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How to register using artificial intelligence?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 10, 2023

Despite sounding like science fiction, Artificial Intelligence is already among us to carry out the most diverse functions. Always aware of changes and available technologies, Educational Marketing has already adhered to this type of resource for purposes such as qualification, conversion and even registration of leads.

What is Artificial Intelligence?y

But you won't find machines with holographic heads or giant systems to do this intelligence work. Today, it is already part of the routine of many homes and is literally in the palm of our hand. According to Forbes, some examples that can illustrate how artificial intelligence works today are companies and services known worldwide, such as:

  • Alexa ( Amazon);
  • Smartphone Brokers;
  • 's virtual assistant Apple);
  • Netflix (through personalized referrals);
  • Waymo (Google's Alphabet Inc. self-driving car project).

This is just one of several examples of activities and funding that this innovative tool can bring to different businesses. For all of these, the premise is the same: capturing information and learning capacity, enabling the feedback of this element, which gradually becomes more efficient and capable of understanding different commands, thus simulating some existing aspects of intelligence. human.

AI applications for marketing and sales

For example, accessing the website of an Educational Marketing company, in the lower right corner, it is possible to notice the presence of a robot. Named Duda, there is the company's Chatbot. 

Without a direct appearance, with pleasant and helpful communication, the Artificial Intelligence used aims to perform the interactive and humanized service that would be done by real employees. This use is beneficial for both the company and the user.

As we saw in the previous topic, there are a variety of actions that can be performed through Chatbots. Below, see some examples!

How to register online with chatbot and AI?

Knowing that one of the pillars of Artificial Intelligence is to promote a personalized experience, marketing has taken over this premise for objectives such as attracting customers and shortening processes.

For Teaching Institutions, this possibility can be used to

capture new leads and even to carry out the enrollment process, reducing manual work and enabling the relocation of the service team in other functions that demand human work.

According to data, 71% of users of the digital environment give up enrolling due to processes that are beyond digital, thus requiring more effort, bureaucracy and, often, displacement. In order to improve these results, AI combined with the chatbot can offer enrollment possibilities in multichannels, such as Facebook and Whatsapp, incorporated into the website and/or as a button on the website.

This diversity allows data collection to be organized automatically, safely and quickly, as well as shortening processes and optimizing time. With the insertion of this element in the chosen platform, it is possible to carry out the whole procedure that goes from the collection of personal and contact information, online pre-registration to the final stage with the signing of the contract, all without human interaction and quickly.

For this purpose, one of the tools used is Watson. Understand its operation.

Watson System

Created based on one of the most widespread models of AI, Watson is a Machine Learning, that is, it is a technology that uses a database so that it is possible to learn different information and scenarios. Without the need for updates made by humans, the system itself is capable of offering, in an accurate way, a communication that is more in line with the user's needs.

To understand better, imagine that, in an amusement park, there is an annual ticket, but not everyone adheres to the program. Therefore, the intention is to map and understand the reasons and patterns for non-compliance or purchases. The justifications help to improve the process, as they prevent further evasion and enhance the results, as the sale becomes better directed at potential customers.

That's how Watson works. Qualifying, interacting, understanding pain, needs and behaviors. For digital marketing, this is a strong strategy, especially for enrollment, from meeting qualified leads to the final process of closing enrollment.

Benefits of using

With an increasingly qualified and assertive service, Watson is able to generate more positive results, standing out among the rest. Some of its objectives are:

  • Agility in service;
  • Simultaneity;
  • Conversion of information into data;
  • Building reliability.

The AI ​​used for the chatbot also provides personal communication that is increasingly closer to a human service, far from superficial and made-up features.

It's time to live in the future!

With so many benefits, the use of Artificial Intelligence to carry out pre-registration and registration tends to be more and more a choice for HEIs that intend to stand out and improve their results, providing convenience and efficiency free of the bureaucracies so well known by those who carry out the registration process.

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