increasingly investing in monitoring opportunities. With it, it is possible to identify great chances to increase your strategy of inbound marketing and get excellent results.

Were you interested in the subject? Continue reading this post and find out why monitoring opportunities could be what was missing from your Educational Marketing strategies!

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What is opportunity tracking?

Opportunity monitoring is the action of closely monitoring all data related to your Educational Institution, in order to identify ways to attract new students and close more deals.

This information is obtained from the results of your Educational Marketing campaigns, from monitoring leads or even through the analysis of social networks.

One of the advantages of marketing digital is precisely the large volume of available information that your Educational institution receives every day thanks to the Internet.

Therefore, monitoring these opportunities is an indispensable strategy for your Educational institution, as this information is extremely important and can generate powerful insights for campaigns or indicate that a certain lead is more likely to complete their purchase.

But do not worry! When we talk about monitoring, it doesn't mean that yourUniversity you need to move your entire Marketing team to stay there, 24 hours a day, monitoring every interaction of your potential student and all that data flow.

In fact, for this, there is great software from marketing automation that optimizes this process, making a reliable collection and analysis of information.

In fact, automation tools can make monitoring much easier. But, how to put it into practice in your Educational Institution? In the next topic, we will teach you how to apply monitoring and its benefits. Let's go?

How to put opportunity monitoring into practice?

Okay, now that you understand what opportunity monitoring is, let's move on to the next step: putting it into practice at your Educational Institution.

With that in mind, we have separated in this topic three ways to monitor your opportunities:

  • Lead tracking;
  • Student monitoring;
  • Results monitoring.

If you don't know how to apply them or these are new terms for you, don't worry. Below, we will explain each of these three forms of monitoring.

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Lead tracking

Monitoring your potential customers as they walk through the sales funnel is a very common strategy within companies in the most varied segments, including Educational Institutions.

With the monitoring of lead generation, you will notice the behavior of a certain user, what he is interested in and the information consumption pattern of all of them. This way, you can identify which type of content they are most interested in and promote more sales opportunities based on their actions.

Another great benefit of monitoring your potential students is that your Educational institution has the opportunity to improve the performance of your marketing and sales team, and invest in lead qualification.

Not to mention that, with this strategy, you can even better segment your audience and apply a more specific approach. Great, isn't it?

In addition, with this type of monitoring, your University is able to have more clarity in the analysis of the sales cycle and can even shorten this process, perfecting its strategy and focusing on qualified leads.

Student monitoring

Student monitoring provides valuable tips on Educational Marketing actions for your Educational Institution, especially when it is done through social media, like Facebook andInstagram, one of the biggest channels in the world.

Think about it, students are exactly the lead profile you want to attract, so there's no better strategy than following what they're saying, right?

By monitoring students on social networks, you find out what they say and what content they consume, and you can use this information strategically so that your Educational Institution gets closer to this audience.

Monitoring students also allows the school or college to learn more about satisfaction, goals, pains and problems that are not taken by the student community to the relevant departments.

Results monitoring

Okay, let's imagine that you applied all its efforts and carried out each Educational Marketing action of its strategy. So what will you do now? What is the next step?

Let's advance that your work doesn't end when your strategy kicks in. In fact, it's just getting started. This is the time to monitor the performance of your efforts and see if your actions really achieved the expected results.

This type of monitoring serves not only for you to identify the success of the action, but for you to invest in more efficient strategies in the future or have insights for new fundraising strategies, based on user feedback and interaction.

In addition, to monitor performance of your Educational Marketing strategy, you have another good opportunity to increase the quality of the conversation with your potential students.

Finally, for successful Educational Marketing, keep an eye on these opportunities. Keeping up with the news, advertising from competing Educational Institutions, customer behavior on social networks and even memes can be great hooks for your brand!

Did you like the content? We hope that this post will help your Institution to enhance its enrollment and retention of students! But, nothing to stop here, huh?

To continue investing in your strategies and keep up with other trends in the education segment, follow our content and visit our website!

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