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How to produce quality content aimed at your target

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023

quality content

Do a reflection: remember the last blog post you read and list the reasons why you liked that text. Making quality content is something that requires some techniques to have the desired effect.

In this post, we will give you some important tips on how to be able to produce high quality content and, above all, reach your target audience , resulting in conversions.

What you will see in this post:

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Analyze the competition

One of the first tips is to analyze your competitors. What kind of content are they producing? How often do they invest in content production? Is there any way for your institution to make a more complete post?

By paying attention to what the competition is doing, you can identify the points where it is getting it right or not, but avoid copying the same strategy as much as possible: the idea is to learn and overcome.


How to analyze the competition correctly?

If you are looking to make content about "the job market in the field of psychology", throw that term into a search engine and see how this content is being structured and addressed in the results that appear.

Now, seek to identify a way to make a content that is even more complete or that is different from those that have already been made. Thus, the chance of your content reaching the first positions in searches will be great.


Know your audience

If you want to create interesting content for your target audience, first, you need to know. It seems to be something simple, but many managers don't know how to explain this information in depth.

If your business is a college, for example, you can't define your audience just as "students". It is interesting to know more information about them, such as age group, where they live, their tastes, among other data.


How to know my audience?

To really know your audience, you need to create a persona. She is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer described with information as if it were just one person, but representing your entire audience.

To create your persona, you can analyze the profile of your current consumers, asking them to answer a questionnaire, giving more information about them and what led them to be interested in your content or buy your product/service.


Focus on quality content

Being consistent in your publications is very important, but it's crucial that you invest in creating quality content that really adds to your persona's pain. After all, content without quality will hardly be able to appear at the top of search engines.

This doesn't mean you should publish a post every six months, but it's interesting that you can create a balance between producing with quality and staying present in your target's life.


How to create quality content?

To create quality content, there's not much of a secret: you need to put yourself in your readers' shoes and write a vision of their pain and what answers they want to find in this text.

Often, managers end up writing very technical content, focusing only on their interests and what is interesting to them, who already have a lot of knowledge on the subject. In response, this content ends up not performing well, since its audience is more layman.


Define the voice of your content

Anyone who has already understood what digital content is, knows the importance of defining the voice for your brand. In a practical way, she would be the personality that your institution has in its communication channels.

Communication based on the brand's tone of voice allows the company to be closer to its audience, creating an easier interaction and identification with it.


How to define the brand's tone of voice?

If you already have your persona well defined, you have already taken an important step in creating your brand voice. Now, try to imagine what a positive interaction between this persona and your brand would be like.

Do you think your persona would like your institution to have a more serious or relaxed personality? That she was more adventurous or conservative? But be careful: copying the tone of voice of other institutions will not work, as each one deals with different audiences, even if they are from the same niche.


Don't leave your company as the main subject

When we talk about content production, many have the idea that its main objective is to sell the product or service

This thought has a basis of truth, but I know that the main objective of writing texts for blogs or social networks is to attract and convert users into potential customers.

Because of this, it is common to see texts created by brands that try, at all costs, to sell their fish, even those that are quite generic and that are being read by people who do not know their institution and are not interested in becoming customers. at that moment

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What should I focus on in content production?

The focus on content production should not be your company, but the pain of your persona, your audience. Try to understand what doubts he has and answer them in the best possible way in his texts.

Invest in ways to educate users and get them to spend more time on your site, consuming more in-depth content. These, yes, can help in converting to a sale.


Adapt to the user experience

It is not possible to talk about producing quality content without mentioning good management customer experience. This goes a little beyond just understanding your pain, but also providing an environment and text structure that is pleasant for your audience.

You may have created quality content and targeted your target, but there are chances that your content will not be read until the end, if it is not properly structured, for example.


How to adapt the text to the user experience?

To adapt your texts to the user's experience, it is important that you are as clear as possible in passing on information and divide your text into topics. In this way, the reader will be able to find the information they are looking for more easily.

In addition, the rest of your website cannot be overlooked: pages need to be fast-loading and adapted for reading on cell phones and other mobile devices.


