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Landing pages and lead conversion: practices to seize the opportunitys

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Sep 25, 2023

Online marketing for educational institutions should be simple and facilitate the sales process, speeding up decision-making by potential customers.

Offering your website visitors a path that leads to a sale can be the first step to converting more and avoiding that limbo where “too much is said and too little results”. It's this complicated, back-and-forth marketing limbo that you should avoid!

Landing pages are one of the tools that optimize the purchase process and turn your website visitors into qualified leads. No complications, just a few rules that we will pass on to you in this article.

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How Landing Pages Help Convert Leads

Landing pages are pages with a single goal: conversion.

Converting means carrying out an action that your educational institution wants: filling out a form, downloading material, purchasing a service. It is at this moment that the user ceases to be just a visitor to your website and becomes a lead or customer.

Landing pages therefore have a specific format. They must be very obvious, facilitate the action and not offer alternatives other than the desired one.

The idea is simple: direct the reader to a page and offer him an offer he can't refuse. An ebook about that higher education course he has his eye on, for example. In return, you get a form with name and contact information filled in — valuable data for your relationship with the lead.

To succeed in your online marketing strategy for educational institutions, put these 5 great tips into practice to convert more with landing pages:

lead conversion

Make your offer clear

Landing pages with high conversion rates are succinct and clearly present the purpose of the action. The offer must be clear, so make it clear in the title of the page and in the CTA what you offer and what the visitor should do next.

Build a form that doesn't scare off the visitor

For data capture, you must assemble a form that requests information relevant to the campaign. Name, email, phone, education. But don't get carried away with the amount of data requested, just ask for what is essential. Otherwise, the visitor will give up the offer with so many questions to answer.

Segments of the offer

No directing any content to your landing page. They must be directed to a specific audience, otherwise you will have a very high page visitation rate and a negligible conversion. Create a landing page for each offer and only link your content to them if you're sure they're interesting.

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Show the benefits and beneficiaries

Make clear the benefits of that exchange and those benefited by it. It's a good idea to display customer, student, and alumni testimonials that sincerely show how much your content has helped them.

Have a Thank You Page

In the end, don't forget to say thank you, making clear the privacy policy and what you will do with the collected data. Do this through a quick and friendly message, inviting the reader to continue the journey — download content, read an article.

Online marketing for educational institutions is fantastic, isn't it? With a well-done task, lead conversion is much easier and faster. Follow these tips and watch the results show up!

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