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Marketing Attribution, Automation and BI

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023

Do you invest in new tools and solutions for your Educational Institution? Have you heard about Marketing Attribution, Automation and BI? If you answered no to all these questions, we have a lot to talk about!

Regardless of your segment, you may have noticed that the market is increasingly competitive, right? Competition has indeed grown in recent years and now the consumer is increasingly informed and demanding.

In the face of so many changes, having visibility becomes increasingly necessary. It's like that old saying goes: "those who are not seen, are not remembered".

But for those who work with Marketing strategies, the challenge is even greater! For it is not just about being seen to be remembered.

You have to be able to be seen, make a good impression, provide enriching experiences and then become memorable and win the preference of the target audience.

And in the educational market, of course, this scenario is no different. The number of higher education institutions in Brazil has increased significantly in recent years, further intensifying competition.

Faced with this increasingly competitive market, an institution needs to go a long way and rely on tools that allow the adoption of revolutionary marketing tactics to stand out and attract new students.

But, do you know how to do this? Next, we will show how implementing solutions such as Marketing Attribution, Automation and BI can make all the difference for your company

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Marketing Attribution, Automation, and BI for Education: What's It All About?

Separately or combined, the concepts of Marketing Attribution (or marketing attribution), Automation and BI for education (Business Intelligence) are used to enhance your Inbound Marketing strategies and make your Education Institution gather the best conditions to capture new students.

But, do you know what each of these solutions means? If these are new terms for you, don't worry. Next, we will talk about each of these software and show how they can benefit your Educational Institution.

  • Marketing Attribution

It's a "science" or a way of identifying which channels and strategies (Facebook ads or phone calls, for example) most attract students to your educational institution.

So you can understand better, let's go to a practical example?! Imagine the following situation: a student researched the courses in his educational institution on Google, found your website, accessed it, read about the graduation, but did not go ahead, that is, he did not enroll.

After a while, he saw an ad on social media, more specifically a post about the Vestibular on Instagram and so he went back to his University's website and decided to guarantee his spot right away.

That's it, that student's application was assigned to the ad on Instagram. But, until he made that decision, he went through other platforms. Right? And this is where the Marketing Attribution.

It is through Marketing Attribution that your sales team can analyze your potential student's interactions with your brand and the channels that contributed to the conversion of your lead.

In other words, the Marketing Attribution allows your company to check the path that your student took until actually enrolling in your University.

  • Marketing automation

In practice, marketing automation is software that allows you to automate marketing processes (such as sending emails and monitoring traffic on the educational institutions website), to gain efficiency and optimize strategies and campaigns.

That is, with the software, you can reduce your manual work and use the automation platform in your favor to generate more productivity in your Educational Institution.

To see the benefits of the tool in practice, you don't even have to go far, just think about your nutrition flow. If before carrying out lead nurturing it was necessary to move your entire team to send email marketing manually, with the automation of Marketing, this comes to an end.

With the implementation of the software, your Educational Institution can segment its target audience and build a more assertive and personalized communication, delivering the right content, to the right audience and at the right time.

In addition, with Marketing automation, you can save your team's time and efforts, qualify your leads, integrate your sales and marketing sectors, improve efficiency in the sales funnel and make your cycles shorter.

  • BI for education

Business Intelligence or business intelligence is a set of strategies that collect, monitor and analyze data from your Educational Institution. In summary, the focus in BI for education is to analyze information that can be used strategically.

When analyzing a large volume of data, the Business Intelligence presents its results through analytical reports, graphic panels or even summaries and maps. Whatever the method, the objective is to help your Marketing and Sales team to have detailed information about your Educational Institution at hand.

And what does all this have to do with you and your educational institution?

For those who work in educational management, the idea of ​​dealing with Marketing Attribution, Automation and BI for education may seem like too much work or even mean going beyond what is necessary.

But, just remember that information is power and that having the right information and using it strategically is what can make your Educational Institution stand out and win more leads and the educational market.

Okay, do you understand now what all this has to do with your institution? If even so, you are still not convinced that investing in such software is the best option, we separate in the next topic four advantages of applying the tools.

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What are the advantages of investing in these tools?

We know that for those who are starting in the world of Educational Marketing, it can seem like a lot to invest. But, know that all these tools are essential and can make a big difference in your results.

And to prove its benefits in practice, we have gathered in this post four advantages of software, such as:

  1. Allows you to identify which channels have the best result;
  2. Optimizes your efforts and expenses;
  3. Assists in the control and management of campaigns;
  4. It helps to direct your actions.

Did you write down all these benefits? Next, we'll talk about each of them.

  • Allows you to identify which channels have the best result

First point: if your Educational Institution wants to be seen and remembered, it needs to bet more on communication channels in the digital environment and capture strategies that show better results.

At this point, Marketing Attribution can help your team to monitor the performance of your Institution in the main communication channels.

In addition, by applying such a solution, your Educational institution can analyze the path of users and identify which platforms have achieved a better conversion rate.

  •  Optimizes your efforts and expenses

With the analysis of your channels, you can direct your resources more strategically, thinking about where your Educational Institution has obtained the best results and, in this way, optimize your efforts and expenses.

In addition, by implementing Marketing attribution you can see what has gone right and wrong, and you can improve both your ads and your strategies, making them more assertive within your communication channels.

  • Helps control and manage campaigns

As in marketing automation you can save time with the bureaucratic part of these strategies to be able to win in the development of increasingly assertive campaigns.

In addition, with the software, you can manage your campaigns even better. That's right, with the tool, your company automates its actions and you can closely analyze the return on what was invested. Not to mention that with automation, you have the possibility to integrate your channels and have more information about your target audience.

  • Helps to direct your actions

Like all companies, regardless of their product or service, your Education Institution needs to direct all its actions well. Right? And that's where these tools can help a lot.

Think about your strategic actions. You can't establish your next steps subjectively, can you? You need concrete information based on the reality of your company and your target audience to direct your team.

And that's where the software we've mentioned throughout this post comes into play. With the data collected and analyzed by Business Intelligence, for example, you have more accurate and relevant information that can guide the entire process, management and actions.

That is, with this data in hand and knowing your consumer's behavior, it becomes easier to make decisions within your company.

In addition, with this information, your team can analyze the risks and avoid possible situations or errors in their actions.

Ready, convinced of the need for these tools? After so many benefits, I imagine that you are now thinking about implementing them. But how to do it? In the next topic, we'll talk about how to have access to all these tools and apply them in your Educational Institution.

How to access these solutions?

If, at this point, you already understood the concepts and importance of having information and tools related to Marketing Attribution, Automation and BI for education, you must be wondering about all that.

Using tools like the Hubspot allows your institution to automate various processes and collect crucial data to support analysis and guide processes, decisions and actions.

It is common that everything that is done from the collection is based on tests, adjustments and new analyzes, always in search of better results. But one way to facilitate this process is to have the support of a specialized agency.

Interested and want to know more about it? Get in touch with 4revops! We are specialists in Educational Marketing and we are ready to help you invest in the best capture and retention strategies.


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