Bet on SEO techniques

SEO is part of the strategies on how to use inbound marketing correctly, aiming at converting users. However, it is also an important ally in the production of content, aiming to increase its quality.

Many people believe that the role of SEO is just technical: optimizing content for search engines. However, its performance is broader than that: it helps to identify the behavior of your audience on the internet.


How can SEO help me produce quality content?

Through keyword research, it will be easier to identify the questions and terms that your audience is using to find your content, and it is recommended to adapt them for this targeting.

Currently, search engine algorithms are increasingly intelligent, so it is possible to adapt SEO techniques for a more fluid and natural reading for the reader, without causing the content to lose ranking positions.


Segment your readers

Have you ever considered the possibility of being able to deliver exactly the content they want to see to your different audiences? This is possible by adopting the segmentation strategy.

Best of all, your own audience can help you do this through self-segmentation. Based on a newsletter, it is possible to create different flows thinking about different content directions that your audience may want.

Ask them to sign up and select the digital content they are interested in following.

With this, the user experience will be optimized, as they will spend less time looking for what they want to follow on your blog and more time consuming your content and engaging with your brand.

It is very important that the strategy does not stop there: seek to collect feedback periodically to understand if your users are enjoying the segmentation and if there are other flows that can be created, depending on the change in your persona over time.


Diversify your content channels

Although we are focusing on blog content, you don't have to limit yourself to them and not even use these tips only in the texts of your website. Ideally, your brand should make content where your audience is, which includes social media.

It is true that the structuring of an Instagram post and a blog post are different, but it is necessary that both are adapted to the tone of voice of the brand that you defined earlier, as well as to the interests of your audience.


How to choose the best content channels?

Some institutions make the mistake of wanting to produce content for all possible social networks. However, you may be wasting time and money and a platform that your persona rarely uses.

So, the best content channels are the ones your audience is on and they consume content frequently. This can be discovered by conducting research or even the market in which you operate.



To know if a content strategy will be effective, you need to test it. Only in practice will you be able to check which types of content are most successful with your audience or which tone of voice is most appropriate.

Don't be afraid to try new strategies and, even if some of them are not effective, use this experience as a learning experience for the next attempts, as you will have a greater knowledge of what works and what doesn't.


How do I start testing my content?

There's no secret to testing content: it's creating, posting and analyzing the results. You can start doing some tests looking for the ideal frequency of posts in a month. 

Evaluate whether posts have more views and engagement if done once a week or once every three days, for example.

With the information collected, you will be able to invest in the sequence and type of content that is giving the most results, until you find the ideal structure of your strategy, which was based on the tastes of your own audience.


Data analysis Data

analysis will be a great ally in the production of quality content, because it will be through it that you will get to know your audience better and the strategies that are working with them.

However, it is important that you know how to filter what information will really help you in this objective, as you will have access to a large volume of information, but not all of it will be useful.


How to do content data analysis?

In order to do an effective data analysis, it is crucial to understand exactly the objective that is intended with this analysis and, in this way, filter which data will give you the answer you are looking for.

For example, if you want to find out if a particular blog post is being well accepted by your audience, you can analyze the time on page information or views, comparing with other posts to see if there has been an increase or decrease in this data.

To analyze the performance of your data-driven content, there are some tools you can use, such as Google Analytics and SEMRush. It is also possible to rely on more complete platforms, such as Hubspot

Through these tools, it is possible to prepare general reports with various information about the performance of your blog in certain periods or even analyze specific posts.

In short: to produce quality content aimed at your target, it is necessary to analyze the competition, know your audience, focus on quality, not talk about your company all the time, adapt to the user experience, bet on SEO, segment audiences, test and analyze data.

In this way, putting these tips into practice on how to produce quality content aimed at your target, it will be much easier to produce texts directed to the real needs of your audience and which, consequently, will result in more conversions.

To put all this information into practice, you will need a website. So, check out this other post on our blog, in which we give some tips on how to set up a website focused on the e-commerce area

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