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Is it worth having a chatbot with artificial intelligence? Check out!

Guillermo Tângari
Guillermo Tângari

Apr 10, 2024

Is it worth having a chatbot with artificial intelligence? Check out!

The ease of contacting a company and resolving problems is crucial to customer satisfaction. Therefore, those who invest in tools to communicate better with consumers and improve relationship marketing stand out in the market.

With this in mind, artificial intelligence chatbot It is a technology capable of promoting a conversation with consumers without the need for human-to-human interaction. In other words, customer service is carried out quickly and conveniently by a robot with human-like intelligence using a chat.

But is it worth investing in this technology to improve your institution's relationship marketing? Read until the end and answer all your questions about how a chatbot with artificial intelligence and machine learning features works, as well as what the benefits and advantages of a personalized chatbot are. Check it out now!

How chatbot artificial intelligence works

To understand how chatbot artificial intelligence works and discover whether it is worth investing in this resource, it is necessary to understand three important concepts: chatbot, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Therefore, we will deal with each of them below.


Chatbot is software that allows a conversation (chat) between a human being and a robot (bot). Therefore, it is a resource for the customer to communicate with the company using messaging applications, websites or other digital platforms, quickly, without the need for an employee to resolve consumer problems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI or AI, is a field of computer science. This scientific line aims to make machines simulate human intelligence. In other words, software with artificial intelligence is capable of performing tasks such as learning and reasoning, just like the human mind.

Machine Learning

Machine learning or machine learning is a scientific branch of artificial intelligence. Therefore, through this subfield of computer science, it is possible for machines to learn from data to identify patterns and make decisions, eliminating greater human involvement. In other words, in the case of machine learning applied to chatbots, the machine learns on its own how to interpret different messages from customers and how to respond in the best possible way. To understand better, read our post about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Therefore, chatbot artificial intelligence unites these three resources. In this way, customer service technology is created that works through an intelligent robot that talks to humans and learns from each interaction.

Therefore, chatbots with artificial intelligence and machine learning work with the ability to serve customers and solve problems in a practical and quick way, constantly improving the interaction between robot and human, ensuring a good consumer experience.

The different functionalities of artificial intelligence in the chatbot

Far beyond chatting and answering customer questions, a chatbot with artificial intelligence has several important features for the success of a company and a marketing strategy. Some examples are:

  • collect opinions and feedback;
  • conduct research;
  • make appointments;
  • make purchases or, in the case of an educational institution, register and re-enroll;
  • automate processes;
  • share information among employees;
  • transfer to human care;
  • suggest or publicize new product or service options;
  • generate and capture leads.

Is it worth having a chatbot whith AI?

Furthermore, chatbots that work through artificial intelligence and machine learning can still ask appropriate questions during customer service, analyze the user profile, and provide the best solutions.

Now that the concepts surrounding how this technology works are clear, you should also understand the benefits and advantages of an AI chatbot personalized for your educational institution, as well as why this resource can optimize educational marketing. Continue reading!

What are the benefits and advantages of a personalized chatbot for your Educational institution

Having a chatbot to respond to customers and perform other functions can be a big differentiator in a relationship marketing strategy. Therefore, learn about some of the benefits and advantages of a chatbotAI for improving the marketing of your higher education institution.

Lower cost of service operations

Implementing AI chatbots in your educational marketing strategy reduces the cost of customer service operations, this means an improvement in CAC and also contributes to satisfaction and student retention. That alone makes having an artificial intelligence chatbot worth it, right?

Optimizing employee time

Chatbots serve multiple users at the same time. In other words, the customer does not need to wait to be served and the institution does not need a large number of employees to serve a large number of students. This way, employees can make better use of their time by focusing on resolving more complex situations.

Collecting important data

Artificial intelligence can collect and analyze user data. Therefore, it is possible to better understand the educational institution's audience and design an efficient educational marketing strategy. Furthermore, with the integration of CRM and chatbot, it is possible to generate and segment leads, optimizing the conversion of sales funnel.

Therefore, by understanding how it works and what the chatbot’s features areAI, As well as what the benefits of this technology are, it is possible to say that it is worth having chatbot artificial intelligence in your educational marketing strategy.

Still not convinced? So, now get to know the5 reasons to invest in a chatbotAI me it's capture and retention!

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